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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.28.21

June 28, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.28.21  

Hey everyone! So…

I think I’ve narrowed down my time here at 411 into specific eras:
2008-2009: Happy to Be Here Era
2009 – 2011: Shitty NXT Era
-sub era: Kim K Takes Over
2011 – 2012: DeMarco’s Disciple
2013 – 2015: The Era of AJ Lee Gifs
2015 – 2018: Sasha TakeOver
2018 – 2019: Girlfriend Exploitation Era
2019 – Present: I Hate Everything WWE Era

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

RAW starts with some jobbers in the ring. We go to Sonya and Adam, who say Orton cannot compete tonight, so we’re going to get a Battle Royal, and the winner will enter the Triple Threat for a shot at the briefcase.

In comes Riddle, who says he has a letter from Orton.

The letter says that his best friend will take his place in the last chance Triple Threat. Riddle is cool, and he would be honored if Riddle fought on his behalf.

Pearce says Riddle clearly wrote this himself. Riddle says it’ not fair for them to take this opportunity from Randy. Riddle wants to compete on his behalf. What if Riddle entered AS Orton, and wins the Battle Royal and Triple Threat, and goes to MitB as RKOBro. Sonya is cool with it. Riddle scoots to the ring.

Match 1: Battle Royal That Doesn’t Matter Because Riddle is Going to Win
Matt Riddle vs Wrestlers With a Supercard Rating of 75 or Less

Ok, so think 24/7 Title Battle Royal, and you’ll get a rough picture of who is in the match.

Garza almost gets eliminated but lands on one foot and hops back in the ring. Ali eliminates Mansoor once he turns his back on Ali. Damian Priest is back, so I suppose that matters. Akira and Truth rekindle their feud. Jinder has a bit of a showing, sending Truth out, then shooting Akira over the top rope, allowing Drew Gulak to pin Akira for 1..2..3!!! Truth hits the fist to the face, and Truth covers for 1..2…3!!!! Akira runs with a senton off the apron and covers for 1..2…3!!!!

Omos comes out to help Jinder eliminate The Viking Raiders. He then tosses each of them into a barricade.

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and we learn that Ali and Humberto are eliminated by Humberto himself, like a dummy. They try and make a Priest v Mahal moment epic, but, I mean…it’s Jinder. Priest ends up eliminating Jinder, allowing Jeff to attack from behind and whip Priest, then get clocked in the forehead. Jeff kicks Riddle away, inverted atomic to Cedric, into a leg drop Dropkick to the face. Elbow drop. He turns to Priest, Twist of Fate to Priest. Kick to Riddle, and he gets a Twist of Fate, too! He goes for Cedric, but Cedric escapes and eliminates Jeff. He talks some shit on the ropes so Priest leg sweeps then hits the lights and sends Cedric out of the ring.

Priest and Riddle are left. Priest misses a kick, Riddle flies over th top, rolls back in, attacks the mid, kicks Priest into the ropes, Priest with some kicks, right hand, another one is missed. GERMAN to Priest! Riddle with a running right. Another. Leg lariat from Priest. Back elbow in the corner from Priest. He locks the head, flips, Riddle lands on the back with a sleeper. Priest toses Riddle over the top, Riddle lands on the apron. Bromission to Priest. Priest locks the fingers, looks to toss Priest, Ridle lands on his feet. Clothesline to Riddle! Priest tries for another right hand, but Riddle locks the arm! Triangle!!! Priest to the apron! Riddle rolls into the ring. Riddle with a running knee to Priest’s face!

Riddle lifts Priest, locks the head, tries possibly for Orton’s DDT. Priest tries for a kick, Riddle catches, Priest with a GOOZLE! Riddle chops him! RUNNING KNEE! Priest is eliminated!

