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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.7.21

June 7, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 6.7.21  

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

RAW starts with Orton coming out. We see a few tag teams already in the ring, and it looks like tonight is starting with a tag team Battle Royal, and if you didn’t know who was going to win by the start of this alone, then I don’t know what to tell you…

Before the match starts, AJ and Omos come out. AJ wants to face the very best. What’s in the ring is what they want. For instance, The New Day. They’re legendary. Think about what they can do together – the same match they had at Mania. AJ wants to be honest with Mace and T-Bar – they don’t know a lot about them – he doesn’t think anyone does. Lol. AJ brings up Lince, saying AJ was probably his favorite at one point. AJ thinks they can do it with The Viking Raiders all over the world. AJ finally ends up on Orton and Riddle.

Kofi calls them booty. Kofi says they do not forget, they are still not registered as a tag team. AJ calls this “cap.” They don’t need papers when they got t he titles.

Orton tells AJ to shut his damned mouth. Riddle says he has a lot of experience, he says to just take the key, put it in your mouth, zip it, lock it, and throw it away. Riddle pimps his shirt, saying he’s wearing ytwo because Orton doesn’t wear shirts or pants. Riddle talks about his uncle and his uncle’s snake. Riddle raddles on until orton tells him to zip it. Riddle does so, gives Orton the key. Orton put is in his boot.


Miz is pushed out in a wheelchair by Morrison. He is sorry, but Morrison says he has nothing to apologize for. Miz is courageous. Morrison is correct. Miz says he was injured at Backlash, but the tag team division has become dry. This is why Morrison bought his drip stick to moisten things up. Yes, I just said that.

Morrison has volunteered to compete tonight on behalf of their team.


Just in case you were interested in this match, we come back from a break to see Lashley chillin with some ladies in the back, then a graphic showing there will be a contract signing later tonight.

Back in the ring, and how nice of everyone to wait for us to get back to the show. Seriously, everyone is just standing in the ring waiting for nothing.

Match 1: Tag Team Battle Royal
The New Day vs Randy Orton and Matt Riddle vs T-Bar and Mace vs Lince Dorado vs The Viking Raiders vs John Morrison

Bell rings, and the heels go at it with the faces. Lince gets Morrison on the apron, nearly sends him out, but Morrison hangs on with his feet, grabs his drip stick, sprays Lince in the eyes, then eliminates Lince. Morrison turns and T-Bar and Mace are waiting. Morrison shouts for his drip stick. He sprays Mace but both big guys send Morrison to the outside. Ivar eats a big boot from T-Bar, then Mace and T-Bar rock Erik. Riddle hops in the arms of T-Bar, trying for a sub, but T-Bar hits a nkee to the back, then tosses Riddle aside. T-Bar barks order to Mace, looking to chokeslam Orton. They GOOZLE! But look to eliminate him instead. Ridle is there to save him. High Justice to Riddle.

Viking Raiders and Mace/T-Bar face off as if it’s epic It’s not.

New Day is up to attack, and twe get a ganging up on Mace and T-Bar. Each combo of faces eliminate T-Bar and Mace as we go to break.

WE ARE BACK, and we got three full teams in New Day, Viking Raiders, and Orton/Riddle. Woods nad Riddle go at it in the middle of the ring, with Woods hitting a rolling elbow. Raiders double team him, trucking him down hard. Erik grabs Riddle, sedsn him into a right, but Riddle fights back, elbows, kicks to both Raiders. Erik shoes him to the ropes, Riddle goes for. An RKO, Ivar sends Riddle into the clutches of Erik, who lifts him up and Ibar with a shoulder tackle. Whip to Riddle, and Riddle is eliminated! Woods and Kofi attack Ibar. Kicks from both men, right hands, kick to the knee, another kick dropping Ibar. Kofi hits the roeps, and Erik is there to eliminate Woods!!! Kofi whips Erik into the corner, Eirk hops over, rolls out of the way, squash from Ibar, dropkick from Erik, Erik lifts Ibar and drops him onto Kofi in the corner!!! Orton is up! Sends Ibar into the post!! Clothesline to Erik, another. Powerslam to Erik. Orton shoves Ibar, who cartwheels out of the way, send Orton into a knee!! Ibar body slams Orton, then Erik looks to do the same to IBar onto Orton, but Kofi flies off the top rope with a stomp to the back, squashing both Raiders!

