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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 7.27.20

July 27, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Randy Orton RAW
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 7.27.20  

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Daddy’s home! Back from the road trip from hell, and well-rested with the lovely missus. She says hello to everyone except Flibble.

We are welcomed to RAW with the presence of Orton, and a slowly played recap of last week when Orton punted Show, as if it tugged at our heart strings. It didn’t.

Orton says for twenty years, he’s had several different names. He was the youngest champ in history, no one can hold a candle to his accomplishments. He has done what he wants, when he wants, to whoever he wants, and that will not change. Something’s missing, though. IT hit him like bricks. He knows what he’s missing. He desires to be champion again. He doesn’t want to compare resumes with Drew. He knows ten years ago, Drew had his head up his ass so far that he got fired. He has Orton’s respect, though, for all the fighting he did to get back here. He also watched Drew beat Brock at Mania, and in quick fashion.

But Drew, says Orton, he’s got a problem. This problem is that Drew has what Orton wants, and he tends to take what he wants at the biggest events, so he wants a title match at Summerslam.

Nia Jax comes out as Orton is making his way to the back.

She says she heard Orton just talking. No shit. She woke up this morning, wanting to be RAW Women’s Champion. Last time she had a shot against Asuka, she was screwed by a referee, then Charlotte butted in. But has anyone seen Charlotte since? She is aware of Sasha’s match tonight, but she wants everyone to know. She is interrupted by


She tells Nia that nobody gives a damn what she wants. Nia hits her with a right hand. Nia attacks the back, but Shayna with some kicks.

Refs come out to break them up.

WE RETURN to The Street Profits pronouncing the letter A for roughly seven minutes. They bring up Summerslam and ring announcing. Ford says if Thor had these two dudes on Wakanda, Thanos wouldn’t have fucked us. They introduce The Viking Raiders.

The next two competitors ride together and fly together and always bring the smoke. They introduce Ricochet and Cedric Alexander.

They then introduce Andrade and Garza.

Match 1: Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs The Viking Raiders vs Andrade and Angel Garza

Cedric ducks under Ivar to start, Ivar rolls over Cedric then sends him into the corner. Cedric dodges and hops up high then floats over and hits a dropkick. Another clothesline to Cedrie. Tag to Ricochet. Cedric locks the head as Ricochet hits an enziguri, then Ivar backs into a tag. In comes Eric, and all four men stare each other down as Andrade and Angel chill outside, watching. The four in the ring head outside to attack. Ric and Ced have Angel in the ring. They whip, hit a back elboe, dropping Angel in the corner. On the outside, Ivar hits a body slam to Andrade, then Erik bodyslams his partner onto Andrade.

In the ring, Ricochet hits a chop to Angel. Andrade enters. Inverted Atomic Drop from Cedric. Right hand from Ric. Suplex from Cedric, and Ricochet runs with a kick. They then send Angel into The Viking Raiders. Erik sets up Angel, and Ivar hits a springboard clothelsihe. Ricochet with a dropkick to Ivar out of NOWHERE!!! Erik shoves Cedric out of the ring. Ric and Erik square up, but Andrade comes in to attack both. Andrade grabs Erik, holds his arm from behind, and Ricochet hits a right hand. He and Andrade stomp in the corner. Riccohet with a right hand to Erik. Andrade with a running knee to Erik in the corner. Ricochet with a move of his own, then he rolls up for a pin. Andrade stops him at 2. He orders Ricochet to grab Erik, Ricochet goes, and Andrade attacks him. In comes Ivar who attacks the chest of Andrade as Erik rolls to the outsid.e Pumphandle suplex from Ivar! Side walk slam. Ivar hits the ropes. Crossbody to the mat. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Ivar hits the corner, Andrade side steps. Ivar drops him with a seated senton. Garza in! Superkick to Ivar. Erik in. He locks up and tosses Angel over the head. Whip t othe ropes and Erik hops over, rolls out, then hits some knees, sending Garza into the corner.

