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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 3.4.24

March 4, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw 3-4-24 Seth Rollins Drew McIntyre Image Credit: WWE
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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 3.4.24  

Ya smell that…it’s Mania Season, baybeeee!!!

We start with a recap of Smackdown! Where The Rock laid down the challenge.

Cody Rhodes is here, live, and ready to start of RAW. He has but one query.

He’d love to talk about how, at Mania, he will stand across from the greatest champion in company history, Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, he is unable to talk about that because of a distraction – one that stings quite a bit, The Rock.

Last week, The Rock took to Instagram. He posted a 16 minute video, deleted it, and five minutes later, posted a director’s cut that was 21 minutes. He called all of us meth-heads, talked about his dog – and don’t ever talk about his dog, warns Cody – and he, of course, talked about everything BUT the one v one Cody challenged him with.

The Rock was right, they did have a conversation, when The Rock told him the people don’t want Cody vs Roman. The people want Rock v Roman. But then we started chanting something else. He heard it, WWE heard it, and Rock heard it, because he began calling us cry babies. Cody asks if there are any in the crowd.

The Rock has presented an entirely different challenge. One that involves Seth, his friend, so let’s bring him out.

Seth Rollins comes out to much love, bright as ever. He gets some crowd participation then asks Cody what’s up. Cody says the plot has been twisted. He didn’t think he’d be a part of Mania until he saw that stupid powerpoint The Rock showed. Seth must face the only other guy who has pinned him besides Roman, Drew McIntyre. So, what he wants to say is The Rock and Roman together, he fully understands if Seth wants to focus on Drew and is not on board with having Cody’s back.

Seth respects Cody giving him the out, but he’ll take care of Drew. He told Drew last week, told the entire world, there are some things bigger than them, and taking down The Bloodline is the biggest thing that they can do. It’s not just Cody’s story that must be finished, it’s Seth’s too. Ten years ago, he and Reigns came in and wanted to take the power from the the top and give it back to the people. Reigns wants to keep it all for himself. Here’s the problem – they are this close. With The Rock in Te Bloodline, they are this close to Reigns having absolute power.

As for The Rock, Seth is kind of over him. He hasn’t been The Rock for a long time and damn sure hasn’t been The Peoples’ Champ for a long time. SO he’s going to call him something else, a new name for him, how about Diarrhea Dwayne, because he’s been running his mouth, and everything that comes out has the consistency of wet baby poop. The Rock gets on IG for 21 minutes, and has the gall to get on there, insult Cody’s dog, and he says he can make the World Championship go away. He says with a snap of his fingers, because he’s Seth’s boss, he can make it go away. Seth dares him to try. He also says he made pro wrestling cool again. Yes, The Rock, their savior. He saved them, made it cool. Diarrhea Dwayne hasn’t been cool in 20 years. What is cool? This morning, he received one hundred percent medical clearance and is back and ready to go. SO this Friday, he will be at Smackdown to confront The Bloodline. He wants to know…does Cody have his back?

Cody says he also has a message for The Rock. It’s been a long time since The Rock hasn’t just been handed something, quite possibly since he had that $7. Cody is not the same man as The Rock. He will come to Smackdown with Seth and stand in the ring across from the whole Bloodline, in the great state of Texas, and this Friday, he will go face to face and give him the very clear and obvious answer for what’s happening at Mania.

I mean…to be fair, this took about 21 minutes.

Just as the bell rings, Sting is mentioned by Cole, and they wish him the best on his retirement.

Gunther vs Dominik Mysterio

Gunther works the leg, trying for a stretch muffler, but Dom gets ot the ropes to break the hold. Dom stands as the ref holds Gunther back. Dom shoves Gunther then chops Gunther HARD! Gunther corners him, Dom reverses, Gunther is heated, Dom wraps up around the ropes, ref holds Gunther back, Dom slaps Gunther in the face! He leaves the apron, drops down, and JD stands in front of Gunther. Gunther shoves him into the post, Gunther tries to chop, but Dom pulls JD away and Gunther slaps the post. Dom swings the arm into the post again, sends him into the ring, Dom stomps the wrist. Gunther tries for a sleeper, Dom elbows out, works the wrist, tries to run the corner, but Gunther holds on and chops the chest hair off of Dom. Dom runs out of the ring and we go to break.

