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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.28.20

September 28, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Randy Orton RAW
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.28.20  

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Ok, I finished Clash of Champions like, literally, twenty seconds ago, and damn, y’all. That main event was beautiful. Everything. Done right. Holy shit. Jimmy comin out and covering his borther, telling him he ain’t got shit to prove, yelling at Reigns that they family, gooooood looorrrrd. Don’t ever tell me I’m a WWE-hater, because I loved EVERY MINUTE OF THAT. Damn. Shit almost made me cry.

RAW Starts with the RANDY ORTON HATE TOUR in full effect. Out comes Flair, then Show, then Christian, and finally HBK.

HBK on the mic first, says it’s been a long time since he’s done this, and welcomes us to RAW. He introduces our champion, Drew McIntyre, who, seemingly, unsheathes a sword every time he comes out, now.

Drew says this is pretty cool, saying he’s standing in the ring with four legends he did not expect last night. Jokesters, the lot of them. Drew says he’s known them all for a long time. Big Show and Christian, Drew grew up with them, traveled together, and they helped him improve in the ring. He won’t say anything bad or put Show over, says Drew. Drew says he was a big brother, always gave advice. He turns to HBK, a mentor to him, especially in NXT. Flair, Drew loves his stories and advice, and he remembers when he first came to America, he was still on the roster till someone retired him. He remembers, at 22, saw Flair come back from his match and realized he was on the same roster as Ric Freakin Flair. Blew his mind.

This brings him to the common thread of most recent times, and he put that thread in an ambulance, and he still stands here, WWE Champion.

HBK says that’s one of the reasons why they are out here, to thank you him for whippin that Randy Orton ass. As they were all off recovering, they got together and showed up last night, and although Drew wasn’t aware, they wanted to even the odds so to speak, and get some revenge. They hope Drew doesn’t mind, and if he is upset, it was Flair’s fault.

Drew says he proved he could beat Orton at Summerslam, so at this stage, he doesn’t care how many people start attacking Orton.

Uh oh…

RANDY ORTON is on the screen. He hopes Drew is enjoying this moment, because it will not last. This will not be over until he says it’s over. He thinks he went through hell? He has no idea what hell is.

GEE, I wonder what’s going to happen!!

Orton says Drew will know what hell is soon. Drew wonders if he will beg for another match. Orton says he doesnt need to beg for anything, he is Randy Orton. He will be given a title match. The only reason he is here today is to remind Drew and everyone else that there is a price to be paid when you cross The Legend Killer.

We follow Orton, who grabs his suitcase, and rolls out of the arena.

Orton’s vein game there was sick.

Drew says he will put his title on the line tonight. He is inspired by these four. He issues an open challenge to anyone he has NOT face for this title. Who wants to step up and be the man? It’s out, they’ve got a box set up top, and Drew tells Flair not to be a bad influence. Someone, please, step up.

Zelina is getting a rematch tonight after losing last night.

She is backstage, and Kayla asks her why she was such a poor sport. Zelina says she is just getting started here. Everyone will feel so sorry for Asuka tonight when she goes in tonight and proves that she is ready. She goes bilingual, and not one to be upstaged in the multi-lingual game, Asuka runs up to tell her that she hopes Zelina is ready to lose to her.

Match 1: WWE RAW Women’s Championship
Zelina Vega vs Asuka

Zelina charges Asuka and drops her! Mounts for some punches! Asuka reverses. Arm bar! Elina gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Asuka grabs her by the hair and pulls her down to the mat. Zelina kicks Asuka’s arm away then zeroes in on the left arm. She hits the ropes, head scissors, doesn’t exactly get the move, but locks the arm up and gets an Octopus on Asuka! Asuka strengths out of it but Zelina elbows the ribs and holds the right arm with her leg. ASuka pulls on the leg, then pushes forward and gets a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Zelina kicks Asuka out of the ring. She gets to the apron and hops off, but Asuka is there to punches her away!

We come back, and Zelina is giving asuka some hard rights, yelling at her to give up. Asuka fires back with little baby slaps, then a knee to the face. Hip attack in the corner. Slap to the face. German to Zelina. Kick to the chin! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Lockup from behind by Asuka. Elbow from Zelina, then she works the left arm, grabs it and hops up onto Asuka’s knees, with a wrist lock. Asuka is able to lift Zelina up and drop her behind her head with a crazy looking suplex. Asuka kicks her shin into Zelina’s face a few times, Asuka for an Asuka lock, but zelina rolls her up, only for Asuka to FLIP Zelina forward and pin! SICK!!! 1…2…NO!!!!! Zelina gets to the ropes. Ref holds Asuka back. Backstabber from Zelina! Asuka gets the boot on the rope! Zelina stomps Asuka’s arm with anger. She heads to the top rope. Zelina goes for a moonsaut, Asuka gets the knees up!