Orton up, turns, Riddle is in and takes the Trouble in Paradise from Kofi!! Kofi is eliminated by Orton! Erik sends Orton over the top rope, and The Viking Raiders are your winners.

Winners: The Viking Raiders
Like Stacy Keibler after an RKO, this match fell flat.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 10:25

2 weels ago, Nikki beat Rhea in a Beat the Clock Challenge. last week, she did the same with Charlotte. This, seemingly, makes her superior to both.

BACKSTAGE, Charlotte tells Pearce and Sonya that she wants the loss taken off her record. Pearce and Sonya say no. Charlotte tried to ask nicely, but she sees that they are both jealous and want to see her flustered. They both need to agree that she deserves a rematch.

Here’s Rhea, saying she respects Nikki and won’t stand here and pretend that Rhea didn’t take her eye off the clock. If anyone deserves a rematch, it’s Rhea.

Pearce says there’s a compromise here. How about Rhea and Charlotte take on Nikki and a partner of her choice.

Backstage, The Viking Raiders slap each others’ titties in celebration.

Video package for Alexa Bliss is next. Shayna will be on the playground tonight.

Elias is in the ring strumming. He says there will be no other intro tonight. He could have been tag team champs, but due to someone else, they’re not. If this person would have listened, Elias would be celebrating, but this person was unhinged. Elias must get away.

We get a video package of last week.

As Elias continues to cut a promo against that dude he was teaming with, Elias gets attacked from behind by a man without hair. It’s Rykker, and I’ll finally acknowledge him. His hair is cut short, and he tosses Elias’ guitar out of the ring as we go to break.

Match 2: Elias vs Ryker

Ryker looks like Stifler’s dad. He attacks Elias in the corner, whips to the opposite corner, hits a splash, then exits the ring, re-enters, trucks Elias down with a tackle. He turns Elias, whip to sthe ropes, reversal, kick from Ryker. Clothesline sends Elias to the outside. Elias whips, hits a running axe handle, Ryker attacks the midsection, Elias with a spinebuster, then a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Elias with an inverted atomic drop. Ryker grabs the chin, then hits a chokeslam type move to Elias.

Elias leaves the ring. Ref starts the count. He’s goin, fast so this’ll be a countout.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker
Ryker looks like Stifler’s roided father. This was nothing.
Total Rating: ½*
Match Time: 3:02

Last week Kofi took on Drew. If you didn’t see it, this is the moment they take to remind you it happened.

The contract signing is next.

Drew is out first. Sonya and Pearce are in the ring.

Lashley’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out. Drew says they aren’t going to wait for him – he can predict what will happen: Lashley will walk out with external charisma, and his hoes girls. Drew says he has no excuses, but Lshley is missing the point. Drew used to love this story about King Robert the Bruce. When he was king, Scotland was still enslaved. They lost some big battles, and Bruce would have to go into hiding. He spent three months in a cave. One day, he saw a spider in this cave, who was trying to fashion himself a web. It kept falling and failing, but kept getting up over and over again to make that web. King could relate, but told the spider to give up, it’ll never work out…until it did. Finally it did, and that inspired the King to reassemble his army, and won Scotland’s freedom. There is a famous quote before that battle: “If at first you don’t succeed, beat Lashley’s ass at Hell in a Cell and win back the championship.”

MVP shows up on the screen, says before anything is signed, there is business to discuss. Sorry, Lashley was tied up. He is ready to make his entrance. This takes about five minutes.

MVP wants to congratulate Drew on manipulating his way into another title shot. Lashley has some demands. He says, once Drew loses to Lashley at “Hell on a Cell,” Drew doesn’t get a shot against him ever again.

