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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.22.20

June 22, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.22.20  

Ready for a five-star Sasha Banks match?

We start the show with our champion, Drew McIntyre. He’s in a button up and pants, and holds his title on high. He calls tonight Championship Monday and brings up Truth’s hastily offering his title, but this was the past, and h wants to look to the future.

Ziggles is here to interrupt him. Ziggles man bun is held as high as Drew held his title, and he’s here to surprise Drew. AJ has been traded to Smackdown, and in return, RAW gets Dolph Ziggler, and his tag team partner – Robert Roode. Sure, Jan.

Ziggler says no one is as happy to see Drew as champion as him. He would hate to see Ziggler lose the title before he got what he was owed. Drew wonder what’s owed. Dolph says Drew has seemingly forgotten his redemption story. Drew was here, years ago, and he got fired. He should have been done, and he would have been, if it wasn’t for Dolph Ziggler. Drew was at his lowest point, and Dolph picked him up and brought him here. Drew came to RAW because of Dolph. They became dominant tag team champs because of Dolph, and now Drew is the dominant WWE Champion because of Dolph.

Didn’t he squish Dolph?

Dolph is owed a WWE Title Match, says he, and he wants it at Extreme Rules.

Drew questions Dolph’s claims of who was responsible for his successes. Let’s look at Dolph, though. Since they’ve split, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. Without big daddy Claymore, Dolph has been losin a whole lot. He came from Smackdown to RAW? A 2 for 1 special? Dolph isn’t untalented, but he’s become exactly what they used to despise. He has become an entitlted jack ass.

The world doesn’t owe him anything, but Drew does need an opponent. Drew gave him a nickname – the Scottish Psychopath. Imagine what Drew is capable with the title on the line, how far he will go. Does Dolph really want this match?

Drew makes it official. At Extreme Rules, Dolph vs Drew.

Y’all, I yawned twice.

Speaking of yawns, Nia Jax comes out, and commentary claims she isn’t “scheduled,” as if they have any semblance of organization.

Nia calls for a chair. She enters the ring with it and takes a seat. She looks like she’s about to lecture me on why I have to eat all my vegetables.

We are back from a break, and Nia says it must be Monday, because Charlotte got exactly what she wanted, whether she deserved it or not. Nia was cheated at backlash, then again last week, by a biased ref. Where is the fairness?

R-Truth, the harbinger of fairness, is here.

Truth says Nia is confused. Truth is suppose to have a match against an evil leader of a ninja clan, Akira Tozawa, for his title. Unless….Nia is the REAL Akira Tozawa. Ninjas are masters of disguise.

Nia takes offense, she’s not in the mood for this. Truth says he’s not in the mood to be okie-doked.

Akira is by commentary, humping the back of the chair, when Rocky, Colt, and Tom-tom circle the ring and chase Truth throw the crowd.

Nia is upset, says she isn’t leaving this chair unt—

Charlotte interrupts, so I guess that’s what she was waiting for.

Charlotte says Nia squandered her last two title matches. She dropped the ball. She didn’t get her way, and now she’s throwing a hissy fit.

Nia says that Charlotte gets what she wants because her daddy is Ric Flair.

Charlotte takes umbrage, because speaking of families – before she continues, she makes a stagehand hold the ropes.

Nia calls her delusional. Flair says she is, yet it was her dad who ended Asuka’s streak, right? It was her dad who beat Asuka twice last month.

Nia says Charlotte hasn’t beaten her. The one time they went one on one, Nia dominated her. Ever since then, she’s been building her lagcy on easy targets and avoiding Nia. They both know the one woman built to take her crown is Nia.

Charlotte attacks!

Nia fights back. Charlotte removes her robe, and refs come down to fight. Charlotte hits a big move on her and attacks some more as the refs try to break it up. Nia looks like she can murder every ref in the ring right now. Charlotte wants some more. Refs continue to keep them separated, and apparently Charlotte hurt her left arm during this little kerfuffle.

Backstage, The Street Profits say tonight ends the series between them and The Viking Raiders. It all comes down to the title match. The Viking Raiders need to know that –

Erik comes in, saying he heard his name, and wonders what the message is?

The Viking Profits are not the now, they aren’t 4 Lyfe. They’re forever. Ok. They became friends though this all.

They do a little jingle showing unity. But even though they’re friends, when the bell rings, it’s on. They’ve been chasing the Vikings since the jump, and they’ll do what it takes to get their W.