We are back and Gunther eats a chop like a snack then hits his own. He corners Dom and RIPS his best off! Another chop to Dom folds him in half! Gunther grabs the left arm, lifts Dom and hits another chop. Gunther grabs both legs, locks in the Boston Crab. Dom screams. JD hops to the paron, Gunther rtries to back hand him, Dom dropkicks Gunther off the apron. Dom hits the corner, flies over and lands on Gunther. Dom tries to chop yet again, like a dummy. Gunther hits his own, spins Dom into the ring, tries for a right, drop toe hold, Dom hits the ropes, turns, HUGE LARIAT!!! COVER! 1..2….NO!!! Gunther lifts Dom out of the pin! Gunther grabs the boo,t Dom kicks up a few times, Funther with a chop. He locks the head up, flips Dom up and tries for a powerbomb, but Dom with a Sunset FliP!!! COVER~ 1.2…NO!!!!

Elbow off the ropes! Gunther drops on the ropes. 619!!!!! Dom to the top rope! FRO—NO!! ROLL THROUGH! Shotgun droppkick! POWERBOMB TO DOM!!!!! Boston Crab!!! DOM TAPS!!

Winner: Gunther
Y’all can’t deny that was fun to watch. Good shit.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 9:12

Backstage, Damage CTRL (sans Bayley) is walking backstage. Adam Pearce wonders why they were here. Dakota Kai says she is with the tag team champions. They can come to any show. They are here to scout Shayna and Zoey.

Here comes Shinsuke Nakamura who tells Pearce that they need to talk.

Pearce says he’ll have an announcement about the IC title later. Shin can met him in his office if he wants to talk.

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark vs Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Kayden and Shayna to start. Shayna corners Carter then tags in Zoey, Zoey gets kicked, low enziguri, Zoey off the ropes with. Kick. Tag rom Shayna, who hits a running knee to the back of the head.

WE are back to Kayden and Katana on the top rope with Zoey, and they hit a double Spanish fly to Zoey! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Firemans to Zoey, Chnce runs onto the back of Zoey and hits a rana to the incoming Shanyaa! Zoey sends Chance to the top rope, Carter kicks her, Chance off the top rope with a HUGE 450!

It’s The After Party! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!! Shayna breaks the pin up! Zoey with a stacked pin! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Sonya Baszler and Zoey Stark

Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:40

Damage CTRL enters the ring. Dakota wants to congratulate them, but she has been thinking. After NXT tomorrow. They’ll come back to RAW and give them a tag title match. They’ll then send the both of them crying just like they did to Bayley.

Shayna swipes the mic from them and says it’s about time. See you next week.

Backstage, The Judgment Day are taking care of Dominik. In comes Andrade who says what’s up to Dom, tells him that he’ll see him soon, then leaves. Dom warns Judgment Day to be cool, they could use him in the future. Damien Priest tells JD that he is to deal with Gunther while him and Finn deal with the rest of Imperium.

Becky Lynch vs Nia Jax

Becky corners Nia with some rights. Nia lifts her and sends her into the corner then hits a bunch of shoulders. Ref holds her back at 4. Nia runs into a big boot. Becky dropkicks Nia. She runs with a back elbow. Becky hops up, tries to kick, Nia swats her away, goes for a Samoan Drop, Becky slinks down, Noa goes for a stomp, Nia sidesteps, grabs Becky, big slam sends Becky down hard. Splash in the corner, she drags Becky to the middle of the ring, hits a headbutt, then an elbow drop. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Nia lifts Becky, Becky fights back, rights and lefts. Nia lifts and goes for a body slam, but Becky slinks behind her and gets a Sleeper Hold. Nia drives her into the corner, then hits a snapmare. Nia drops Becky in the corner then gets a Stink Face to Becky. Nia hangs Becky on the bottom rope by the neck. Nia lifts, Becky with a chop block. She beats down on Nia’s head, Nia shoots her off. Back elbow from Becky. Kick out the corner. Becky climbs, flies, dropkick is missed…kind of? Nia doesn’t even get hit but flies out of the ring. Baseball slide from Beck. Becky ot the apron. She dives…right onto the shoulders of Nia. Samoan Drop to Becky!