We return and, honestly, it’s just a mess. Andrade with running knees to Erik in the corner. He covers for 1..2…NO!!!! Angel is up on the apron. Andrade grabs the head of Erik. Ricochet is up to his corner as well. He gets a tag with Erik. Garza gets a blind tg. Ricochet and Garza go back and forth. Ricochet hits chops in the corner. Crossbody, headbutt using the corner. He kicks the buckle into the face of Angel. Flying clothesline to Angel. Standing moonsault. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to Cedric. Whip to Ange, who kicks Ricochet away, Cedric kicsk him, in comes Ivar with a clothesline. Andrade with a back elbow. Erik with the sick knee to the face. Riccohet and Cedric are outside with Andrade and Erik. Ivar is on the to prope. He front flips onto everyone, but Garza runs away before he can take any of the heat.

Angel rushes into the ring, looks for the Wing Clipper against Cedric. He does so, staring down The Street Profits and cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Angel Garza and Andrade
I don’t mind this matchup, or the match that lead into it. What I am not a fan of is the “tension” they try and sell between Angel and Andrade over the past few weeks, all resulting to this. I hope they drop that and focus more on the matchup that’s present.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 12:04

BACKSTAGE, Nia Jax is talking down to the ref that “screwed” her. WE can’t hear it, thank God.

Match 2: Nia Jax vs Shanya Baszler

Shayna rushes down and attacks Nia immediately. The bell rings and Nia sends Shanya over the top rope. Nia follows and Shayna kicks her high on the side of the head. The ref starts counting fast, so you know where this one is going. Nia sends Shayna into the plexiglass once, again. They lockup and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: No One
The amount of interest I have in this matchup, even if Shayna finds a way to murder Nia Jax, is about the same amount of interest I have in vegan cheese.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: < 3:00

Shayna continues the onslaught. Nia kicks her in the ass then shoves her into the barricade. A 4’8” dude foolishly goes to Shayna. Nia grabs her and sends Shayna into the ring. Some dude follows Shayna as some red head tries to stop them two. Shayna locks the clutch onto a security guard. Nia then shoves the Ginger into Shayna. Nia rips the shirt off of the red head then kicks him out of the ring. Shayna tries to climb back into the ring. Nia then rushes her and knocks her off the apron. Nia claims she isn’t afraid of Shayna, and calls for more. Because she is not like most girls.

TONIGHT, Dominic is here to confront Seth Rollins about the result of the match that was his father’s idea.

Bakstage, Murphy seems perplexed, while Seth seems calm and cool. Murphy wonders if Dom will really show up tonight.

Mark Henry is backstage, chattin it u with Ruby Riott and Bianca Belair. After Ruby’s loss of “hair” recently, I’m sure he’s speaking of how not to get your wig split.

IN THE RING, well, there’s no one. But Seth is on his way. Seth is all smiles, saying he defeated Rey at Extreme Rules The Rock’s Horror Picture Show. Seth also beat Aleister Black last week, and he should be in a great mood, but he is not. He will tell us why. Dominic is here tonight, and he plans to confront Seth. Seth talks about taking two steps forward, and one step back. Hm. Sounds productive, to be honest.

Seth brings up injuries that everyone has suffered who have stepped in his way. Owens, Rey, Black. He doesn’t want to be the person that hurts people. Seth says the last time Dominic was here, things got more violent than he would prefer. Tonight will be different. Dominic will not have to hide and jump him from behind. He wants to do this the right way. He has a soft spot in his heart for the Mysterios. He wants to invite Dominic to the ring, now.

Dominic is here in his Aeropostale best. He seems very upset. Seth promises not to hurt him. Seth asks Murphy to help with the ropes. He understands Dom is in pain. This doesn’t have to be the way it has been. Seth says Rey has gotten better. If it’s not possible for Dom to articulate how he’s feeling, he wants Dom to understand that Seth is here for him. If he needs guidance, Seth is here with open arms.

Seth opens his arms.

