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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.29.20

June 29, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Bobby Lashley MVP WWE Raw
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.29.20  

Ready for a five-star Sasha Banks match?

RAW is wasting no time, starting with a contract signing between Asuka and Sasha, as well as Dolph and Ziggles.

It appears Asuka and Sasha have zero patience, as they look to have already locked horns.

Ziggler comes out and wants to introduce Drew. He does. Horribly.

So Ziggler and Sasha are on one side of the table, while Asuka and Drew are on the left side.

Ziggler is given the opportunity to talk. He wonders where Drew would be without Dolph. He’d be squandering his chance somewhere. While he was shuffing around trying to find himself, Dolph was here carrying monsters like Drew on his back. Dolph is aware of what Drew is willing to go through and sacrifice for the title, butway back in the head, he’s just not so sure. At Extreme Rules, Drew will hit him, but he will get back up. He’s going to survive. That 19 year redemption story all disappears just like that. *snap*

Dolph claims he created Drew, and at Extreme Rules, he will destroy him. Dolph signs.

Drew signs after. Says it’s official. He calls Dolph’s words passionate. There was a time when they were family, and family is always honest with each other. True, he was fired. He learned a lot though, and the biggest lesson is that this is more of a mental game than a physical one, and he’s figured why Dolph needs this title. It’s not just the ego. Dolph always gets so close to the finish line, he drops the ball. Drew has bad news. He’s going to hurt Dolph, slaughter him even. It will be because of Drew that he loses. Drew allows Dolph to pick the stipulation of their match.

Dolph is surprised. This isn’t a sto—

Asuka cuts Dolph off. She then talks some smack to Sasha. Asuka grabs the contract. She signs.

Sasha says she’s not the same Asuka once faced before. She’s going to be Two Belt Banks, and her and Bayley are taking over the whole damned company.

Sasha has a stamp for her signature


Asuka attacks. Dolph tries to get a kick in, but Drew stops it and goes for a Claymore. Dolph slides out of the ring. Asuka and Drew stand tall in the ring with their titles.

Backstage, Garza tries to butter up the female ref. IN comes Charley, and she wonders what he was talking about with the ref. Zelina comes in, mockingly. They were just making sure that the ref called things down the middle. Charley does have a question. If they beat The Viking Raiders, do they think they are next in line for a title shot? Dumb…

Big Show cuts them off and says he’s goin up next, so they will have to wait.

Show is so upset, he waited an entire week to call Randy Orton out.

Instead of Orton, Garza and Andrade come out.

Show apologizes for interrupting, but he’s on important business. He is not in the mood to play, and do not try him right now.

Andrade says that Orton says that Show is a legend? Andrade laughs this off. Show wants to punch him in the face, saying he’s got boots older than Andrade. He tells Garza to stand on the shoulders of Andrade to talk trash. A legend? It doesn’t matter, say Garza. Show will learn what The Street Profits will soon realize.

Show wants to fight. He drops the mic.

Zelina says they will do Orton a favor and show Show what happens when you disrespect Andrade and Garza. Show’s days on RAW are numbered. But hey, go ahead and say hi to Edge and Christian in the retirement home.

Andrade and Garza hop on the apron.

Ric Flair’s music hits.

Show saunters out all smiles. He tells Zelina he’s got a lot of respect for her. He’s gotta have a word with his old friend Big Show, though. No one is going to handle his career or focus on the future of his career except his friend, The Legend Killer, the Greatest Wrestler Alive, Randy Orton.

Flair says Orton will come when he feels like it. Flair is doing his light work. Show has been making cartoons on Netflix, and that’s great. He’s had his day and his run, but if Show plays with Orton, one thing will happen. He then gives freedom to Garza and Andrade to attack.

Before they do, here comes The Viking Raiders!

Ah, but we go to commercial.

