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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 7.8.24

July 8, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Acero’s WWE Raw Review 7.8.24  

Join Micheal Ornelas, and his Fine Dining Podcast give the official review of “American Girl Diner,” and I gotta say…of all the doll-themed restaraunts, this is certainly…one of them.

Then! Now! Forever! Whenever! Wherever! We’re meant to be together!

A lengthy MitB recap allows me to stretch my legs a bit before we get settled in for three hours of WWE action.

WE are LIVE and CM Punk is here! It’s been a while! Surprise, surprise! He has a lot to go over, but first, he wants to address someone who he has spent numerous hours in the ring with. He congratulates and thanks Cena. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but he’d like one more round before he goes. But Cena ain’t here tonight.

Another guy not here is Drew McIntyre. He went and got himself suspended. We got the reason why here.

There is a simple lesson here: there are consequences for your actions. Drew should not be surprised that he only held the title for 5:46 because there are consequences for your actions. The following night, he blew it again due to consequences, and you are looking at them. CM Punk is the consequences to all of his stupid actions. He flew all the way to Scotland to prove it, and he did it one more time Saturday night. He promised he’d cash in and take the title, but Punk made a promise too, and that was that Drew would NEVER be champ as long as there was air in his lungs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. He wants hands on Drew, but he cant do it if Drew is suspended.

He was also fined $25,000, but money well spent. He’ll do it again. Drew was fined double that because he cant stop tweeting, so he’s here to ask Tunney or Pearce to please lift the suspension.

Instead, we get Seth Rollins who is out with a bit of intention.

Punk grabs a headset and talks to Cole and Pat. He brings up Cole bringing up his government, and Cole tries to explain why Seth could possibly be upset. Punk says this entrance takes too long.

Pat gets his headset back and Seth looks over to Punk, who is seated on the announce table.

Seth, while the crowd sings, stares a hole through Punk. He wonders why is that now Punk wants to sit on the sidelines? Come on into the ring, doesn’t he love the spotlight? Or is Punk afraid of getting his ass kicked.

Punk laughs at this, then grabs a mic. He reminds us that the last time they were in the middle of the ring, Punk warned him that he’d let Seth speak disrespectfully to him, so please watch what you say.

Seth is flabbergasted. Him? Disrespect the best in the world? He wouldn’t dare. He just needs help understanding consequences, and why that applies to everyone except Punk. He understands a lot of what happened Saturday. The ref made a mistake, Drew cashed in, he gets all that, but what he cant wrap around his head is why Punk decided to do the one thing Seth not to do when he showed back up – why did he stick his nose in Seth’s business.

Punk would like to explain – he didn’t stick it in his business, he was handling HIS business. This is personal. He’d think with Seth being a husband and father, he’d understand. Doesn’t feel good bringing them up, does it? There’s a man running around with a bracelet with his wife and dog’s name on it. May not mean much to Seth, but it’s the intent. He will get his pound of flesh. He has no quarrel with Seth. Him coming out was personal, and if he somehow screwed things up for Seth, if whatever his little pipe dream is – he’s trying to apologize here. Pay attention. Legit…

Punk can’t quite muster up the words to say it. Seth tells him to spit it out.

Punk says he is sorry, he apologizes. He didn’t mean to screw anything up for him. He is a bit snowblind with rage. He’s got a singular focus, and he understands Seth does too, and he screwed it up, so he’s sorry….

But because it’s Seth, he cant really be that sorry, can he?

Seth says Punk always has something…it’s called gaslighting. Punk has probably never sincerely apologized for anything. Punk has it all figured out, he’s sly, crafty, the king of propaganda, but he’s gotta be the dumbest smart dude he’s ever met. He’s got most of it figured out except for the one thing to make him the hero that he thinks he is – the world does NOT revolve around CM Punk. He can be a selfish bastard anyone else, burn bridges anywhere else, he’ll let it slide because he’s above him. He was willing to let it slide until Saturday. If it wasn’t for Punk, he’d be standing here champion. Seth is out of cracks at that title. It’s not just a pipe dream – maybe for Punk, but not for him. For him, being champion is the most important thing in this business. He took that from Seth, so it’s his turn to take that from Punk. He could take a cheap shot here and now, but he knows Punk isn’t 100%, but he promises that when Punk is cleared, he wont even be able to say the name Drew before Seth snaps his arm and puts him back on the shelf. Actions have consequences.

Seth leaves as CM Punk smirks.

Backstage, Pearce tries to explain to Dominik Mysterio that he was busy dealing with Drew, so he couldn’t reply.