Dominic shoots the legs! Murphy is there to stop him. He mounts, attacks. Seth stomps Dom away, Murphy helps him, and Dom rolls to the outside. Murphy grabs Dom and hits a bunch of rights, attacking him against the barricade. Seth kicks him, too. They send Dom into the barricade back first. Dom sells it as Murphy and Rollins continue to stomp him. Seth lifts the kid and sends him into the barricade one more time. Seth stops beating him down, then screams that this isn’t his fault and that Dom asked for this. Seth lifts Dominic, presumably to send his eye into the corner of the steps. Black flies frm out of nowhere onto Seth. Murphy stops him and attacks the arm. Seth sends Black into the barricade. Again, sending Black. Murphy with a running knee to the face. A sole ref comes down to stop Seth, but he doesn’t listen and, instead, runs to stomp Black into the mat.

Seth yells at Murphy, asking him if he knows what he’s got to do. Seth tells Murphy to do it, talks him into it, and Murphy grabs the head of Black, pressing it into the steps. He digs the steps into the eye of Black.

Dom has a kendo stick!!! He attacks Murphy. He gets a few hits on Seth. They both head to the back. It appears that after years of Piñata beating, our little Mexican boy has finally become a man.

BACKSTAGE, Truth comes up to Ali to talk about being on the MVP Lounge. Ali corrects him. Truth wonders if he’s after the 24/7 title. Ali says no, he’s focused on his match with Lashley. Truth calls him Mufasa, and tells him he’s got his eyes on you.

MVP and Lashley are in the ring talking about THE REAL US Champion. MVP then says that he met a young man he’s never met before; a man who’s been gone for like seven months. He wants to help this young man. He welcomes Mustafa Ali.

MVP tells Ali this is where made men congregate. This is where if you make the wrong decisions, you become a dissatisfied client of The Hurt Business.

Ali wonders if the stock holders of The Hurt Business are dissatisfied, considering he and his little friends put them out of business. Ali is happy, though. He’s happy he’s back, happy he is on RAW, happy that he finally have the opportunity to climb the ladder (he climbs on the couch) and be a real champion.

MVP says, like him, right, of course. He’ll give Ali credit, he’s talented and MVP sees wonderful things happening. They can all happen, but Ali’s gotta make the right decisions.

Ali knows what’s going on and he’s not buying it. He can brainwash these two meatheads, but Ali thinks for himself. MVP takes umbrage, saying Ali must not be thinking very clearly. Tonight, he’s going 1-on-1 with Lashley. MVP wants to help Ali. Crews went down this same path, and right now, he’s at home sittin on the couch, watching them. Ali has a choice. He can be a champion or chum in the water.

Ali says no. He says the more he


Match 3: Mustafa Ali vs Bobby Lashley

MVP yells for Ali to chase the light. Lashley shoves Ali. Ali fights him back but eats a clothesline that turns him inside out. Lashley sends Ali across the ring with a toss. Hard shoulder to Ali in the corner. Lashley with elbows into the head of Ali. Right hand sends Ali to the ground. Lashley lifts Ali in the middle of the ring and hits a right hand. Lashley chokes Ali up in the corner with a boot. Lashley with a delayed suplex in the middle of the ring.

Akira Tozawa out of nowhere goes to roll up Shelton for 1..2..N!O!!! MVp sends him into a barricade. MVP pump kicks a ninja. Shelton drops that same ninja. A third thinks better of it and runs, but Lashley clotheslines him then sends him into the ringpost. Lashley grabs a ninja, but Ali hits a suicide dive from inside the ring.

We are back and Ali floats over and shoves Lashley into the ropes, hops on the apron, springboards, and Lashley drops his ass. Ali falls to the outside. Lashley grabs Ali on the outside and sends Ali into the ringpost. Ali eats that shit like it’s candy. Holy shit, that looked wild. Lashley enters the ring, heads back out, rolls Ali back in and covers or 1…2.NO!!! He drops some elbows to the head of Ali then cinches the shoulder in his big ass paws. Ali hits the ropes, Lashley follows, lifts him and drops Ali with a Flatliner. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Lashley wants the Dominator, but Ali lands on his feet. He kicks out of the corner, hops on the 2nd rope. Tornado DDT off the top!