Match 1: The Viking Raiders vs Angel Garza and Andrade

We come back from break and the match has already begun. Erik hits a knee to Garza and Ibar covers for 1…NO! Ibar with a snapmare. IBar grabs his beard and rubs it across Garza’s face. Tag to Erik. Ibar hits a shoulder in the corner. Erik hits one of his own. Tag to Ibar. Nother shoulder. Ibar with one of his own. Cover for 1…NO! Ibar slams Garza down face first then drops a fist and a pin for 1….NO! Tag to Erik and he body slams Ibar onto Garza. Tag from Andrade. Hes in and tags Garza back in. Andrade attacks from behind. Superkick from Garza. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Andrade with the stomps to the gut. Tag to Garza. Garza covers slowly, and doesn’t even get a one. Garza attacks the back. Right hand to Garza. Tag from Andrade. He kicks Erik. He is pissed at Garza, saying he didn’t tag fast enough. He yells to Zelina that he doesn’t want this. Zelina leaves the announce booth to yell back at Andrade as he walks up the ramp.

We are back and it looks like she brought the peace as Andrade and Garza are back as a team. Garza is in the ring. Tag to Andrade who beats down on Erik in the corner. Chop and a kick. A right hand is blocked. Erik elbows Garza back then shoves Andrade, hits another elbow to Garza. Erik feeds Andrade with a knee. Tag to Ibar. He comes in but Andrade tags in Garza. Side slam to Garza. Splash in the center of the ring from Ibar. Andrade misses a kick, gets a clothesline. IBar drops his ass onto the chest of Garza. Ibar gets shoved, Garza with a clothesline, but Ibar blocks, flips with a springboard, but Garza hits a dropkick to the back! Shit goes to hell and Garz is able to post erik on the outside. Erik back in the ring, he eats an elbow from Andrade.

Garza enters. Double underhook. Wing Clipper! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Andrade and Angel Garza
Tag teams that don’t like each other are low on the list of storylines I enjoy, so this did little for me. It also hurt The Viking Raiders a bit, as the match wasn’t all that competitive. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t all that exciting.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:45

Backstage, The Iiconics walk up to a waiting Ruby Riott and make fun of her for not having friends. It’s kind of like she has no wins either.

Ruby is wondering who it was that blew their tag team title shot last week? Was it them?

Peyton says at least they have each other. Ruby asks for one of them to meet them in the ring and the other pick up the one she beats the crap out of and take them to the back. How does that sound?

Ruby makes fun of their Iiconic tag line.

Ruby has got to be joking Billie.

Backstage, Andrade and Garza are celebrating. Flair comes in, says great win, they are on fire, and they’ve never looked better. Flair wants to speak to them privately.

Akira is here with Tom-Tom, Colt, and Rocky. They stand behind him in the ring as Akira is announced.

Match 2: 24/7 Championship Match
R-Truth vs Akira Tozawa

Tozawa tries for a surprise roll up and gets two. Truth with a side headlock. He holds the ropes. Truth dances. He asks for Akira to do it. Akira poses, shakes his fingers at Truth, then gets sent to the outside. Truth dances some more. In comes Akira who hops over then under, then holds the ropes.

Truth pretends to hurt his knee and rolls up Tozawa for the 1..2…3!!!

Winner: R-Truth
You’re never going to get me to enjoy any segment that has to do with the 24/7 title, regardless of the amount of truth involved.
Total Rating: < three minutes

A surprise ninja tries to roll Truth up, gets a 2. One ninja comes in and tries to attack, but Truth leaves the ring and runs through the crowd.

We move on to Apollo and MVP from last week where MVP threatened him and his title, and the match that followed.

Backstage, MVP says that Apollo’s offer is dead, and so are his chances of holding onto the title. Even though the kid disrespected MVP, he likes him a little bit, so before they take everything from him, MVP wants to drop a few gems on him.

They walk on, and Seth is there with Rey’s mask that he didn’t wear, nor do we know how he may have gotten it. Seth says this is his most important message to date, and he’s gotta deliver it now.

Theory is not there.