Dom says he doesn’t wanna tag with Liv but Pearce says Liv requested it to make up for last week. Dom doesn’t want the match. Pearce says he doesn’t give a damn, the match is official and signed – happy Monday.

Here comes Liv Morgan to tell Dom that he is doing this FOR him, to help show Rey who the real daddy of the family is. Dom says fine, just make sure they win. Liv wants to talk about strategy. Dom says there better be some tendies or nuggies.

We are BACK for some Chad Gable and Jey Uso action.

The kid with no teeth from Stranger Things grew up to become Chad Gable…
Feel old yet?

Chad Gable vs Jey Uso

Gable with some WRASSLIN to start! He takes Jey down and toys with him a bit till Jey hits some rights, only for Gable to grab the waist and get a belly to back takedown. Whip to the ropes, hip toss attempt but Jey tries his own, only for Gable to block and try, they go back and forth across the ring till Jey tosses Gable over the top rope, but Gable catches him off a dive and hits a belly to belly! Jey lands awkwardly as we go to break.

We are BACK and Gable has a pin in the middle of the ring for 1.2..NO!!! Jey shoots Gable off of him in the corner then launches him over the top rope to the outside. Jey with a suicide dive, and this time he hits it! Jey back in, frog splash off the top! Cover for 1..2NO!! Rights from jey, with a Yeet for fun. Kick, caught, enziguri form Jey. Jey in the corner, rushes with a hip attack to Chad’s head. Jey to the top rope. Gable up, clips the legs, Jey falls to the ring. Gable with an ankle lock!


Gable releases immediately, and looks around. The lights go darker, SPEAR FROM JEY!!! COVER!!

Winner: Jey Uso
A means to an end, yet still some high quality stuff. The commercial hurt, too.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:15

Jey runs out of the ring immediately.

Fog fills the ring as Gable struggles to get up. The Holy Shit chants start, muffling out the ominous music due to censorship. We see Nikki pop up near the announce table, causing Gable to crawl backwards to the ramp, then run up and away.

We head towards Nikki (who will remain as such until given a name). Nikki has a box in her hand. She walks over to Pat and drops the box in front of him.

We head backstage to Jackie Redmond with Sheamus, who is owed congratulations for hitting 15 years officially.

Sheamus says he’s done it all…almost. It takes years before you can go ut there and put on banger….

He is cut off by Bronson Reed who says his anniversary ended up with Sheamus losing. They should be talking about Reed. He has a match tonight, he is the future, and Sheamus is stuck in the past.

Sheamus calls him a crybaby, says he’s been watching Sheamus, so you know what comes next. Reed v Sheamus, settled like proper fellas.

Reed will fight him any time, just not tonight. But he can sit down and watch what Reed does to Sheamus’ mate, Pete Dunne.

Bronson Reed vs Pete Dunne

Reed clubs the back of the neck, then gets Pete on his shoulders, only for Pete to lock in an arm bar. Rope break, and Pete drops down then hits a high enziguri! Dropkick sends Reed outside. Pete flies with a right to the jaw. To the apron. Moonsault to Reed. Pete to the 2nd rope and another moonsault to Reed down below!

WE ARE BACK from break, and Reed runs to miss a running senton. Pete double stomps the fingers, kicks the side of the head, then hits an enziguri in the corner. Another, to the top rope as Reed walks out of it. He stomps the left arm of Reed, then hits a running knee. Cover for 1.2..NO!! Pete works the left arm, grabbing the fingers and putting Reed’shand down. He stomps the elbowgrabs the arm again and drops it on his shoulder, then gets whipped to the corner, Pete kicks up, Reed catches his leg and hits a powerbomb into the buckle then lifts up for another powerbomb, of the sitout variety. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Reed to the top rope. Pete is up!!! High kick to te side of the head! He climbs, locks the arm up of Reed!

Pete pulls apart the fingers then Reed drops him onto the top rope stomach first. TSUNAMI!!! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Bronson Reed
That was fun enough. Another commercial break cut another match in half, but Pete really came off as a pesky yet aggressive opponent, and it looked good in execution.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:17

Reed looks to do more damage but Sheamus comes out to meet him in the middle of the ring and they go at it! Reed with a headbutt! Sheamus comes back with a running knee, Dunne gets a dropkick! BROGUE KICK to Reed!

Sheamus I all hyped, gives Dunne a playful headlock, but Dunne is NOT ok with that. He rips away from Sheamus and looks at him with a scowl. Dunne leaves the ring as Sheamus stands a bit confused.