Drew accepts these terms, wanting MP to just shut up. Drew wants a match where no outside interference can cause the finish. He wants a match where no one else can lose on his behalf. He wants Lashley vs McIntyre inside Hell in a Cell.

Lashley accepts. These terms, obviously not added to the contracts on the table, are signed anyway. Lashley has a different ending for the spider. It’s long and wordy, but basically says Drew’s going to lose.

Drew has some last words – some advice. He says he’s been inside HIAC. He was told he’d never be the same, and he hasn’t been. He flew off the cage through a table. He still feels it to this day, and he’s willing to go through it again. He will meet Lashley in hell.

Lashley: “And I’ll beat you there also.”

Drew grabs his sword and breaks the table in half with it.

Sarah is backstage with Nikki, who is glowing. Apparently, shes caught the attention of everyone with her victories. She says this has been inside of her the whole time. It doesn’t matter if you’re not pretty or strong or experienced, it’s her tenacity and spirit that makes her a winner. She has realized that the only thing she will regret is not taking the chances. So her only choice is to try.

Sarah wonders about her tag team partner. Nikki says yes, she has one, and she is excited. She’s admired her, has the coolest outfit, and reminds her of a superhero. She said yes, and here she is….


And the crowd goes…………..

Shit, there isn’t a crowd.

Sheamus comes out with a faceguard.

After the next dudes come out, Sheamus wants to talk about injoostice. He wonders how these two can get a match for his title after breakin his face. How does that happen? If he wasn’t under strict orders,

Humberto frightens Sheamus by hopping on the apron. Ricochet does the same, hopping off the ropes, both feigning an attack. Ricochet then cheap shots Humberto, dives through the ropes with a dropkick.

Match 3: Ricohet vs Humberto Carrillo

We come back with the match already going down. Ricochet is wrestling in pants for some reason. He body slams Humberto then drops an elbow and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Right to the gut, right to the face, Ricochet hits a suplex, but Humberto lands on his feet, waist lock, rope work, Humberto flies with a crossbody to Ricohet. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Chop to Ric. Ric hits the corner, Humberto hops over, cover for 1..2.NO! Both men on the apron, Humberto kicks the side of the head of Riccohet, SUICIDE DIVE TO RICOCHET!!! Humberto off the top! Dropkick! Back into the ring, Humberto with a moonsault, lands on his fet, Ric with a huge clothesline, gutwrench german and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Elbows from Humberto, he lands on the apron, kicks Ricochet in the chest, grbs the head. Chop from Ric. Both men on the apron. Chop from Humberto. Ricochet with a right hand. Elbow to Ric. Kick from Ricochet. SPANISH FLY OFF THE APRON TO THE MAT OUTSIDE!!!

Ref counts as both men are down, and we get the second count out of the night.

Winner: Draw
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 5:05

Sheamus laughs off the loss for both men and leaves.

BACKSTAGE, The New Day giggle about something. In comes MVP who wants to talk to Kofi.

Kofi wonders what’s going on. Woods leaves. Kofi wonders if Lashley let MVP off the leash.

MVP says he was impressed with Kofi last week, but he’s not surprised Kofi came up short. Kofi asks for a point.

MVP says he may represent Lashley now, but before that, he was a Kofi fan. He watched Kofimania take over the world, and watched Kofi do the unattainable. MVP cried tears of joy. Kofi is like a little brother. MVP gets goosebumps to this day. Seeing Kofi with his sons triggered MVP to come back, because MVP could finally relate to the champ, be proud of the champ. Kofimania was everything, then it just abruptly ended. He knows Kofi don’t wanna talk about it, but does he wonder why it happened? It’s because he’s not like Lashley. Last week, Kofi caught a glimpse of that kofi one more time, then at the end – Kofi shook Drew’s hand. This made Kofi look like he was comfortable with being a loser. Kofimania ended because Kofi let it. There are no friends here, this is show business. But Kofi wanna be back her shuckin and jiving.

Kofi doesn’t want advice from MVP. Kofi’s family and friends provide him with motivation, that’s why he does what he does. Somewhere, there’s a kid watching him and believing in themselves because of him. What’s Lashley do it for? Money?