The Viking Raiders say there’s nothing that’s going to stop them from getting their gold, so bring the smoke. Ibar says they’ll see The Street Profits in the ring, fam.

They walk out of frame, and in comes Zelina Vega with a wonderful…awful…idea…

The Street Profits vs The Viking Raiders

We are starting with Ibar and Dawkins. Rope work and Dawkins shows some boosties. They smash shoulders in the center of the ring, Ibar dodges a kick and hits one to the face. Tag to Erik who hits some running knees after a splash from Ibar. IBar sends Ford off the apron then Erik lifts him and drops him onto Dawkins. Erik whips, Dawkins stops it, hits a hard right. Tag to Ford. Ford hits the ropes, hops over Erik, flips over, hops, again, dropkick to Erik. Damn. Boy is unreal. He hits the ropes and dives over the top rope, lands on the shoulders of Erik, and Erik holds him and sends him into the running Dawkins ala powerbomb.

We are back, and Ibar hits a right hand in the corner. He tags in Erik and Erik whips Ibar into Ford. Ford hops over, rolls under, tags in Dawkins. He hits a clothjesline, spinning splash into ibar, clothesline, and a another spinning hit to Erik. Dropkick to Ibar. Bulldog to Erik. Tag to Ford. Ford in, Dawkins holds up Ibar. THE VIKING EXPERIENCE BY THE STREET PROFITS!! OOOOOOO!!!! Ibar breaks the pin at 2! Ibar on. The apron. Ford grabs Erik. He lifts, sticks his tongue out, gets blocked. Right from Erik. Tag to Ibar. He hits a right, springboard elbow to Ford! He knocks Dawkins off the apron. Cartwheel from Ford, same from Ibar, Enziguri to Ibar! Big Boot to Ford. Tag to Dawkins. Tag to Erik. Erik with a cartwheel, same from Dawkins. All four men in! CARTWHEEL FEST!!!! Erik with lifts Dawkins sideways, Ibar sits Ford on Dawkins! Erik lifts! Slams!!!! Tag to Ibar. He heads to the top rope. Splash, but he misses! Cash Out from Dawkins!

Tag to Ford. Frogsplash after the spear from Dawkins to Erik! Cover for 1…2…3!!!

Winners: The Street Profits
Y’all, there are sprints, then there are SPRINTS! This was non-stop from top to bottom and I really wish it didn’t take us like two months to get to it.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 8:37

The Vikings hug The Profits and all four raise hands in the air.

The Vikings leave, and just as The Profits start to celebrate, in come Andrade and Garza! They beat down The profits a bit more till The Viking Raiders return to save their homies.

Backstage, Seth Rollins is staring out into nothingness. His disciples come in, say they have been thinking, but Seth stops them. He’s got a message and soon all will be revealed.

Seth is backstage, saying sometimes in life we are destined for roles beyond our choices. He didn’t choose to be a messiah, just like Rey didn’t choose to be a sacrifice. Seth has embraced and accepted his role in the greater good, while Rey has been defiant, and defiance breeds suffering. The saddest part in all of this is that he’s allowed his son to get involved. Seth wants him to know that whatever becomes of Rey or his son, from this moment forward, that is on Rey. Guilt Rey will have to harbor, because the greater good is coming for us all, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. He’s heard it said that legends never die, but they sure as hell can outlive their welcome.

Charlotte is with Charley, and her arm is taped up. She says it will be just fine holding up the title. Charlotte walks away.

Charley notices Zelina out of view. She walks up, says hello to Angle and Andrade, but not zelina. She says it was surprising seeing them two act as a unit, but what prompted the attack?

Garza says when you know what you want, you have to be willing to take risks. It’s like being with a beautiful woman. He gets super sexy with the adoring Charley.

Zelina interrupts and says that we all need to know that we are looking at a united front. They have taken their differences and turned them into strength. Soon, they will be taking a common prize – the RAW Tag Team Titles.

Asuka is heading to the ring!


Asuka vs Charlotte Flair
Lockup! Charlotte sends Asuka into the corner face first. She stomps Asuka away. Asuka is able to work the arm immediately, then slams her arm into the mat. Kick to the arm. Another. Hip attack but Charlotte side-steps and hits a right hand to the face. Charlotte to the apron. Asuka grabs the arm and hangs her up!!! Asuka with a running kick off the apron! Asuka tries for a dropkick off the apron but Charlotte moves and Asuka eats the mat on the outside! Big Kick to Asuka!!! She rolls Asuka into th ring and covers for 1…2…NO!!!! Charlotte with a kip up after hitting Asuka with a knee. Charlotte to the top rope. She looks for the moonsault, Asuka rolls out, Charlotte lands on her feet, she rsushes the corner, Asuka attacks, Charlotte grabs Asuka. Backbreaker! She sends Asuka into the corner face-first!