We are backstage, and Seth Rollins walks up to The Judgment Day. He wants to speak to Priest. Priest tells everyone to go. Seth says it’s better to be lucky than good. Saturday, he was very lucky, but he was also very good. Most importantly, he kept his word, and since he did that, Seth will keep his word – he won’t come for that title as long as Priest has it. But as good as he was on Saturday, if he wants to keep it, he’s gotta be better at Summerslam.

Seth is about to leave, but Priest stops him. He says he has a lot to prove, still. So that whole agreement, he can toss it out the window. When he’s done with Gunther, if Seth wants a shot, just name the place.

They shake hands.

Priest gets a phone call, answers with a smile, and asks where they at.

Sami Zayn is here and he has gone full Al Borland.

He holds his title in the air. He says it is an honor to hold the title in the Nation’s capitol representing Canada. He brings up Bron, saying he brought up all his power, strength, and speed, but made the mistake thinking Sami was the underdog. He has said this before, he is not an underdog, anymore. He is a champion. He has been putting in top-level performances for years. He has earned some respect in this ring, and Bron didn’t bring that, which is why he found out the hard way that it is hard to keep Sami down.

Bron Breakker is here. He walks into the ring, stares Sami down. Sami wonders what he wants. A fight? A rematch? He just gonna keep staring?

Sami slams the mic into his chest, goading him into speaking.

He says he came out here to look the man – the only man who can say they beat him – in the eye. He didn’t think it was gonna be Sami, but he’s a smart guy. There’s no reason for him to get a rematch. So look, he’s been thinking and he…


Refs and agents come out to stop Bron, taking him out of the ring, and of course, Bron sees Sonic rings and circles the ring to spear Sami again!

Out comes Ilja Dragonuv to try and fight Bron, but Bron mocks him saying ooo he is so scared! Ilja runs over to Sami to check on him.

Backstage, Ilja and Pearce and a doc are checking on Sami. Ilja wants Bron, and Pearce says he can have him…tonight.

The Judgment Day are out here for some trios action.

As The Awesome Truth rap their way down to the ring, Judgment Day attacks!!! This elicits Braun Strowman who runs down to send Carlito flying!

IN. the ring, Miz and Truth hit Finn and JD with some FUs! Miz flies over the top rope then we get Braun sending Carlito into the ring.

Shhoulder tackle from Truth, another, protobomb. Five Knucke Shuffle to Carlito! FU!!! Cover and 1.2….NO!!!

Shit, I guess the match started!

The Awesome Truth and Braun Strowman vs The Judgment Day

We are back from break and JD has Miz hurting. Miz hits some elbows to break a hold, JD sends him down hard and drops a forearm. JD grabs the head and tags in Finn who uppercuts Miz then hits a right to the face. Snapmare the na right to the neck and a choke hold from behind. Miz turns inot that with some elbows. To the ropes, Miz kicks, Double clothesline sends both men down. Tag to Braun! To JD! Braun with splashes to Carlito, tries to JD, tag to Balor, CHOKESLAM TO BALOR! Cover! 1..2…N!!! JD and Carlito double team, but Braun with double Goozle! To the ropes, double shoulder tackles send both men down! Tag to Truth!

Truth leaves the ring and he and Braun lock arms then run to knock down Finn then chase JD away and drop Carlito with it! They rip their shirts and toss them aside, then celebrate with Zac Brown. We see JD in the timekeepers area and walk over to him. JD throws a chair, and Braun swipes it out of the air then chases him in the crowd.

Truth is all smiles outside of the ring. He gets some WHATS Ups then slides back into the ting, and Finn hits a dropkick, shooting Miz off the apron. Coup De Grace. Cover! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: The Judgement Day
Uh oh…
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:13

The mIz seems pissed as Braun checks on Truth.

Backstage, CM Punk is talking to Pearce. Pearce says Punk isn’t cleared, and he is half the problem. This has to stop. He is willing to call Drew, schedule a meeting, see if he is in a place to do business, but if that will happen, Punk can’t be around. If he picks a fight again, the match with Drew is off.

Punk just wants to finish it. Pearce tells him to go home and heal up and let Pearce deal with Drew.

Punk says ok, he’ll work on getting cleared.

Backstage, Liv Morgan tells Dom they need to work on some double team moves. She wants to help him relax. She pushes him down as she pushes back on his le, stretching. Dom says this feels kind of good, actually.

We see Priest, Finn, Carlito, and JD poke their heads out. Liv laughs nad leaves. Priest says he doesn’t even wanna know, man.

Priest says Dom should be done with this, it’s not that hard.

Carlito: “It looks pretty hard to me.”

Dom says Priest is reminding him of his dad, and Priest is understanding why Rey was so frustrated. Dom says he thought he put an end to this and he will put an end to it now. He leaves.