No, Lashley fights for the title, the honor, the prestige that come with it.

MVP walks away. Kofi is left to consider.

Backstage, Ali gives Monsoor some tips on facing Drew Gulak later.

Match 4: Jeff Hardy vs Cedric Alexander

Cedric gets Jeff in the corner, Jeff elbows out, sends Cedric’s head to the post, again to another post, then finally a third and fourth. Jeff hops off the 2nd rope with an axe handle. Jef waits, kicks, Cedric catches it, dropkick to Jeff. Cover for 1.2…NO!!! Elbow to the back of the head of Jeff. Cedric sends Jeff into the 2nd buckle, then gets backed up by the ref. He attacks the mid, then the back, chop to jeff. Snapmare and Cedric with a dropkick to the back of the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Elbows from Jeff. Cedric drops Jeff down. Boot scrape. Jeff up, hits the ropes, back elbow from Cedric. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Cedric kicks Jeff a few times in the back, boot to the side of the face, attack from behind, and a cravat. Cedric hops on the back of Jeff, muscling the crook of his elbow under the chin. Jeff stands, punches to the gut of Cedric, Cedric pulls the hair, right hands from Jeff, kick, another, Jeff tries for a Twist of Fat, Cedric escapes, fakes a dropkick, kicks the knee, Brainbuster, and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Cedric up first. He sits on the top rope. Waits for Jeff. Stands. Mocks Jeff with the finger guns. Kick to Cedric. Twist of Fate! Jeff to the top rope! Swanton! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy
Lol ok…
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 5:56

Jeff stands above Cedric, rubbing in the win with some taunts.

BACKSTAGE, Rhea stretches. Charlotte backs up into frame, saying she should take charge since she is more experienced. Rhea says her title makes up for Charlotte’s experience, so Charlotte will follow her lead.

Match 5: Nikki Cross and Asuka vs Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley

Charlotte wants rhea to start, so she tags her in. Rhea sends Nikki down face first. Nikki with a rollup. 1…NO!!! Tag to Asuka. Asuka in with a submission, Rhea escapes. Charlotte in. Asuka works the arm, pulls on the left, Charlotte flips out of the hold, cravat from behind. Tag from Rhea. Rhea entesr, tells Charlote to get out, Asuka with a hip attack sends Rhea off the apron. Charlotte goes to check on Rhea, Rhea shoves her, Charlotte pulls Rhea off the apron. The ref is at 8. Charlotte clocks Rhea across the face.

We come back to more of the same, with Charlotte tagging herself in while Rhea is attempting to finish Nikki off .Cover from Charlotte for 1..2..NO!!! Another cover gets a 2. Charlotte drives a knee in the back of Nikki. Another knee. Charlotte back flips then kicks Nikki in the face. Why? I dunno. Cuz she can. Charlotte fakes a kick, then gets a cravat from behind. HARD tag to Rhea. Rhea slams Nikki down face first. Rhea lifts Nikki, stalls for a suplex, finally hits it. Rhea goes over to Charlotte and pats her on the head hard as a tag. Charlotte sends Nikki into the corner, misses a splash, Nikki with a jawbreaker. Kick to Charlotte, Misses an enziguri. Charlotte tries to atta k Asuka, lifts Nikki from a tag and sends her feet into Rhea’s face. Nikki rolls up for 1..2..NO!!!! Rhea hops on the apron, tag, enters, grabs Nikki with a waist lock and tosses Nikki forward on her ass. Tag from Asuka, running knee! Cover for ….N!O!! Asuka with a hip attack to Charlotte. Kick to Rhea, Rhea misses a swinging leg lariat, and Asuka with a Codebreaker! Charlotte grabs the leg of Asuka, Asuks tries for a knee, Rhea blocks, Northern Lights into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Rhea up, Asuka with a kick. GERMAN FROM ASUKA!! Running Hip Attack to Rhea! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Charlotte into the ring to yell at Rhea.

Rhea and Charlotte go at it with right hands!! Rhea with a Pumphandle, but Charlotte rakes the face, clips the knee. Natural Selection to Rhea! Nikki crawls over and covers! 1…2…3!!