We are BACK and Becky is trying to superplex Nia from the top, but Nia shoves her off. Nia is on the 2nd rope. She dives off with a HUGE leg drop! Cover! 1..2……NO!!!! Becky sends nia into the corner. She kicks, then climbs, front flip onto Nia and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Nia shoves Becky off of her hard. Becky is up, Nia is stirring. Becky wants some crowd help. She pumps up, grabs the left arm, Nia is up, whips, SAMOAN DROP! She drags Becky to the corner. Nia to the 2nd rope. Nia pops off and lands right on her ass. Becky grabs the arm, DISARMER! Nia turns, Becky locks in an arm bar. Nia rolls out of the ring, and Becky still holds on. Nia then swings her into the barricade. Nia grabs Becky, sends her back into the ring.

Nia shakes off the hit, turns, and it’s Liv Morgan!! She dives off the barricade with a right hand to Nia, sending her into the barricade and causing the DQ!

Winner: Nia Jax via DQ
I guess I like that Becky has a bit to do before Mania, but they better wrap it up soon.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:55

Liv enters the ring to talk some shit to Becky. Becky turns her and they get into a shouting match. Nia pulls both their feet out. She pulls Liv out of the ring, then sends Becky into the post back first. Leg drop to Liv Morgan.

Ricochet is upset in a turtleneck backstage with Pearce. He says he has a plan for the IC Title and he thinks it will satisfy anyone who wants a shot at the title. Ric trusts hims. He leaves.

In comes Priest who says JD wants a shot at Gunther’s title. Finn tells JD to pitch him.

JD says put him In the ring with Gunther and he’ll do his talking there.

Liv Morgan is backstage and Becky Lynch runs up on her pissed off. Liv says Becky can dish it but cant take it back. Becky wants to fight about it. Liv would love to. It’s Liv v Becky next week.

Becky walks, and here comes Rhea Ripley to laugh at her then walk away.

Backstage, Adam Pearce stands alone. He brings up the IC Title and is accompanied with a semi-video package. Pearce says he has tried to identify challengers, and he has chosen six men

Sami Zayn
Shinsuke Nakamura
Bronson Reed
JD McDonagh
Chad Gable

These six men will compete next week in a Gauntlet Match to see who faces Gunther at Mania.

Only one can win, and he’ll face Gunther at Mania.

Andrade vs Apollo Crews

Judgment Day is shown watching Andrade.

Andrade wants a handshake, Apollo gives it to him. LOCKUP! Andrade gets Apollo against the ropes, they break. In the middle, we get another lockup. Some WOOs from the crowd. Andrade and him meet in the middle, neither giving. Another shoulder tackle and Apollo wont go down .Apollo hits th ropes and Andrade hits him with a running boot. Dropkick from Apollo. He shoves Apollo inot the corner, misses a chop, Apollo hits his own, another, right, whip to Andrade. He alnds on the apron, hits the top rope, Apollo with a right. Elbow from Apollo. Andrade with a headbutt. He’s on the 2nd rope. Apollo chops. He climbs. Apollo with a superplex! Roll through! Andrade gets a suplex! Another! A THIRD for Eddie! Over! 1.2….NO!!!! Andrade with a sick ass reverse elbow which I believe was his finisher at one point. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Apollo is seated in the corner.

Running double knees! He brings Apollo into the center. La Sombra! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Andrade
Easy enough win for the returning Andrade.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 3:24

Back to Jackie Redmond, who is with Sami Zayn. She brings up the IC title shot.

Sami says he’s thinking about the path that has presented itself. This match is the only thing standing in his way of making history. This is it, the path, his path to Mania.

Ivar and Valhalla are here to interrupt to call Sami pathetic. Ivar says it’s time to put an end to Sami’s delusions. He can beat Gunther and Sami can’t.

Sami knows he can beat Ivar. Prove him wrong tonight.

Ivar tells him to forget about Mania because he will not make it to next week.

Backstage, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, Tegan Nox, and Natalya bicker and want to do whatever it takes.

In comes Maxxine and Ivy Nile who think that they’ll come out of here looking fine and fierce. Candice says Maxxine couldn’t lace her boots. Indi apologizes about that.