We return and Charlotte has the upperhand. She chops Asuka in the corner. Right hand. Chop again. Elbow to Asuka. She misses a right hand, Asuka goes behind and hits a quick German.

Nia is watching backstage.

Asuka with the kicks to the arm. Charlotte stands out of it, blocks, Asuka blocks, Asuka with a kick to the head, Big Boot from Charlotte! Both women down.Charlotte is able to stand and goes for a spear in the corner, but Asuka moves and Charlotte hits the buckle!!! Asuka with the Arm bar!!!!! Sheswitches to the other arm!!! Charlotte has her fingers locked. Asuka trying to break it. Charlotte reaches for the reopes. She gets it! Asuka up. Charlotte. SPEAR!!!! She covers! 1…..2….NO!!!!! Charlotte drags Asuka to the center of the ring. She spins. Inside Cradle from Asuka!!! 1…2….NO!!!! ARM BAR IMMEDIATELY!!! Charlotte is trying to escape. Asuka gets the choke. Modified triangle!

Charlotte lifts! Sit Out Powerbomb. But Asuka locks in the ASUKA LOCK!!!! CHARLOTTE TAPS!!!!!

Winner: Asuka
RAW is two for two in matches and their quality. Another match that didn’t let up, but also focused on the strengths of each performer. The arm injury earlier doesn’t make Asuka look week, but made her look smart, and Charlotte losing could do great things for her character. Incredibly happy Nia had nothing to do with the outcome, here.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 11:47

Charly asks Nia if what she did to Charlotte had anything to do with the outcome of the match. Nia says it would be a real shame for someone to kick the Queen while she’s down.

After a video package highlighting Randy’s dastardly deeds, we get Edge seated in a ring to talk about his future.

He says that orton tore his tricep, but he kicked out, and kept fighting. Orton will tell himself and the world that he kept me hanging around to prove a point, but that’s bullshit. He saw it. He felt the panic. He was about to lock in the Anti-Venom and Orton accidentally hits a low-blow. Ok, sure. He saw RAW last week and saw that orton is calling himself the greatest wrestling ever. Shout it, put it on a shirt, who cares, whatever he needs to do, because beating Edge means that much in Orton’s world. In Edge’s world, beating Orton is what he expects. He is disappointed that he didn’t see the low blow coming or that he didn’t do it first. That’s not going to happen again. Orton said Edge lit a fire in his gut. Brought back The Legend Killer. Well, this match, this injury, being unable to pick up his daughters on Father’s Day showed him that something’s been dormant for far too long. When he questioned Christian’s manhood when he knew he couldn’t wrestle, then punted him. That’s his best friend of 36 years. He has walked with Edge through everything in his life. When Orton did what he did, he put the PG Superstar who had been walking around happy and ecstatic to doing what he loved to bed. For that, Edge is thankful. He woke up the side of Edge that will sink to any level to get what he wants. Doesn’t care how many backs he bruises to step on to get ot the top. He doesn’t care about winning a wrestling match now. He will embarrass Orton, emasculate him, make you wish Cowboy Bob was firing blanks on the night Orton was conceived.

When Randy comes home, his kids will run up to him, but they’ll stop, and ask Orton if he is ok, and he won’t be. When Orton hugs Kim and they can’t look each other in the eyes, they’ll both know what’s coming. Orton has voices in his head, but join Edge in the chorus, and he will be screaming louder than all of them. He will seep into every aspect of Orton’s life and infect it. He will tear Orton’s life apart from the inside. Orton has no idea what he’s done. He woke up the evil. He woke up

The Rated R Superstar.

“Get some sleep while you can, Randy.”

Orton is backstage with Charley. He has a question. Do you know what a snake does when it feels threatened? It bites. It strikes. Wildly. Sometimes, blindly. It will do what Mother Nature intended it. It will do what it has to do to survive. Edge and Christian try and have their comebacks at the expense of Orton. So he strikes. Sometimes blindly and wildly, but he will do what he has to do to defend his family and livelihood. It’s Mother Nature. He sincerely wish that Edge and Christian would reach a full recovery. He feels they could both live long and healthy lives as long as they do it far far away from Orton.