Winners: Nikki Cross and Asuka
Nikki gets her ass handed to her the entire match, getting hardly a lick of offense in, then gets a third fluke win, and we are to believe that she is any sort of threat. Tie Asuka with that, and it makes mattesr worse. Then you have the would-be team that just cant get along and this makes for a segment that just wasn’t worth the time or effort.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 13:25

Backstage, Alexa talks about Shayna, says that SHE SAID Lily is just a stupid doll. Bad move. Shayna is wrong. Don’t believe? See what happens later tonight.

Match 6: Drew Gulak vs Mansoor

Mansoor goes after the arm, Drew hits a shoulder tackle, misses a n elbow drop, arm drag to Drew. Drew body slams Mansoor into the ropes. Cover for 1….NO!!! Drew locks up the ankle, but NMansoor escapes, hits a chop, right hand, Drew kicks out of the corner. Stacks up for a pin. 1…2…N!O!! Drew with a cradle. 1..2..NO!!!

Drew with a body slam attempt, but Mansoor lands on his feet, gets rolled up for 1..2…N!O!!! Reversal and a pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Mansoor
Yes, because the man who got a rose kicked up his asshole is a definite threat
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:19

Backstage, Riddle is a sad boy. In comes Orton who has the key for him to open his trap. Riddle thanks him and says he apparently has a match with Kofi, when all he wanted to do was invite him to Burger King. Riddle is famished and wants to sit down in front of a Whopper, fries, and soda, and chillax. Speaking of which, he and orton can become road buddies. He has a favorite place, it’s called Las Vega—-and he’s quiet again. Riddle asks if Orton will come out tonight for his match. Orton says he isn’t sure yet. He gives the key back to Orton.

Orton drops the key in the trash. Riddle is upset. He scoots away.

Match 7: Matt Riddle vs Kofi Kingston

Double leg takedown from Riddle, Kofi stands back up, hits a running kick. Covers for 1..2..NO!! Splash and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Kofi with a right hand, back kick to Riddle. Gutwrench suplex from Riddle, he holds on for another deadlift into a toss behind. Nice. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Senton from Riddle. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Woods starts blowin his horn. Riddle looks over, yells at Woods, turns as Riddle says, “Not now, Bro.” lol. Jawbreaker from Kofi. Chop to Riddle. Another hard chop. Kofi wants silence, goes for a third chop. Cover for 1…NO!

Randy Orton’s music hits. Here’s Orton, coming out to the ring. Kofi hops off the corner with a kcik to Riddle’s chest. Orton is going after Woods, but kofi hits a sliding dropkick to Orton! He hops up in the air and kicks Riddle in the face!!! Riddle rolls to the outside. Woods plays his horn over the body of Riddle. Orton grabs him from behind and hits a back suplex onto the table. Orton grabs Riddle and KOFI FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE ONTO BOTH MEN!!!

WE are back and Riddle hits a punt kick to Kofi. He locks the head, lifts, Kofi land son is feet, backs into the corner, kick out of the cornr, Kofi to the top rope, turns hurricanrana to Riddle!!! One foot stomp to the chest of Riddle. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kofi kicks the side, flies off the rope with a splash. Kofi on the apron, elbow to Riddle. Kofi to the top, Riddle up. Chop to the chest. Another chop. Riddle to the top, locks the hips, Kofi fights. Back, drops Riddle to the mat. Riddle with ANOTHER CHOP!!! Right hand to the face. Ridle locks the head. Kofi drops him forward, then flies with a splash off the top to the back! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Riddle locks the head with his legs and sends Kofi to the outside. Ref starts the count. Kofi stands, gets to the apron, Riddle rushes with aknee, Kofi didges, hits a shouler, right elbow from Riddle to Kofi’s face. Riddle to the outside. RUNNING FOREARM!!! He beats down on the back of Kofi, then kicks the chest! Riddle ask for dap, then sends Kofi nito the apron, Kofi reverses. Ref to seven. Kofi tries to enter, Riddle kicks him then grabs the head. He hits the ORTON DDT OFF THE ROPES!!! Orton wants him to finish it. Riddle has one more thing. He hears voices. He does the Orton fist stomps, then stands, waits,