Ali goes for the 450, rolls through, looks for an arm drag, but Lashley locks in the Full Nelson. Ali taps for like 20 seconds. Lol. Poor guy.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Twelve minutes is a long time for a squash match. Props to Ali for selling like a street vendor for Lashley.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 12:41

BACKSTAGE, Dolph looks like he lost his skateboard and girlfriend in the same day.

Dolph says he’s going to Summerslam, and he’ll beat Drew for the title that night.

Sasha and Bayley are here to talk about Be a Star. There is no bigger bully than Stephanie McMahon. Steph is jealous because they run the whole damned company. They ARE the show and they make it look easy. They are role-models and lead by example. They stand against injustice, which is why when Asuka spit at the ref, they felt so bad, so Bayley ran in to check on him, and the next thing you know, Sasha pinned and Bayley did what anyone would have done.

Before the following match starts, Kairi chases Bayley to the back like a monster in a Scooby Doo episode.

Match 4: Sasha Banks vs Asuka

Lockup and Sasha breaks the hold with an elbow and back elbows Asuka in the face. Sasha hits the ropes, rolls over, Asuka with a dropkick. She rushes the corner with a hip attack. Kick to Sasha. Another drops Sasha down to the bottom rung. Asuka with a snapmare. Kick to the back of Sasha. Kick to the chest of Sasha. Another. Sasha goes for a roll up but Asuka escapes, hits the ropes, Shining Wizard. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha hits the ropes. Asuka grabs the arm and sends Sasha down hard, locking in an arm bar! Nice. Sasha bridges out, turns into the hold, rolls her over, but Asuka locks it again, but there’s the rope break. Asuka rushes the corner. Sasha slips through the ropes. She grabs the leg and drops it on the rope. Sasha rushes the corner, grabs a kick, swings Asuka. Backstabber on the ropes! Pin for 1..2..N!O!!! Sasha grabs the legs and goes for a Boston Crab. She releases a leg and works just the left leg instead of both. Sasha stomps the back of the knee. Sasha pulls the leg, works the ankle, gets kicked to the outside. Sasha is pissed, claiming lack of respect. She asks for her titles, and looks to leave, but the ref starts counting. Sasha slides in the tag title, ref grabs it. Sasha tosses the Women’s Title at Asuka, ref sees it and wonders how stupid Sasha thinks she is. Sasha argues, turns, and Asuka with a high kick to the face.

We are back and Sasha dropkicks the left leg, then works it with a DDT to the foot. Cover for 1….2…NO!!! Sasha, doesn’t release the leg. She works the ankle against her hammy. Asuka gets to the ropes so Saha uses that till the four count. Sasha stomps Asuka down then grabs the hair. Asuka with a throat thrust, some chops, a knee to the face! Asuka for a hip attack, Sasha drops on the apron, slides through, kicks up towards Asuka, hits the ropes and trips Asuka up then drops the knee onto the apron. Sasha with a kick to the chest of Asuka. She hits the ropes and hits some double knees into a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Banks turns and works the Single Crab back in. ASUKA TURNS INTO THE HOLD AND KICKS SASHA AWAY. My Caps Lock was lockd and I didn’t notice, but it’s too late to change it because Sasha locks the leg up on the ropes, hits the opposite side, but Asuka escapes!!! She runs out of the corner, goes sideways with a cross—holy shit, she locks the freakni leg with a knee bar!!! DEEEEYUM!!! 1 count for a pin, but both girls turn. Asuka with an Ankle lock! Sasha struggles, but is able to send Asuka into the corner face first. Sasha is standing first, shaking off the ankle. She runs to the corner, hits double knees, sells the leg, heads to the 2nd rope. She dives, but Asuka is there with the knees!!! She hits a Codebreaker of her own!