Winner: Matt Riddle
The finish was a foregone conclusion, and nothing mattered until the final two, but I’d be an asshole if I didn’t admit that the fraction of time that Riddle and Priest got left me curious about an actual one-on-one with them two. Unfortunately, not seeing Priest for weeks, then seeing him here didn’t bring any hyped feelings, which just goes to show how little the dude matters currently, which is of no fault of his own.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 14:11

Riddle shouts for them to play Orton’s music, not Riddle’s. They oblige, and Riddle poses like Orton.

Recap of Bliss and her antics until we get to Shayna, live, in the backstage area, working on her latest card trick.

Nia comes by to ask if she’s getting ready for a card game or a match. Shayna says this helps keep her head clear, which I really like as a character trait.

Reggies tries to defend himself, Shayna tells him to shut up, it’s her fault they aren’t in the match, so she’s going to do something about it after beating Nikki Cross tonight.

Bliss is shown watching backstage.

Backstage, Ryker is slapping a box with a strap, which is oddly similar to whipping something or someone, and makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

BACK FROM BREAK, and the dude with two first names interviews AJ and Omos. AJ calls orton out for not being here, saying he lost his opportunity. This should be Drew vs AJ, not Riddle as well. Omos claims he was scouting competition earlier. What about what happened to AJ last week. We see what happened, and AJ says this is pure hypocrisy. Getting mad at Omos for doing what The VRs did last week.

Aj brings up drew ain’t 100% and neither is Riddle, so AJ has the advantage.

STILL BACKSTAGE….Lucha House Party comes up to Nikki to compliment her mask. In comes Sarah. Nikki says she is aspiring to be a hero, is almost a superhero. She’s finally found something inside of her that was always there, and has the courage now to show it. She isn’t the only one, because everyone out there has the same feeling deep down inside. Everyone can do and be better, so embrace it and go for it. Imagine her winning the MitB contract. She’ll be an inspiration to boys and girls everywhere. She can be champion! One goal at a time. She will win tonight and be almost a superhero…

Match 2: “Almost a Superhero” Nikki Cross vs Shayna Baszler

Lockup into a side headlock while Saxton admits to having a Zorro outfit. Takedown and another side headlock, but Baszler with a suplex. Body slam from Baszler. Kicks in the corner from Shayna. Lifts Nikki up and Nikki tries for. Sunset flip, but Shayna grabs her, sends her into the corner, running knee, but Nikki cmoves and dropkicks Shayna to the outside. Nia and Reggie help Shayna up until lights flicker and Bliss’s music hits. She comes out with a sly grin as Reggie tries to shield his eyes.


BACK and Shayna is back in the ring, beating down our would-be superhero. Shayna rushes th e corner with ak nee to the chin of Nikki. Shayna looks over to Alexa. Shayna sits Nikki on the top rope, asking Alexa why she is here. Nikki punches her then hits tornado DDT.

On the outside, Alexa kicks Nia, then crotches Reggie. Nikki rolls up Shayna in the ring. 1..2..NO!!! Clothesline sends Nikki down. Shayna looks up to the screen, goin all WTF.

She tries to slam Nikki, Nikki escapes, gets shot off, ducks under a punch, runs with. Takedown and a rollup for 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: Nikki Cross
Another win that is tarnished by commentary continuing to overtly point out the obvious “shock” it is for Nikki to pull it off.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 9:40

WE COME BACK to Kofi in the middle of the ring. He says hearing Woods screaming in the cell while he stood outside, unable to do something, just really fucked with him. When Woods needed him the most, Kofi couldn’t do anything for him. A lot of people have disrespected Woods for a long time, thinking he’s not up to snuff. But last week, what he showed the world, taking it to Lashley. Bobby won fair and square, but what happened after…not cool. He WILL make Lashley pay.

MVP comes out with some ladies, for no reason. He must have misheard Kofi saying he was going to beat Lashley. That is so ridiculous. Considering Kofi’s history with New Day, he says some really ridiculous things, but to be frank, they are looking forward to the MitB PPV because they will finally have a live audience. As for Kofi, let’s face it; Kofi is a feel good story, but truth be told, he’s no threat.