Finn wants to know what Priest has as a surprise, and Priest says he wants to keep it to himself. Dom is about to find out on his own, though.

We play the tape!

It’s Bo Dallas standing alone. His face flickers to show Howdy temporarily. A voice asks about his family. He says he took those that no one wanted – the discarded and forgotten. He gave them a purpose. They’re so happy that we remembered them. Being a glutton for punishment doesn’t make abandonment hurt any less.

We get clips of each new member while Bo says there has been loss – too much, but grief is the price they pay for love. But now, we must set the captives free so that they need no master.

Bo rubs his face down ,then asks if they think he (we) are sick? Yes, says the invisible voice. WE get quick edits of all of the members, finally landing on Uncle Howdy, then back to Bo, who says, “then sick is what we’ll be.”

Gable is backstage, worried, and runs up to Pearce to say obviously that tape is talking about him.

Pearce stops him and asks if he ever stopped to figure out why that might be.

Gable says he will fix this, but he cant be responsibly for how, and while we are at it, how about a vacation? He then walks away.

We see Pearce open his office door, and inside is a nervous Bo Dallas rocking in his seat.

Damage CTRL gets some promo time, where they are tired of the disrespect. Tonight, they push back and show what they are cpable of. Sane says change brings destruction of what was and tonight they will clip Lyras wings and dance over Katana and Kayden.

Bron Breakker vs Ilja Dragunov

Bron tries for the strength, but Ilja hits a German! Holds on! Tries for another, hits the ropes, spins, misses a hard right, and bron tackles him down hard. Bron corners Ilja and elbows the crown of the head. Ilja to the corner, chops out of it, another chop. Bron with a press into a powerslam. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!

We are back and Bron is pinning for 2. He attacks the side with punches then grabs the chin and t he foot and bends Ilja back into his knee. Ilja twists the wrist and stands then hits a headbutt, another, another, Bron with a right, right from Ilja. Chop to Bron. Chop from Bron. Right to the face over and over back and forth. Ilja with a waist lock, he winds up, high kick to the back of the neck! Ilja hits the ropes, again, running nee to the chest. Ilja to the top rope. Bron grabs the legs, Ilja hits a right, Bron climbs, right hand, locks the head. Ilja with punches to the gut. He slinks down, lifts up for a powerbomb, Ilja struggles, walks with him, POWERBOMB!!! Ilja to the top rope! Senton! Cover! 1.2…..NO!!!!

Bron sits Ilja on the top rope, GOOZLE but Ilja kicks him away. He tries for a Coast to Coast, but Bron side steps then clotheslines Ilja to the outside. Bron leaves the ring on the opposite side.

Bron runs, tries for a spear, but Ilja with a kick stops the momentum. Ilja breaks the count, turns to run and Bron tosses a chair at him, causing the DQ.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov via DQ
Well that was fun!
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:29

Bron Breakker grabs Ilja and rolls him into the ring, looking to add more punishment, but here comes Sami Zayn to run down and attack Bron, sending him outside!!! Sami checks on Ilja, who has a bad cut on his leg. But BRON GRABS SAMI!!! He sends Sami to the post!! He then tosses Sami over the table!

Ilja runs out of the ring to attack but Bron sends him over the table next! Bron stands atop the table and drops his straps to scream in victory.

After learning that Kofi is injured, we head to a promo by Karrion Cross and his goons. He tries to start with humor, and it doesn’t go over well. He says the old guard will make way for the new, even everybody’s favorite – John Cena – his time is up. He knows Woods is watching, he’s a hell of a talent. He beat Cross where Kofi could not. Woods can become a man, or he can go with Kofi. The New Day is dead. Woods is just the last to realize it. So sayeth The Final Testament.

Damage CTRL vs Kayden Cross, Kitana Chance, and Lyra Valkyria

All six girls battle it out before going to their legal corners and allowing Kayden and Kairi to start off. A hip toss to Sane gets her a tag from Kai. Tag to Chance and they double team Kai a bit then cover for 1..2NO!!! Chance gets clocked by a right hand from kai. Kai spins Chance off her shoulders, and Chance turns that into an arm drag. Tag to Carter, who tags in Lyra, and we get a triple team Poetry in Motion like move. Cover from Lyra for 1..2.NO!!! To the corner, Lyra hops over the head, cartwheels back, leg sweep, dropkick to the head. Cover for 1.2.NO!!! Kai to the outside. Tag from Lyra as Sane and Sky come into the ring. They get sent out, Chance and Carter with baseball slides. Lyra with a dropkick through the ropes!