He has something to discuss with Ric Flair, so excuse him.

Charly decides to find Charlotte. She is not happy with what happened. Targeting her arm is the only way Asuka won.

In comes Nia to attack her. She sends Charlotte into the post of a practice ring. She then slams a door to a laundry basket on the arm. A single bespectacled man comes in and Nia backs down. Which isn’t very Nia-like. He says help is on the way.
Before Truth v Akira can start, Lashley comes out to squash all of Rita’s putties. Akira rolls under the ring. MVP and Lashley enter the ring. Lashley locks on the Full Nelson to Truth. He rag dolls Truth. Lashley and MVP leave.

Tozawa realizes Truth is out. He runs into the ring and covers for 1…2…3!!!

Akira is the new 24/7 Champion.

I stil don’t care.

Speaking of not caring, Natalya comes out of nowhere to say she feels so bad about Charlotte’s arm. She says the Women’s Locker Room needs a leader. Asuka is not that leader. Sarah dropped the ball. She could have scheduled an interview with Nattie. Shed love to elaborate, so she’ll have to wait for her match, next.


Nattie comes out for her match, but she’s not alone. Lana is with her. They combined two of the most annoying characters and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

Match 3: Liv Morgan vs Natalya

Nattie with a discus clothesline immediately. Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Nattie sends Liv into the corner like a good little heel. Stomps to Liv. Nattie yells at the ref. She grabs the head and yells at the crowd, then sets up for a modified torture rack. Liv grabs the ropes, she elbows out then flips onto the apron. Shoulder to the gut from Nattie. She leaves the ring. Liv is able to get the upperhand, sends Nattie int othe ring. Lana walks by to point at Liv It’s super effective.

Nattie clips the leg. She drags Liv into the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Natalya
Nattie is so great in the ring, but her character is just so lacking, and teaming her with the vacuum that is Lana just makes it worse. I’m no Liv apologist, but squashing her doesn’t really help that whole “growing and changing” Liv.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Forgot timer, but it was less than 3.

Backstage, Charly asks Big Show if he thinks he’d ever be fighting off ninjas. Show says there was a lot. He just came here to say hi and the opportunity came up. When else will he get a chance to punch a ninja.

Show makes a dig at the WWE’s humor. Show isn’t here for fun. He’s here for what happened to his friends last week. People forget too soon. Show isn’t all about fun. They forget that behind the fun exterior, there’s one heartless, angry giant. He can do what he wants to who he wants, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. So tonight, that heartless, angry, giant is heading to the ring.

Ric Flair heads to the ring. Flair is the heartless, angry, giant?

Uh oh, they’re giving Ric some mic time. He says earlier tonight, Charlotte was injured. When she comes back, Nia Jax will wish she worked and lived elsewhere. She don’t care how big or bad Nia thinks she is.

As for Orton, he is the greatest. He punted both Edge and Christian ack into retirement. Orton is the best, and Flair wants to tell him in front of millions.

Flair calls him both dominant and vicious. He gives us the best performer in the history of the WWE. Orton thanks him for the words. It’s nostalgic that they’re in the ring together. Half of Evolution. Sometimes, though, nostalgia can be confused with legacy. For example, it was nostalgic when Flair showed that he is still the Dirtiest Player in the game. Also nostalgic, Orton punting Christian as hard as he could for accepting one more match. It’s also nostalgic that Edge stepped into the ring one last time. Orton has the desire to be called The Legend Killer, but it’s not nostalgia, it’s cementing his legacy.

IN the span of two days, he became the greatest wrestler ever. He is receiving immense pleasure by being called The Legend Killer once again.

Big Show’s music hits. He’s angry. And Big. And I a giant. He will not let Orton glorify what he did. Edge and Christian are his friends, and Orton will pay. Show knew he was nothing but a narcissistic parasite since the day he met him. Show used to respect Flair. Orton latches onto people, just like Edge, who make him better because he lacks the self-discipline and motivation to make himself better. Orton doesn’t care. He’s a parasite. Edge isn’t done, though. But he won’t be able to get the satisfaction of taking Orton out alone, because this pissed off giant is going to break every bone in Orton’s body.