Both girls up. Asuka with a barrage, Sasha ducks under one, rolls through, stacks up Asuka for 1..2..NO! She’s shot up to the corner, Asuka trips the legs and Sasha falls down into a pin for 1..2..N!O!! Asuka grabs the leg, locks it upward between Sasha’s butt and her stomach, and hits a German!!! Hip Attack! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Asuka locks up Sasha on the corner. Asuka sits Sasha up on the top rope. Headbutt from Sasha. She stands tall. FROG SPLASH! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!!! BANK STATEMENT IMMEDIATELY!!! Sasha keeps screaming she needs this title. Asuka tries to break the hold. Asuka kicks into the hold, rolling and escaping. Asuka rolls to the outside as Sasha shows frustration. Asuka is standing, Sasha hits the ropes, goes for a baseball slide, but Asuka moves, hits some forearms, Sasha ducks, lifts Asuka, bends the knee, and drops Asuka onto the announce table! The ref hits 9, and Asuka flies into the ring. Banks is pissed. She says that she is the champion, the leader, the standard, and lifts Asuka. Asuka rolls her up for 1..2….N!O!!! BANK STATEMENT!!! Sasha floats over, and locks in The Bank Statement again, siting between Asuka and the ropes. Asuka rolls out of it and turns it into an Ankle Lock!!! Sasha is standing! She seds Asuak to the corner, Asuka runs up the corner. Asuka flies off with a dropkick!!!

ON THE TRON Bayley is beating Kairi’s ass.

Asuka hits a German to Sasha, but the screen is distracting her. Asuka holds the arms from behind, but continues to be distracted.

Kairi screams for Asuka as Bayley continues to send her head into the door. This is enough to send Asuka out of the ring and to the back to go save her friend.

Winner: Sasha Banks
I’m not typically one that denies the quality of a match its just due simply because the ending is shit, but this ending was shit. Of the most annoying aspects, I’d say the biggest crime is the lack of logic. While I understand Asuka and Sane are friends, in no world do I see this “friendship” important enough to prevent Asuka from finishing her match simply because her friend is being beaten up by one person, especially when her friend recently had her head gashed open by Nia, has been attacked previously before with no defense, and when Asuka herself has been sold as a fighting woman – a dangerous woman. Ugh.
Total Rating: *********1/2

Backstage, there is a door, and on said door, there is a sign that signifies that there is both a doctor and a trainer in there. Or that there is a doctor who is also a trainer. Or that there is a docter being trained…

Either way, Asuka walks out incredibly sad. She screams in Japanese.

Phillips wants to show some love to Philbin.

Buddy Murphy’s music hits, and I’m not sure I remember ever hearing it.

Match 5: Buddy Murphy vs Humberto Carrillo

Chops to Humberto are returned by Humberto. He hits a right hand then whips, it’s reversed, duck, Humberto flies off the springboard with a back elbow. Stomps in the corner over and over and over. Murphy sends Humberto to the apron. Humberto hits a shoulder, rolls over, floats under, springboard with a kick to Murphy. He hits the ropes and dives through the ropes with a suicide dive! That looked smooth. Humberto sends murphy into the apron a few times then rolls him into the ring. Humberto the top rope. Murphy grabs the leg. Kick to Murphy. Murphy off the ropes, sends Humberto into the barricade.

In the ring, Murphy kicks the back hard then covers for 1..2..NO!!!! Murphy withanother kick to the back off the ropes. He goes for a chin lock. Kick from Murphy. Back elbow from Humberto. He’s in the corner. He hops to the top, Murphy pushes the legs out from underneath him. Murphy attacks the bac and drapes Humberto down. He is pulled up, Murphy runs, Mule kick from Humberto to Buddy. Both men are down. Murphy lifts, Humberto blocks. Right hand. Murphy with a right. Humberto with a right. Antoher is blocked, Murphy kicks, kick again, stomp to the boot, misses a right, Humberto with a spinning high kick and a thigh slap. Humberto rushes the corner, gets sent over the top rope, high kick to the face. Humberto flies with a dropkick off the top rope. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Humberto Both men on the apron. Pump kick from Humberto. He fireman’s Murphy. Buddy elbows out, lads on his feet, hits the back with an elbow. Elbow from Humberto.