Kofi says Lashley ain’t that guy anymore. Lashley might be gettinga little soft. Let’s look at the past few weeks:
HIAC – Drew beat Bobby within an inch of his life, and if it wasn’t for MVP, Drew may be champion.
Woods – Fought with his heart, put Lashley through a table, came THIS close to beating him.
Kofi – He’s already beaten Bobby. He can do it again. Right now, Lashley looks more beatable than ever. Each week, a layer is stripped away from Lashley. Each week, he becomes more a shell of his former self, he may just look like MVP. A broken man holding onto some semblance of success.

MVP says he does what he does for Lashley because over a year ago, they started this journey together. Lashley put in the work and rose to the top. MVP does what he does because Bobby deserves it.

KOFI: I DIDN’T DESERVE IT?! He didn’t work hard for what he got? Look, when he was WWE Champion, he never took a day off. In between shows, he took the title all over the world to show it was possible. To Ghana, to West Africa, to his birthplace. He brought the living proof, went back to TV the next week, and defended it again. MVP got Bobby taking vacations, days off, distracted, hanging round all these women, his eye is off the prize, and that’s when you lose that prize. When you lose that prize, someone gains it, and in three weeks, that someone will be Kofi.

MVP walks down the stage, wonders if when Kofi went home to Ghana, he thought he was working hard. No, MVP wants to be clear…he respects Kofi’s optimism, and he recalls Woods also had optimism, and now he can’t make it to work.

Kofi says MVP should check his numbers, because Woods will return next week because he has heart, resiliency, and is a fighter, unlike MVP who has been milking his knee injury for 6 months.

MVP says he is not cleared for combat, because if he was, he’d get in the ring and whoop Kofi’s ass.

Kofi rushes out of the ring and hits MVP with a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi shouts over MVP’s face, saying he wasn’t too hurt when he beat up his friend. NOW YOU HURT, BRUH!


Backstage, Scottish Kevin Kelly runs up on Eva. Eva says Piper was overwhelmed last week due to being at the forefront. She made a mistake. Eva requested a rematch. Eva will win, and the Evalution continues. Piper makes faces behind Eva’s back.

Match 3: Asuka and Naomi vs Eva Marie and Piper Niven

Piper starts with Naomi. Naomi kicks her away from the corner, then goes for a bulldog, flies off the ropes, goes for a Sunset Flip, but Piper drops her ass, then misses a senton. Tag to Asuka. Asuka to the top rope. She flies with a dropkick. Asuka rushes the corner with. Hip attack, locks up from behind, tries for a German, but Piper holds onto the ropes. Kick from Asuka. Right to the face. Piper shoves Asuka. Splash in the corner. Piper with a body slam attempt but ASuka floats over the back. Tries for the Asuka Lock. Piper reaches for the tag. She tosses ASuka off her back. Piper reaches for a tag. Ea hops off the apron.

Asuka rolls her up, but Piper rolls through. Senton to Asuka. POUNCE TO NAOMI!! Piper with a splash onto Asuka!!!! Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winners: Eva Marie and Piper Nevin
This continues to be shitty. First of all, they went ahead and gave Piper the moveset of a “big” person when she is so much more, and secondly, her shocked that EVA didn’t wanna tag after last week just makes her look dumb.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:17

Eva stops the announcer and says that the winner is solely her.

BACKSTAGE, Morrison and Miz are rollin round. Sarah asks Morrison how he feels possibly winning the briefcase. Miz says he will win and cash in, because Miz will be helping him. He has cashed in twice. Morrison says Miz is not the fastest, biggest, or strongest…

But he is the smartest. He has situational awareness. He senses and sees everything. He knows when to strike. Nothing escapes his perception.

Ricochet pulled the ol switcheroo, though. Miz claims of course, he saw Richochet. He lures victims into a false sense of security.

Ricochet shows that he stole the drip stick. He sprays Morrison in the face, then goes for Miz’s face. We leave this with Ricochet laughing and finally pumping some water into the face of Miz.