Orton tells Show to hold on. Show will not touch Flair. And he won’t hurt Orton. They are friends. Twenty years ago, Show took him under his wing. He thinks the world of Show and list of accomplishments. He is, indeed, a future hall of famer, and some might even say he’s a legend.

See what he did there, guys?

Orton says it would be tragic for Show to suffer the same fate as E&C.

Show chuckles then says let’s go. Square up, says Show, and not to run.

Orton gave him a chance. No longer are they friends. Look at what Orton has done. Orton is focused and motivated and what happens next is on Orton.

Orton and Flair leave.

Show is fuming.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs The Iiconics

Sasha and Kay to start. HUGE BOOT to the face of Sasha! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!! Tag to Peyton. Kay sets up, Peyton hits the ropes, Bayley grabs her and sends her into the announce table.IN the ring, Sasha with a kick. Tag to Bayley, they double team sending Kay into the corner. Bayley attacks the back of the neck. Kay pulls the hair and backs her into the corner. Bayley tries to hit an elbow, but Peyton stops her. Kay hangs Bayley up, and Peyton hits a hard knee.

We are back and Kay is beating down on Bayley fiercely. Kay works the arm, whips her int othe corner, Bayley attacks Peyton, hits Kay with some shoulders, goes for a back elbow, hits it. She runs into a kick. Tag from Peyton. Knee from Kay, she sends Bayley into a fisherman’s suplex and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha there to stop the pin. She knocks Kay off the apron, Peyton sends Banks to the outside, Bayley hits a right to the stomach. Another. She tries to tag, Peyton holds on. Tag to Sasha. High knee from Sasha, Peyton backs into a double team and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha pulls the hair and locksup for a suplex. Spins for another. She goes for a third one to Peyton!! AWWWW warms my heart. Peyton prevents the third one, sends her into Bayley. Roll up by Peyton for 1..2…NO!!!!

Sasha and Peyton lockup, Kay tries to interfere, Sasha sends her to the outside, BANK STATEMENT!!! Peyton taps!!!

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley
Someone told every wrestler tonight to not let up with the foot on the petal during every match. The first two matches were amazing. This one, although kind of short, had the same energy. I would argue that The Iiconics should probably have gotten more time, but let’s hope they still get some love. They’ve been killing it lately.
Total Rating: ******
Match Time: 6:21

Bayley on the mic, says they are good. This is what happens.

Sasha says she has been thinking. She knows Bayley is dos straps, and every time she talks about both her titles, Sasha can’t help but to get a little jealous. She loves Bayley happy, but she can’t help but want to experience that as well. What she’s trying to say is…

She wants a title match.

At Extreme Rules, she is officially challenging Asuka for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Haha. Nice.

Out comes Asuka!

Sasha is thoroughly confused at what Asuka is saying in Japanese, so Asuka goes full English on her, saying Sasha is not the boss of her, and she accepts.

Bayley attacks!! They double team Asuka, but Asuka fights back until she gets hit with a Back Stabber into the Bank Statement!

Backstage, Lashley is pissed. MVP says he was proud of Apollo last week with his little trick he did. Then Apollo accepted another match with Shelton Benjamin, and MVP realized Apollo has so much to learn. He’s hoping Apollo makes the right decision tonight.

They head to the club.

Backstage, Ruby Riott walks up to Liv. Liv is super sad and says not tonight. Nothing has gone her way, and she doesn’t need Ruby making her feel worse.

MVP is in the ring.

He hopes his guest tonight understands what a privilege it is to be here. He introduces Apollo Crews.

MVP wants to help Apollo navigate his bad decisions. MVP has already made the mistakes so that Apollo doesn’t have to make them. His title is the opportunity to give his daughter the life sh—

Apollo says he got to this point in his career without any of MVP’s help. He appreciates the offer, but the answer is still no.

MVP says to keep it one hunnid, if he wasn’t dropping gems, Apollo wouldn’t be out here listening. Apollo can be one of the greatest. There’s no rule that says he’s gotta be out here week after week. Apollo can stay champion for a very long time, but he won’t be able to do that without MVP in his corner.

Apollo wonders how that is. Will he help Shelton? Send Lashley? Apollo has been dealing with people like him his whole life. He won’t let MVP or this title change who he is.

MPV says he’s been champ about three weeks. Try doin it for 343 days. He likes Apollo, and tried to do this the nice way twice. There won’t be a third time. Whether he likes it or not, the US Title is coming home where ti belongs.

Apollo gets in the face of MVP.