We are BACK and Iyo and Lyra are goin at it. Lyra hits her with a sick pwoerbomb, pin for 1..2.NO!!! Lyra is shocked. She locks the head, Iyo backs her into the corner, tag to Sane, who hits a huge backfist. Damn. Kai in off the tag, tries for a supelx, but Kayden in to stop it, here comes Iyo, and we get a three on three suplex from the faces!

Sane and Kayden in the ring, Kayden gets sent into the ropes, but Iyo is there to hold them and Carter flies outside! Iyo in, she launches Sane over the top rope to the outside and holy shit that looked rough! Lol. Tag to Iyo. Over the Moonsault to Carter! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Damage CTRL

Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:38

Any celebration is short lived as Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, and Sonya Deville come down to attack Damange CTRL!!! They triple team Iyo! Zoey with a huge kick to Iyo’s face! Zoey launches Iyo into a knee, Sonya catches her before she falls and hits her move Deville’s Advocate.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega speak to Cathy about Vega eing the champ if it wasn’t for Dom. She could have used the chair, but what does that prove? Those two are a hot mess, and they will be so even more when they are done.

Rey says it’s a pleasure to team with Vega, LWO familia. Tonight, he will end the story and shut Dom and Liv up. They’ll enjoy it.

Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio vs Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega

Vega and Morgan to start, but it’s short lived as Vega gets a tag and this causes Dom to come in legally. Rey corners him, mounts with some punches, then slams down Dom face first. Tag to Vega who hits Dom with a rana, but Liv runs in to attack. Dom and Liv end up outside. Vega tries to attack, Liv shoves Dom out the way, but Rey flies off with a senton to Dom’s chest and we go to commercial.

We are back and Dom has Rey in the corner, trying to take his mask off. He hangs Rey upside down then stomps in the corner. Dom locks Rey’s head up, but Rey collapses. Dom stomps his back then mounts with right hands over and over. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Rey hits the ropes, slides under, and dom hits a Michinoku Driver! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Elbow to Dom from Rey,, he lclimbs, Dom grabs him onto his shoulders but Rey sends him flying over the top rope to the outside. Rey crawls for a tag. Gets it. Liv in, Vega in. Right hand, clothesline, a third to Liv. She sends Liv into the corner, high kick then sends her to the center. Vega hits the ropes, knees to Liv, rana to Liv slams her head down first. Vega climbs the corner, 2nd rope and she flies with knees. She does Eddie’s shimmy for no reason. Cover. Zelina tries for Code Red, Liv escapes, locks the head, suplex! Holds on. Another suplex. A third and Liv shimmies like Eddie. Kick to Vega. Liv waits, shoots for the finish, but Vega holds onto the ropes. Double clothesline in the middle of the ring! Both women down. Rey to the apron. Dom waits in his corner.

Tag to Rey, to Dom. Rey ducks under, again, rana to Dom. Rey hits the. Corner, Dom sends him to the apron, Rey to the top rope, seated senton, whip to the ropes, Dom with a sunset flip, Rey rolls through, big kick to Dom. Springboard moonsault! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Dom with the trio of suplexes now! But Rey stops it after one! Drop Toe Hold! Rey hits the ropes! 61—Dom catches! Vega with a 619 of her own! Rey to the top rope! Frog splash to Dom! Cover! 1..2…Liv breaks it up!!!! Vega tries to attack, Liv tries for oblivion, but Vega with a drop toe hold! 619 to Liv! Vega outside. Liv sends her into the ringpost! Rey sits Dom on the top rope, climbs and attacks the back.

Liv slides a chair into the ring, the ref goes to grab it and Liv hops up and crotches Rey on the top rope!!! Rey falls, grabbing his little Mysterios. Dom with a frog splash! Cover! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio
A fun enough main event that seemed like it took forever to get to. This was all for one reason, though, and it was great seeing Rhea.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:53

Liv hugs Dom to celebrate! Dom pushes her away! Liv hops into his arms! Liv pulls him down to the mat, closing in on a kiss, inching towards his lips….


Rhea Bloody Ripley walks down the ramp. Liv runs out of the ring thorugh the crowd. Rhea turns to Dom, slides into the ring, and lifts his chin up with a single finger. He wants him to look at her as we

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Tonight's episode was one of those episodes where it felt every bit of its three-hour run time. This isnt to say that it was bad, as the quality of the show has been consistently good to great. Only, three hours is still three hours, and RAW sometimes struggles with keeping the energy up through it all - or maybe I do. Either way, it causes long gaps, like the one before the main event, that makes it feel like we are waiting twenty to thirty minutes for the match (because we did), and not in an anticipatory way. Still, Ill take a dozen of these shows over a single segment of RAW Underground

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