Match 4: Ricochet vs John Morrison

Morrison tries for a leg sweep, but Riochet atches the leg. He gets backed up into the corner. Boot form Morrison out the cornr, he rolls out, misses a kick, Ricohet gets some body shots. Body slam to John into an elbow drop and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! John gets Ric in the corner, pulls the legs out from the corner, then mule kicks Ric in the face. Low kick to the fae and a cover for 1..2..N!O!! Morrison with a hard right to the face. Running dropkick to Morrison on the outside. Miz protects Jonny with his wheel chair. Ric yells at him to move. Miz says Ric is not that gut. Ric runs up the wheelchair and hits a hurricanrana off the chair!!! Miz reaches for the stick, Ric grabs it and squirts Miz again. Ricohet breaks the stick and rolls inside the ring.

WE COME BACK and Ricochet attacks the mid, hits an uppercut, leg sweep from Morrison. He kicks Ric in the face, shoves the face with a boot. Right hands from Ricochet. He hits the ropes, Johnny does to, misses a crossboy, Ric hits one of his own. More body shots from Ricochet, a right to the head, more body shots, kne to the face, fireman’s. He rolls onto the floor then hits a sliding clothesline and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Rolling senton from Morrison. Kick to the face and chest and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Cradle from Riohet for 1..2…NO!!!! Kick off the ropes from Morrison! Starship Pain from Morrison, Ricochet rolls out of the way. Dropkick to the face from Ric. Morrison to the outside. Ric tries to dive over the top rope, but Morrison enters the crowd!!!

Ricochet stares Morrison down. Morrison sits atop the barricade. RICOCHET SPRINGBOARDS WITH A CROSSBODY ONTO MORRISON FROM RING TO BARRICADE!!!!!

Winners: Double Countout
While a bulk of this was typical choreographed Morrison fare, they still had enough juice to make it look good, and that ending was sick as fuck. It wasn’t Puma vs JoMo, but they did something for the reel.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 10:35

IN case you wanted something just a little bit different:

Before the following match can start, all six women go at it all around the ring. Rhea gets Charlote into the ring and mounts her with some rights. They go back and forth until Nattie runs into the ring to attack Rhea. In come Mandy and Dana to add to the fray. I say “fray” just as Graves does, and I feel icky. The heels clear the ring as we go to break.

Match 5: Charlotte, Natalya, and Tamina vs Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, and Rhea Ripley

I left a can of Dew in the freezer for too long and have to clean it before Vanessa wakes up, so I miss a few minutes. I come back to Dana rolling Charlotte up for 1..2.NO!! Tag to Rhea, she hits a short lothesline, again, hits a headbutt, Northern Lights for 1..2.N!O!! Rhea locks the head, lifts, Charlotte lands on he feet, Nattie gets a tag. Nattie rolls up Rhea. Rhea espaces and kicks Nattie ib the ear. Tag ot Dana, who tags in Mandy. They double team. IN comes Tamina, and Rhea takes her down. Dana with a neckbraker to Charlotte, Nattie with a spinning clothesline. Mandy covers for 1..2.NO!!! Mandy floats over into a sunset flip for 1..2.NO!!! Nattie goes for a sharpshooter, but Mandy got all that ass.

Tag from Charlotte. Mandy with a pump kick to Nattie. Big Boot from Charlotte. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Charlotte Flair, Natalya, and Tamina
I mean it’s not fair for me to rate this with missing a bulk of the beginning, but anything that I saw that wasn’t Charlotte and Rhea was pretty lackluster.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

Backstage, Ryker is flogging himself. Truth runs by to ask him wh he is doing that, does he want to talk about it, is he unhappy with himself?? Ryker say he is preparing for battle. He is purging himself of any weakness.

Truth thanks him for sharing. He wants to borrow the strap when Ryker is done.