Out comes Shelton Benjamin.

MVP leaves the ring. Shelton comes in to get in the face of Apollo with a smile. MVP asks for a moment. He tells Apollo


Shelton sends Apollo to the corner. MVP gives Apollo a quick lesson on never turning your back as we go to break.

Match 5: Apollo Crews vs Shelton Benjamin

We are back and the match is already under way. What does “under way” mean anyway? Weird terminology. I never understood it. Oh shit, the match.

Shelton is stomping the shoulder of Apollo, taking full advantage of the sneak attack. He sends the shoulder into the top buckle then brings Apollo to the center of the ring. Apollo with uppercuts and a right hand. Chop to the chest, dropkick to Shelton. Apollo with a standing moonsault, but Shelton turns this into an arm bar! So Smooth! Apollo turns it into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Clothesline to Shelton to the outside! Shelton flies and hits the ring post. Apollo sends Shelton into the ring.

Enziguri to the back of the head. He lifts Shelton then turns it into a sitout powerbomb! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Apollo Crews
In an ideal world, they could turn this into an addition of Shelton to the stable of MVP, but the story here is all Apollo’s and seeing MVP clapping for him after the match is an interesting slow burn.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:57 shown

MVP tries to lift Apollo’s hand in the air, and Apollo yanks it down. He tells MVP to keep his hands off him, but here comes Lashley to lock in the Full Nelson on Apollo!!!

Rey Mysterio is backstage with his one-eyed mask. His son comes up to ask if Rey is short about this. He wants to show Seth how the Mysterio family rolls.

Rey and Dominic are in the ring. Dom is all smiles as Rey tries to lecture him. He tried calling him several times last Monday. Which is weird, considering we saw him on the screen not calling anyone…

Not even the most confident father would expect his son to get out of a three on one situation, but Dominic did, and Rey is proud of him.

He’s also angry at him, because he put himself at risk. Mom’s was really worried. Rey knows the risk, and so does Dominic. Rey is pissed for what Seth did. He nearly tried to blind him. Rey knows Dominic is bigger than him, but Rey is still his old man, and no matter how big or strong he gets, Dom will always be Rey’s child. So since Dominic fought for Rey, it’s time for Rey to fight for Dom.

Rey’s got this one; he needs to get revenge on Seth. He needs to do it himself though.

Dom grabs the mic. He says that he understands where Rey is coming from, but he’s not going anywhere. So Seth, this is what a family looks like, and this family wants a fight.

Here comes The Messiah.

Seth says that Dom and Rey are putting him in a very difficult position. Does he go down to the ring and slaughter a father in front of his son? Does he go down and make Rey watch as he sacrifices Dom. This is fate and prophecy, and it seems they are both in the same place at the same time. Two eyes are better than one.

But that’s…three eyes, right? Did Seth get a cyclops?!!?

Seth drops to his knees. His disciples come down behind him. Out come Humberto and Aliester!

Murphy in the ring. Domonic attacks. Black with a knee. Thoery in the ring. Humberto kicks the back of his head. Humberto with a dive over the top rope!

Seth is by himself. Black leaves to attack. Rey enters the ring with his son. 619 to Seth on the outside!!!! Black and Humberto attack. Dominic and Seth lift Seth. They grab him and take him towards the steps. Here comes Murphy and Theory. Seth attacks Dom. Murphy an Theory hold Rey. Seth grabs Dominic. He looks to send Dominic’s face into the steps. Rey is forced to watch. Seth nearly gets it but here come Humberto and Black with chairs.

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
About an hour into the show I realized I was enjoying the hell out of it, which is a rare feat. The Street Profits vs The Viking Raiders started the show with high intensity and Charlotte vs Asuka carried that over into their match. There was little let up, which lead to an amazing first hour. Some could complain about Dolph being shoe-horned into the main event, and I will likely do so in the coming weeks, but I also can't get too upset that they aren't focusing on big time matches without a crowd. I'll reserve a wait and see mentality with Dolph. The second hour waned a bit with an unwelcomed Natalya presence but this was counter-acted by an amazing Edge promo and a nice Orton follow up. Similar to Dolph v Drew, I don't mind Show v Orton mainly because of the lack of crowd, and my expectations to be slightly lowered. All in all, it was hard to find a lot wrong with tonight's show other than a distinct lack of in-ring action. Still, I found myself entertained. Don't even get me started on that six-star clinic Sasha put on.

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