After a video packaging going over everything that’s happened, we get Seth Rollins in the ring to…remind us of what happened last week. He says that Rey stood in the middle of the ring and said nothing was going to stop him from returning to the ring. He believed that with all of his heart. So does Seth. Rey has a duty to uphold. The problem is Rey hasn’t been seeing things too clearly as of late. Rey’s duty is to be the sacrifice for the future of RAW. He has given Rey every chance to take the easy way out and do this on his own terms, yet he has defied him at every turn. What Seth must do now is so important. He speaks directly to Rey, and wants to ask for forgiveness. He begs forgiveness, not for what he has don but what what he is forcing Seth to do in the future. They are bound by fate, and as fate would have it, Seth is the Messiah and Rey is the sacrifice for the greater good. Yes, he is correct when he says Rey will step foot in the ring again, and every single time he does, Seth will be forced to take a piece of him, and little by little, he will tear Rey apart.

Rey is on the screen with Dom. Rey wants forgiveness, too. He asks forgiveness from his son for what he must do to Seth for what he did to his eye and what he tried to do to Dom. He was mad at Dom, but he loves him for what he did. Rey must now do something to Seth that is just as bad as what he did to Rey.

He tells Seth an eye for an eye in English and Spanish, so you know he’s serious.

Dom says he forgives his father, but will never forgive Seth Rollins. Seth will never forget what Rey does to him.

Seth says Dom has strong words. Clearly Rey has taught him many life lessons except one: Be careful what you wish for. If they continue to stand in his way, Seth will be forced to end Dom’s career before it ever begins.

Out come Aleister Black and Carrillo to clear the ring out.

Seth, the second we come back from break, Seth claims he was waiting for this. Oh nice, he waited to come back from commercial. Seth calls Humberto a coward, and Humberto calls him a coward, says he’s less of a man than Rey.

Black says he knows a thing or two about evil, and he recognizes it when he is looking at it. He will not forgive Seth, there will only be atonement.

Seth says Black hasn’t seen anything yet, and this ends now.

Match 3: Murphy and Seth Rollins vs Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo

Murphy tries fo ra kick to Black, but Black dodges and hits a knee lift. Running kick to Murphy. Seth in and gets kicked in the hed. Murphy sends Black into th corner with some shoulders. Big boot from Black to the chin. He gest to the 2nd rope, Seth trips him, he hits the buckle, stands, eats a Superkick! Tag to Seth who attacks Black on the outside. Kick to the face. Another. A boot choke. He sends Black into the ring then follows. Seth with a right hand. Another in the corner. Right hand to the gut. Whip to the corner. Hard. Boot from Seth to the neck. Tag to Murphy. He attacks the kidney from behind. Seth beats him down. Murphy helps. Murphy drives a knee to the back of Black. Chinlock from behind. Tag from Black after the escape. He beats down on murphy in the corner. Seth distracts. Murphy with a right hand. Humberto misses a kick, but hits a back one to the face. Whip is reversed, springboard crossbody from Humberto. Pin for 1.NO! Rollins in, gets sent right out. Humberto sent over the ropes to the apron. Lands on his feet. High kick. Dropkick to the side of the face from the top rope! Humberto goes for a 619, but Seth pulls Muprhy out of the ring. Huge kick to Seth, sending him down. Humberto to the top rope, he dives onto Seth and Murphy!

We are back and Seth is able to get a tag to Murphy. Tag to Black. He kicks Seth off the apron. Rope work and Black hits a right, sending Murphy down. A flurry of hits, a kick from off the ropes. Balck blocks a right from Seth, he hits the ropes. Springboard moonsault to both Murphy and Seth. Black lifts Murphy with the boot. Rollup from Murphy. 1…2..NO!!! Tag from Humerto. Kick from Black. 619 from Humberto. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Seth in to stop the pin. Black sends him outside. Seth reverses. Suicide dive from Seth. Humberto kicks him before he can hop back in. Humberto hits the ropes – well, he tries to. Huge knee from Murphy. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Black there to pull the leg of Murphy out. Buddy kicks him away. He heads to the top rope. Humberto there to stop him. Hits some rights. Buddy with punches to the back. Goes for a Sunset Bomb. Murphy blocks. Murphy kicks his head into the buckle. He gets him set up for a powerbomb. Seth with a tag then a dive with a knee to Humberto on the shoulders of Murphy. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!!