The Judgment Day vs Imperium

Finn and Kaiser to start. Kaiser corners Finn. Hard slap from Kaiser. He rolls Finn down to the mat and hits a bunch of right hands. Kaiser with headlock, sends Finn into the corner. Tag to Vinci. Vinci with a shoulder and an elbow drop to the bck of he head. Uppercut. Another. Side headlock, Finn shoots him off, sunset flip from Vinci, but Balor hits a dropkick and a cover for 1..NO! Tag to Priest. Preist launches IVnci into th corner. Harrd rights beat Vinci down. Stomps. Suplex attempt, Vinci lands on his feet, tag to Kaiser, big boot from Priest. Priest tries for a bck elbow in the corner, Kaisr moves, Priest with an elbow, Vinci distracts, Kaiser kicks, whip to Kaiser, Finn with a kick to the back, Priest with a right hand! Kick to Vinci, sending him off the apron. Tag to Finn. Whip to Kiser, kick from bth to Kaiser, Finn wit a leg scissors and a cover for 1.2…NO!!! Chin lock from behind! Elbow to the head and Finn locks an abdominal stretch in. Finn reaches out and Priest grabs his fingers. Kaiser hip tosses Finn away, kick to Priest, sends Finn into the ring post, then he and Vinci hit the double dropkick to the upside down Finn.

We are BACK and both Finn and Kaiser are down. Vinci gets a tag. Dropkick to Priest on the apron. They double team Finn then cover for 1..2NO!! Vinci chokes Finn up on the 2nd rope. Body slam to Finn. Elbow drop to Finn. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Vinci pinches the shoulders. Tag to Kaiser. He slams Finn down. Finn is up! Pele kick! Both men down! Finn is far from Priest. Vinci is off the apron. Finn tags in Priest. He comes in, right to Kaiser, another, a vox of the ears. Flatliner! In comes Vinci and we get a one man flapjack. Priest with a back elbow to Kaiser, one to Vinci. Broken Arrow to Kaiser! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Razor’s Edge attempt, Kaiser slinks down, Finn with a tag, rolllup to Kaiser. 1.2..NO!!! Finn with a slingblade! Vinci grabs the aknle! Kaiser with a DVD! Tag to Vinci! They corner Finn. Kaiser hoots Vinici into the arms of Vinci, Finn with a rollup, Vinci reverses, they both get 2. Finn with a slingblade to Vinci. Finn calls for the end. Dropkick into th corner! Finn to the top roep! COUP DE GRACE!!! COVER! 1..2…NO!!! Kaiser breaks it up!!!! Priest on the apron. He grabs Kiaser by the hair, GOOZZLE!!! He sends Kaiser to the outside. Finn tags in Priest. Preist enters, he tells Finn it’s time to fly. Finn hits the ropes, dives over the top rope onto Kaiser! Vinci triesfor a rollup, gets a 1.2..NO!!!

Priest hits a huge lariat! He drops the straps! SOUTH OF HEAVEN! COVER! 1..2….3.!!!!!!

Winners: The Judgment Day
This did what it needed to do, which was to remind us that Priest is a force. Why? Possibly a cash in soon.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 14:09

Cole goes back to his heyday with Tazz, and this man would drill them for hours into the morning, teaching them the ways of commentary, teaching them passion and emotion. The first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame 2024 is…

Paul Heyman

Drew McIntyre is backstage with Jackie Redmond. She congratulates Heyman then asks Drew if Seth has listened to anything he had to say.

Drew says no, because Seth is a spotlight junkie. He cant help himself. He should be focusing on the title, but look at the most recent comebacks. CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, now The Rock? Seth’s gotta be there. The title deserves so much better.

As for Jey, all he wanted was an apology. But he’ll be the bigger man. He knows Jey needs this victory, but there is no chance Jey is going to win tonight.

Valhalla puts her antlers on Cole. This gets a MICHAEL chant from the crowd.

Sami Zayn vs Ivar

Ivar shoves Sami down hard then tries for a lockup. Sami ducks under, over, goes for a kick, Ivar cartwheels, Sami hits the ropes, HUGE powerslam from Icar. Cover for 1.2..>NO!!! Ivar with a crossface. Ivar kicks Sami in the face. Ivar drops an elbow on the top of Sami’s head. Sami fights back with right hands. Whip to Iar, reversed, Sami hps over, big clothesline! Ivar is sent outside! Sami flies over the top rope! Valhalla distracts! Ivar drops Sami hard and we go to break!

We are back and Ivar tries for a back suplex off the top, but Sami turns around and hits a crossbody instead. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Sami tries to lift Icar for a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Ivar is too heavy. He corners Sami. Sits him up top. Right hand is blocked, Sami locks the head, DDT to Ivar! Sami in th corner. He runs, HELLU—NO!! Leg Lariat from Ivar! He double underhooks and hits a powerbomb to Sami! Pin! 1.2…NO!!! Ivar sits Sami on the top rope. He clubs the chest. A chop. Ivar climbs. Sami attacks the back. He goes for a sunset flip! HITS IT! COVER! 1.2….NO!!!