Match 6: Strap Match
Elias vs Jaxson sRyker

Elias with a quick attack! He corners Ryker and hits some kicks and stomps and knees!! He sends Ryker to the outside and follows, then chops Ryker in the chest. Elias hangs Ryker up around the post and attcks the chest and ribs with punhes. He then slaps Ryker hard across the chest. Again across the abs. Elias runs into a kick. Ryker pulls Elias into the post with the strap. He sends Elias into the ring and hangs Elias over the apron. HARD whip to the chest.

Into the ring, and kick to the chest of Elias, slap across the back, again, whip to the apron, Ryker pulls him right back in. Punch to the forehead. Elias is able to take over with a hard slap aross the back. He misses another hit, Ryker kicks, slaps Elias with a strap, another across the back Whip to the corner, another whip to the corner.

Ryker pulls Elias in as he begs for mercy. Ryker with a slap and a cover for 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: Jaxson Ryker
The match wasn’t bad, but it suffered horribly from the fact that no one cared about Elias or Ryker before the match, meaning no one would care who won. We see this with a Ryker win, and me not caring.
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 3:30

Backstage, Riddle is punching his fist into his palm, trying to use the Ryker Method. Priest comes in to talk to him, but Riddle says he is Orton, not Riddle. Priest offers some Burger King, getting Riddle to break character, but not character. Priest says that Orton is lucky to have Riddle as his friend, and not to forget that.

Match 7: Matt Riddle vs AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre

Drew sends aJ into the corner, Riddle attacks frm behind. Drew punches him away. AJ sends Drew into the corner. Chop to Drew. Drew no sells. Chop to AJ. Drew heads to Riddle and whips him into the corner. He rushes and hits a right hand. Kick from Drew. Headbutt to Riddle. Whip into AJ, and AJ has the boot up, sending Riddle down. Clotheslnie to AJ. Front face headlock to Riddle, then he just dead lifts and hits a suplex. Sick. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Drew goes after Aj, sending him headfirst into the middle buckle. Riddle punches away, left and right, kciks in the corner over and over. He rushes AJ with a right, then on to Drew, off the orpes and Drew catches him!!! He sends Riddle into the post back first then hits a belly to belly. Drew turns to AJ, another belly to belly!!! Drew with a right hand to AJ. He lifts AJ and whips, Drew with a HUGE back body drop!!! Son of a….cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Drew stands, waits, goes for a Claymore, but Aj sends Drew over the top to the outside! AJ to the outside. Drew sets him up on the back, Aj lands on his feet, kicks the back of the leg. Flying fist from Riddle off the steps!!! Riddle sees the announce table ready for a body. He lifts Drew, but AJ is there to punch him. Riddle chops each man, then eats a right from Drewe. Drew sends Riddle. Into the steps. Aj kicks the leg. AJ sends Drew into the ringpost. AJ kicks Riddle. Drags Riddle over to the tabkle, tries to suplex, but Riddle stops it and hits some right. He turns, goes for a suplex, but AJ holds on. He lifts Riddle, turns side ways, Riddle with a suplex on the outside! Down to the mat! AJ with an enziguri to Drew! AJ lifts Drew and Riddle helps. They both send Drew onto the table, slamming him back first!

We RETURN to Riddle favoring the leg. Drew is still out. Riddle misses a kick, Aj rolls him up, roll through, Dragon Screw from AJ. Orton works the leg, drops a knee onto the leg. He works the foot as Riddle tries to break the hold. AJ turns and kicks the back of the leg. AJ corners him, Riddle blocks. AJ works the leg again, but Riddle hops UP with a knee! Sick. Ridle misses a ight, PELE KICK from AJ!!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! AJ leaves the ring to kick Drew in the chest and stomp him down a few times. AJ kicks Drew again and slams Drew down on his head. AJ argues with the ref, then heads back to the ring. Riddle fights back! Spinebuster from AJ! He works the leg again, pulling on the foot. Riddle tries to choke from behind, reaches for the ropes, grabs it! No rope break, though! AJ grabs the foot and pulls it back more. Kicks fomr Riddle. Stomps from AJ. Brainbuster from AJ! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!! AJ leaves the ring to stomp Drew again. He hops on the apron, and there is Riddle to kick him then hit Orton’s DDT!!! Riddle hears voices!!!