Black attacks murphy off the apron. Carrillo rolls up. 1…2..NO!!! STOMP FROM SETH!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Seth Rollins and Murphy
Average match that should have stood on its own but came off as an honor to face Rey, which took away from the match. Like who is Humberto doing the 619 for? Come on…
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:28

Black attacks Seth after the match, but Seth and Murphy are able to send him to the outside Murphy sends Black over the timekeepers area.

Seth barks orders to grab Humberto and tells him that if he wants to speak up for Mysterio, then he’ll face the same fate. Humberto fights out with a kick to Seth, elbow to Buddy. He goes on the attack of Seth. Murphy grabs the stops and clocks Humberto.

Seth grabs Rey’s mask and places it on Humberto. He makes Murphy drag Humberto over to the steps. Seth tries to force Humberto into the corner of the steps. Humberto tries to fight. Black is here to stop it. He fights Murphy away. Seth rusns and stomps Humberto into the steps.

Drew offers Asuka assurance that she’ll get her revenge tonight.

They are asked what they are hoping to gain by facing Sasha and Dolph.

Drew says that they’re just going to have a little fun tonight.

Now is the time where I recap RAW recap Smackdown’s recap of Taker’s documentary.

Lana rolls up on Ruby wearing a shower curtain. She says that she was inspired by a woman who has more wins than any other woman in the division. Moreso than Asuka, even. This woman is someone they can believe in. Natalya.

Sure, Jan.

Match 4: Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riott

Big oot to the back of the head of Ruby. She grabs the arm and tugs on it hard. She drives a knee into the arm. Another knee to the left arm. She mounts for a pin. 1….NO! Peyton kicks the elbow. She pulls the arm around the ropes and boots her into the neck. She drops Ruby down to the mat, then drives a knee into the back. Kay is helping Royce work the arm from outside. Ruby hits so me knees. Peyton with a back suplex. Cover for 1..2.NO!! Peyton Peyton tries for a asplsh in the corner but Ruby moves, kicks Peyton. Another kick. She locks the arm and hits a few rights to the chest. STO to Peyton. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Ruby works the arm, Kay on the apron. Ruby is distracted. Peyton rolls up for 1..2..NO!!!

Backslide into a crucifix for 1..2.NO!!! High kick to Ruby. Brainbuster from Peyton! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Peyton Royce
I gotta hand it to Peyton, she showed extreme competence and skill in the three minutes she was given. They really worked on their shit while away.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 3:17

Show is stretching in the dungeon where old rings go to die. Charley asks Show if he thinks Orton is trying to trap him. Show says he grew up in South Carolina, and Flair was a hero. Flair was the man. Then he got in this business, and learned that Flair is the dirtiest player in the game, and now he’s mentoring the Apex Predator, meaning Randy Orton is dangerous as well. He welcomes the challenge, and asks Orton to try him. Find out why he is The Big Show. As far as Angel and Andrade, they picked a bad night. They will face Show in a handicap match. Oh joy…

Match 5: The Big Show vs Andrade and Angel Garza

After some fuss, Show chops Garza hard. He then headbutts him. Show chops Garza again across the ropes. She sends Garza to the outside, and Garza is hurt. Garza back in. He tags in Andrade. Andrade is slow to enter, showing hesitation. Waist lock from Andrade. Show breaks the hold and booty bumps Andrade back to the corner. Chop to Andrade. Show brings Andrade back into the ring the hard way. Show grabs Andrade, body slams him down hard, then takes awalk across his chest. Andrade fights back, kicks then clips the arm, but eats a headbutt. Andrade is lifted. Another headbutt. Tag to Angel. Angel is able to try and get his revenge, attacking the leg, chopping the Show down with kick after kick. Andrade gets a blind tag, trying to take advantage of Angel’s work. He shoves Angel out of the ring, saying this is his moment. Angel leaves the ring, grabs a mic, says ok if he wants his moment, he’s got it.