EXPLODER IN THE CORNER!! He goes for a Helluva Kick, but Ivar sits on his chest! Ivar to the top rope! DOOMSAULT! HE MISSES! HELLUVA KICK! COVER! 1..2…3!!

Winner: Sami Zayn
A perfectly average match from two men that have proven many times before that they can go
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 10:13

Immediately after the bell rings, Bronson Reed runs down to attack Sami. He finishes him off with a Tsunami.

Backstage, Cathy congratulates Gunther on his dominance. Ho does he feel about next week?

He elevated this title to new heights. It should be stacked against him. He is flattered.

Chad Gable is here. He is so sick of that condescending smile. He cant get over his daughter crying, over Gunther insulting him. To anyone else, it’s just the path to Mania, but this is his path to redemption. He will take the title and put it on his waist. He’ll take the smile from him and put it on his daughter’s face. To Gable, it just means more.

Gunther laughs him off and walks away.

Further backstage, Jey Uso is yuppinn around. He has a promo for Drew. For weeks, he’s been hearing Drew cry and complain about an apology. He’s sorry. He’s sorry about what he’s gonna do, about getting this work tonight, he’ll find out tonight that Jey don’t Play.

Backstage, Xavier Woods are playing WWE2k with D.I.Y. and R-Truth.

The Miz got their ideas on how to get back at Judgment Day. Slime? Gluten? No, they need to take the tag titles.

They go all hands in with a “Regeneration-X” chant and Woods wants to hate it, but loves it.

Jey Uso vs Drew McIntyre

Jey starts with some trash talk, then a hard right, another, Drew shoves him, Jey sends him to the apron, kicks, Drew catches, spins, Enziguri to Drew! Jey rolls outside, grabs Drew, and sends him into the table face-first. Whip to the barricade is whipped, Drew catches Jey, spins him with a toss over the table.

WE come back to Drew in full control. A chop corners Jey. He sits JEy on the top rope. Another big chop. White Noise attempt, Jet slinks down, turns for a powerbomb, Drew holds onto the ropes, Jey walks over and hits a powerbomb! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Jey to the top rope! He flies! Drew with the knees up! Drew up, turns, Spinebuster! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Drew sends Jey outside. He hits a suplex outside of the ring!!!

Back from the final break. Drew has Jey in his arms. He drives him into the post, the barricade, then the apron! Damn. Jey enters the ring, Drew hops on the apron, enters as well. Jey hobbles away. Drew turns Jey, tries for a body slam Jey slinks off, shoves Drew into the corner. Jey kicks high. Drew goes down. Drew is up. Jey with a punch, another, another. With some YEETs in between. Smackdown to Drew! Jey whips, reversed, Jey flies over the head, kick to the stomach, uppercut, ducks under a right, SAMOAN DROP!! COVER! 1..2…NO!!!! Jey drags himself to the corner and pulls himself up. Drew is in the corner, pulls himself up. Jey rushes with hip attack! Jey hits the corner, is about to hit another hip attack, but Drew rolls out of the ring. Jey with a suicide dive! Jey grabs Drew, sends him back in, and hits the top rope.

SOLO IS HERE! He watches on.

Jey dives off ,rolls through, FUTURE SHOCK DDT TO JEY! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!!

CODY RHODES is here! He attacks Solo! Rhodes takes Solo into the crowd and they leave!

In the ring, Drew sizes up for the Claymore! SUPERKICK FROM JEY!!! ANOTHER ONE!!! A THIRD SUPERKICK! SPEAR!!!!! Jey looks to fly, but it’s

JIMMY USO!!! Jey sees him, and stops what he’s doing. Turns. CLAYMORE!!! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 16:42

Jimmy Uso grabs a chair. He enters the ring. He’s looking to attack, but Seth Rollins is here! He slides past Drew, and sends Jimmy out of the ring!

Seth turns.


Drew warns Seth about being selfish.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight had a lot going for it, but definitely felt like a “treading water” episode. The great thing about 2023-2024 RAW is that even “treading water” is a good episode of television. We got a great match with Judgment Day and Imperium, a solid outing out of Nia thanks to Becky, a main event for Jey that gives credence to his moniker, and a good setup for next week’s episode. I could have done with Cole gushing over antlers for as long as he did, but at least they were having fun. Good times were had by all.

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