He stands, goes for an RKO, AJ catches him in a torture rack and slams Riddle down! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! AJ goes for Styles Clash, Riddle floats over and lands on his feet, Drew grabs the leg of AJ and pulls him outside!! He sends AJ into the post, barricade, barricade again!! He rusn into the ring, counters a kick, sends Riddle into the corner. Stomps and right hands!!! Over and over. Whip to the corner, Drew hits a back elbow. He lifts Riddle, goes for an Alabama Slam, hits it! Riddle up. Drew goes for Claymore, Riddle sends Drew ot the outside!!!! AJ is up on the outside. Running right forearm to Drew! AJ to the apron, Riddle with a knee off the top rope to the chin!!! Riddle to the apron. He runs with a punt kick to AJ. Another to Drew. Riddle with a springboard FLOATING BRO ONTO AJ AND DREW!!!! Riddle sees his fallen foes. Kick to Drew.Another kick. Aother. AJ is up. Kick to AJ. Another kick to AJ. Another! Riddle rushes Drew with a punt kick. Running kick to AJ, but AJ MOVES!!!!! RIDDLE KICKS THE STEPS!!! Riddle thinks it’s broken. Ref calls for help. EMTs come by to check the foot by….well, not checking the foot at all. They walk Riddle to the back.

WE ARE BACK, and Drew has AJ hurting! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Drew stands, favoring his ribs. He lifts AJ into the corner and sends him head first into the post. Drew sits AJ on the top rope. AJ slips through, lands on his feet, pulls Drew down by the foot. Firemans to Drew, and he sends his head to the knee! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! AJ calls for Styles Clash. Drew escapes. Strikes from AJ. Michinoku Driver from Drew! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Drew runs and AJ kicks the knee. AJ up. Tries for Calf Crusher, but Drew blocks it, but not for long!!! RIDDLE IS HERE!!! He hobbles down the ramp. His foot is wrapped. He stops AJ with a Bromission! AJ elbows out. Riddle rolls AJ into the Bromission. AJ escpaes. Drew lifts Riddle, right hand. KiCK FROM RIDDLE, USING THE “Broken” foot. AJ runs, Knee from RIDdle. RKO TO AJ!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! OMOS PULLS AJ OUT OF THE RING!!!

Drew is here! CLAYMORE TO RIDDLE!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
A GREAT Triple Threat with an ending that didn’t land all that great. First, Drew winning just comes off as eye-roll inducing considering how many “shots” we’ve seen him get, and how much they harp on that sentiment. Second, I love the resolve of Riddle and the idea of him giving it his all for his homie Orton is awesome, but saying his foot is broken, then coming down and using that very foot multiple times in his offense just doesn’t ring true. In typical WWE fashion, good wrestling, average execution.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 26:44

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
If there's one thing the Money in the Bank PPV has done, it's given WWE RAW a bit of a direction, which allows the show to feel more unified and with purpose. Tonight's episode falls into that as it was MOSTLY a pretty good show. Kofi was allowed to show some fire, and even got the last laugh, standing tall above MVP while adding to the match with Lashley. Riddle doing his best Orton impression throughout the show and falling short can and will do a lot for that relationship, and it lead to an amazing Triple Threat Main Event that saw everyone put work in, but Riddle shining more than the other, for the most part. Of course, Ryker is still a person that no one cares about, bad tweet or no bad tweet - we simply don't know who the guy is. The women's division is directionless as well, with yet another droning Charlotte promo, a team as champion that comes off as self-serving more than anything, and challengers that are anything but challenging. The less said about the Alexa Bliss stuff the better, although I like Shayna's attempt at peace via shuffling cards. All in all, a better RAW than usual.

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