Big Show with a chokeslam. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: The Big Show
I don’t mind Big Show being Orton’s next victim. I don’t even mind a Big Show return. I also don’t feel like Andrade and Angel were on a streak that was steamrolled, but I also don’t feel they shoud be getting effectively SQUASHED by Big Show in an effort to build towards Show and Orton.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 5:32

Backstage, Apollo is talking to Cedrick and a backwards hat-wearing Ricochet, because all black people are friends. Truth comes up and says he finally got rid of all the ninjas. He then calls Cedric “Cedric the Entertainer.” He then calls Ricochet Richard O’Shea. Ricochet tries to correct him, but Apollo tells him to just roll with it.

MVP says that when he goes home to Miami, people call him an OG because he made it out the hood. How can they be like him? He says he can inspire. What does all of this matter if you don’t give back? Which is why it’s such an honor and a joy to allow him to help Lashley. Sometimes you get people that take a heartfelt gesture and ignorantly reject it. He will not be disrespected by Apollo

And here he is to interrupt MVP. Haha. He wonders what MVP is talking about. He never disrespected MVP. MVP is self-made? So is Apollo. MVP cares about only himself and should have listened. He kept pushin and pushin.

Match 6: MVP vs Apollo Crews

Lockup and rope work and MVP hits a shoulder tackle. He holds onto the ropes after a run and escapes a dropkick. Hurricanrana from Apollo and he hits a dropkick. Firemans but MVP holds the ropes. Apollo presses him nd drops him. Lashley pulls MVP out of the ring. Apollo hits the ropes and dives over with a flip! Nice. It hits Lashley. MVP grabs Apollo and sends him into the barricade.

We are back, and MVP is attempting to remove the head of Apollo with a kick. Pin for 1..2..NO! Another pin for 1..2..NO!!! He goes for a seated abdominable stretch. Actually, he pulsl the arm back and tucks the head in so definitely not an abdominalbe stretch. MVP hits a crossface then drops a knee on the chest. Cover for 1..2…N!O!! MVP beats down on Apollo in the corner. MVP misses a big boot in the corner.

Lashley with the distraction! Big Boot in the corner. Fisherman’s! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: MVP
Not sure how I feel about MVP getting a win off of such a cheap distraction, buuuuuut the story itself is compelling so if this is yet another fold of something bigger then I’ll be ok with it.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:47

Apollo is pissed. He attacks MVP. Lashley is in to stop the attack. He locks in The Full Nelson.

Ricochet and Cedric come down to help! Cedric with a kick. Ricochet with a dropkick off the top rope.

Match 7: Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley

Looks like we’re getting a Lashley v Ricohet match. Lashley lifts Ricochet off the apron into the ring then gets hit with a shoulder. Lashley with a suplex to Ricochet. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Lashley sends Ricochet to the outside. MVP attacks while the ref is distracted. Lashley leaves and grabs Ricochet. He sends Ric into the barricade hard. Back in the ring, Ricochet hits a right, but it doesn’t matter. Lshley gets him on the shoulders, spins mid air and drops Ricochet flat. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Lashley tosses Ricochet across the ring. Lashley leaves the ring and tosses Ricochet into the ring post. He sends Ricochet back into the ring. Lashley waits, SPE—NO! Ricochet just collapses. Lashley waits. FULL NEL—NO!! Ricochet grabs the arm, trying to prevent the hold. He flies off, holds the ropes and Lashley tumbles down to the outsid.e Ricochet runs…right into the arms of Lashley. He tries to toss Ricochet into the post again, but Ric floats off and sends Lashley into the post. Lashley back in at 5. Ricochet hits the ropes. Springboard moonsault. 1…2…NO!!!! Ricochet to the top rope. He flies, lands on his feet. Enziguri. Superkick to the face. He goes for another kick to the face but Lashley catches him, lifts ihm up, and spinebusters his ass down.