Kofi turns, Riddle foes for an RKO< but Kofi shoves him off. Riddle grabs the head lifts Kofi, Kofi lands on his feet, Trouble in Paradise!!! Cover for 1…..2….3!!!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Easily the best match of the night, and an added fold to Orton and Riddle that could give them some “layers,” I guess.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:20

Backstage, Nia walks up to Shayna, saying things have been tense. Shayna says Bliss has been in their business, and Reginald is an issue. Nia says he is recovering. Nia didn’t come here to argue, she wanted to offer help. Nia has known alexa for a long time. She’s dangerous. Shayna isn’t intimidated. Nia says she may have something planned. Shayna doesn’t want Nia’s help. Alexa could use her help.

WE COME BACK to Bliss in the ring. She brings up last week and introduce Shayna, who comes in and tosses the rocking horse aside. Lily wants to be friends with Shayna. She just needs to apologize to the doll. Shayna laughs this off. Shayna calls her delusional. Says she is the reason behind Reggie’s accidents. She is also the reason Nia and her are no longer the champions. Alexa laughs this off, says this is silly. She just wants everyone to be friends. Lily whispers something, and Alexa says it would be in her best interest to apologize to Lily. Shayna grabs Lily, says she is sorry….that she is just a stupid doll.

Alexa with a right hand!! She mounts and punches over and over .Shayna pushes her out of the ring. Shyn stands on Lily. Alexa hops on the apron. Shayna’s foot is on the doll. Shayna stomps the doll. The screens flicker. Alexa is on the apron smiling now. Shayna leaves the ring. Flames shoot all the way up the ramp, scaring Shayna up to the top. A wall of fire shoots up and Shayna leaves to the back. We get a camera backstage and Shayna is walking away from Gorilla, when a laundry basket falls and nearly hits her. Some scaffolding does the same. Lights continue to flicker as Shayna tries to leave the arena, but doors are locked everywhere. Lights go out completely then back on and Shayna keeps saying it’s just a stupid doll. She finds a door, enters, and there’s…another door. Shayna closes the door behind her, locks it, slide a casting couch in front of it, then backs into. Corner. Lights go out, and there’s a mirror nearby. She turns to see herself with the doll in the background. She turns back to reality to see the doll gone. Again to the mirror, and there’s Lily. Shayna kicks the mirror in and breaks the glass. Her shattered image is in the reflection, with the doll behind her, and we end with the scream of Shayna as we go off the air.

End Show

The final score: review Poor
The 411
I often wonder how bored I must make readers considering the reviews are almost always the same when it comes to RAW. I wonder even more if its hypocritical to give a review that is just as uneventful as the show I'm reviewing, and yet time and time again, RAW puts me in this position to just be painfully bored and uninterested in their product on a weekly basis. Tonight had no energy going into it, and there were just so many questionable decisions that lead me to either roll my eyes or close them. The one moment of serious undertones was the promo with MVP and Kofi, and although I can see tremendous potential with a Kofi in turmoil, even the promo trailed off at the end into nothingness. What's worse is the fact that it made literally everything surrounded said segment all the worse because of how serious it was. On the same show, we had Shayna back herself into a random room that happened to have an additional lock on it and get freaked out by the reflection of a doll. We still don't know what Alexa's "powers" are, or her motivations, so why would we care? This isn't the only issue. Again, we had a tag team that doesn't get along on the show with Charlotte and Rhea, and in this match, where commentary (and by proxy, the WWE) want us to believe that Nikki Cross somehow has some sort of clout after lasting a grand total of three minutes against Rhea and Charlotte. Then they have a match where Nikki is completely outwrestled and looked at as a jobber, with Asuka looking perhaps even worse by association, all to serve a program between a Charlotte we all hate and a Women's Champion who we don't know how we're supposed to feel about. Tonight was just boring, and in a lot of ways, I find that more offensive than crappy.

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