Humberto to the top. He flies, Murphy with a knee!!! MURPHYS LAW! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Murphy
A good match with few pauses and a lot of energy. The right man won, for sure. Humberto is amazing, but he’s not even trying to hide the thigh slaps. Reminds me of Luchasaurus at Bar Wrestling. I love the sound, but when you connect with your thigh more than your opponent, t comes off a bit hokey.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 6:34

Before he gets to Ziggler and the stipulation for tonight, he supposed he’ll address Orton. He says that it’s official; at Summerslam, it will be Orton v Drew. He won’t compare resumes either. He says Orton is on fire and calls Orton the biggest threat to his championship. He knows everyone thinks that Drew is the underdog. He talks to Randy, hopes that’s what he’s thinking. Prays for it. Please underestimate him cuz that’s what Brock did. As for the RKO, and him not seeing it coming. He’s telling Orton now, he will see the damned Claymore coming.

As for his stipulation, here comes Ziggler.

Ziggler goes full Karen, coming out complaining with a blow out. Drew says he was inspired by Ziggler. He says he wants an Extreme Rules match, too. Ziggler can use ant weapon he wants. There’s only one difference: This time, Drew can too.

Match 6: Extreme Rules Match
Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre

We come back and Drew has a chair. Ziggler kicks it out of his hand and sends Drew into the post. Ziggler sends Drew into the post again. He blocks a third and sends an elbow into the face of Dolph. Chop to Dolph. He lifts Ziggler and lawn darts him into the plexiglass, breaking it in the process. Drew with a kendo stick. He beats Dolph down with it a bit then hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep with the stick. Drew sends Dolph into the ring and grabs a chair. He tosses it into the ring. He goes to the timekeeper’s area and tosses a few more chairs into the ring. We’ve got five chairs in total, and Drew grabs a table and slides that into the ring. Chop from Drew to Dolph. He sets the table up in the corner. Dolph goes for a chair. Drew steps on his foot and grabs the chair and smacks Dolph on the back with it. Low Blow from Drew to Dolph!

Dolph grabs a kendo stick and attacks Drew with it, even so much as pushing it against the mouth of Drew from behind. Dolph smacks the knee with the kendo stick. Dolph hits his own Side Russian Leg Sweep with a kendo stick. Kick to the knee. Dolph grabs the head, but Drew lifts him and tosses him on the apron. Ziggler flies off the apron, Drew catches him and runs him through the barricade!!!

We are back, and Dolph is laid out! Drew lifts Dolph. He double underhooks, Drew kicks the knee, Fameasser! Dolph hits the corner, Drew follows. He hit sa few eights then a superplex to Dolph!

Drew wants a Claymore! Ziggler with a surprise ZIG ZAG!!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!! CLAYMORE INTO THE TABLE! Cover for 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
It’s always fun to see Ziggler get his ass beat.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 14:28

Drew holds his title high until, of course, Randy orton comes in to hit the RKO!

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Ya know, it's tough to watch the WWE when you want it so badly to succeed, and you see so many signs of it being capable of doing just that, only for them to fall back on what they know and love, using lazy tropes to move stories forward. As "evil" as Seth may seem, he has no real direction, and the eye thing was a joke, as Rey is already "recovering." Nia, unfortunately, made yet another return, and had a pull apart brawl that - had the crowd been there - no one would have cared about, and as "friendly" as Asuka and Kairi are, there is literally NO reason why Asuka, the character, would stop her match in which she would undoubtedly lose her title to save a friend who has been through much worse. There is also no reason why anyone on the production team would, during what can be perceived as an amazing match, show what's going on "backstage" suddenly in the middle of a match. Still, tonight's mixed bag had more fruits than nuts, as Drew beating Dolph's ass for no reason other than it's fun was great, and we finally have a formidable opponent in Randy Orton, who was on yet again this evening. Also, Andrade and Angel Garza are getting a shot at the tag team titles, and I can only hope this means we're done with the tired "team that doesn't get along" bs we've seen over the past few weeks. RAW wasn't nearly as bad as it's been, and they're building to Summerslam faster than they have other ppv's. A fair attempt at a Monday.

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