Lashley with a Full Nelson. This time he locks it up. Ricochet taps.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Ricochet can sure take a bump.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 5:55

Cedric goes to check on his friend and gets a Full Nelson for his troubles.

Ziggler tries to tell Sasha and Bayley that he can help them out with pointers if necessary. The girls laugh him off, tell Dolph not to screw this up.

Dolph and Drew to start. Drew locks the head, gutwrenches, lifts and lets Dolph stand. Lol. Ziggler with a surprise Fameassser but Drew kicks out with no hesitation! He sends Ziggler into the corner hard. Sasha tags herself in.

Match 8: Drew McIntyre and Asuka vs Sasha Banks and Dolph Ziggler

In comes The Boss and Asuka. Asuka misses a back fist, sends Asuka into the ropes, Asuka flies off, gets tripped, hits the ropes, knocks Sasha down. Asuka misses a booty bump in the corner but goes for the Asuka lock quickly! Dolph in. Drew entesr, chops Ziggler to the outside. Back fist from Asuka. Sasha rolls to the outside.

We back and Ziggler has a sleeper on Drew. Drew shoots him off with ease. He dodges a kick and eats a back elbow. Chop to Ziggler. He lifts the legs of Ziggler and goes for an Alabama Slam. Ziggler is able to roll through and hold the leg for a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Ziggler hops up and hits a delayed DDT. The delay adds nothing to the DDT. Tag to Asuka. Sasha in. Dropkick from Asuka. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sorry, that was a Shining Wizard. She sends Sasha to the apron. Hip attack. Bayley distracts. Sasha with knees on the outside. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sash mounts and hits some rights and lefts while the camera switches roughly thirty times in two seconds. Sasha suplexes Asuka. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Sasha with a chin lock. Asuka turns into it. Elbow to Sasha. Whip to Sasha is reversed. She swings Asuka in the corner. Double knees. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Sasha with a sleeper. She pulls back on both arms from behind. Sasha steps on the back of the knee and pulls back on the arms. Sasha turns Asuka around. Hits a high knee. Asuka eats it! DOUBLE KNEE TO SASHA ON THE WAY DOWN!! Both girls down. They crawl to their corners. Tag to Ziggler. Drew with a clothesline. Drew to the top rope. Another clothesline. Drew grabs Ziggler by the head, goes for a Future Shock but Drew tries for a headlock. Drew sends him into the chest hard. Tag to Ziggler. Sasha yells at Drew. Drew punches Dolph off the apron like nothing. He goes face to face with Sasha. Asuka from behind. Sasha turns. Huge kick to the face Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

IN the ring, Asuka locks up from behind. Sasha falls down and rolls Asuka up. 1..2..NO!!! Another pin for 1..2..NO!! Sasha locks in the Bank Statement IMMEDIATELY!

Asuka breaks the hold. Flying Arm Bar! Asuka lock, but Sasha rolls out! Pin for 1…2..3!!!

Winner: Sasha Banks
Every instance of Asuka v Sasha was a nice teaser that made me want to see more. Every instance of Drew v Dolph was nothing more than a squash, making me want to see any more.
Total Rating: *******

End Show

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Tonight's episode of RAW came off incredibly filler as nothing of note happened that we either a) didn't know already or b) didn't need to see in order to go from last week to this week. Big Show has no business beating Andrade and Angel in a handicap match, especially since it was only done to get to Orton (Andrade and Angel had already showed dissension earlier in the show), Ricochet came back for the sole reason to show Lashley as a dominant force - we knew this, Dolph and Drew cut promos that said exactly what was said last week, and Seth is disliked by Black and Carrillo. I will say this; Peyton impressed the hell out of me, and even if Ricochet being tossed around wasn't a necessity, there's still some fun to seeing him do what he does for someone the size of Lashley.

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