ASUKA LOCK! Zelina taps! Asuka holds on just a bit more for good measure.

Winner: Asuka
A valiant effort by Zelina, being a focused wrestler that wanted nothing more than to win by way of destroying Asuka’s arm, only to find out that Zelina is indestructible. I didn’t quite understand Zelina’s confidence after last night, but this wasn’t a bad match, ll things considered.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 8:47

We come back, and Andrade is in the ring while Zelina is on her way up the ramp. He yells at her that she is nothing without him! She blamed him for everything, but look at her! Asuka beat her twice! She was the weaklink!

Andrade says last night, Garza proved he was a weak link, too. He is the greatest in the WWE. Who wants to face him?

Dude, Drew just issued an open challenge, why not go after that?

Anyway, Lee answers the call.

Match 2: Andrade vs Keith Lee

Andrade tries with the go behind but Lee makes that near impossible, locks the fingers, then pushes Andrade upwards, nearly breaking the man’s arm. Lee toses Andrade across the ring, then rushes him, but Andrade clips the leg and Lee tumbles into the corner. Andrade attacks with rights, then stomps the left leg he just clipped. Chops to the chest of Lee, but Lee sends Andrade against the ropes, leap frog, drops down low, CROSS BODY TO ANDRADE!! Splash to Andrade in the corner! He hits the ropes, miosses a clothesline, Andrade dropkicks the left leg! He attacks the head, then the gut in the corner. Lee sends Andrade over his head ot the apron! Andrad to the top, he flies, lands in a GOOZLE!!! Andrade drops behind Lee, chops the back of the leg, dropkicks the head into the 2nd buckle. Andrade hits the corner, runs back into Lee with the knees to the face!!!

Andrade lifts Lee up, but Andrade lifts HIM up onto his shoulders. SPIRIT BOMB! Pin for 1..2…3!!

Winner: Keith Lee
What an odd occurrence. Not sure why Andrade would welcome an open challenge as it’s not in his character – what little we’ve seen, and although Lee shouldn’t be losing at all, he essentially squashed the hell out of Andrade, minimizing any possible value Andrade was attempting to build even with his promo before this.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:46

Earlier today, MVP and Shelton are eating food in the back. Some random white dude comes and sits down with them. Lashley tells the dude that he is sitting in his seat. Dude scoots over, but doesn’t move. Lol. Lashley makes him move, and keeps his food. The dude leaves in fear, and Lashley shares his plate with his friends.

Ok, Mean Girls.

We are reminded of Akira’s untimely demise last week, then we come to Earlier Today, where Truth is playing Chess with Little Jimmy. He says he should go challenge Drew McIntyre, which makes me question how much “earlier today” it was.

Anyway, some ninja hands Truth a letter.

“R-Truth, if you are reading this, I was eaten by a shark.”

The briefcase has Akira’s blackbelt enclosed. It is offered to truth, but Akira is nearby, rolls up Truth, gets a 1..2…3!!! The ninja knocks Akira out with a briefcase and rolls Akira up for 1..2..3!!! It’s Drew Gulak. He says he is always ready. Truth rolls Drew up. 1..2..3!!!


We head back to only a slightly less realistic episode in Seth doing his best Maury impersonation.

Backstage, Murphy is playing Candy Crush.

IN comes Seth to give him a hug. Buddy doesn’t seems so giving of his affection. Seth says tonight is beautiful, its RAW, it’s the night The Mysterio Family is on King’s Court. He can’t wait to see what they say. Lighten up, Murphy. Seth wonders why Murphy is dressed to have a match; he needs to dress up in the suit Seth got him.

Murphy’s dumbass leaves his phone there, so Seth, as a good friend, grabs it and puts it in his pocket.

JERRY LAWLER is in the ring to welcome us to King’s Court. He brings up the familial woes of the Mysterio family.

Out comes the Fam to take a seat on a sheet-covered couch. King asks Rey for comments. Rey says Seth has been running his mouth trying to upset his family, but he cant even control his own house. It’s obvious that Dom and Aaliyah are his kids. He and Angie have worked hard to build a strong and loving family. His family means the world to him. Dom and Aaliyah have been his whole life sinc ethe day they were born. It takes a truly evil and sinful human to fabricate the lies that Seth has.

Dominic says this has gone on for way too lnog and way too far. Next time he sees Seth, he’s going to put an end to this.

King understand the frustrations, because they didn’t see any documentation, but what we did see was Aaliyah being upset. Rey called her naïve and that she knows nothing about our world, leading her to walk away from her family. King wants to know how she is feeling.

She says she is still upset about what happened last week. She is 19. As far as Murphy goes, he came up to her and sat next to her, she didn’t go looking for him. She doesn’t know what to think. What she does know is that whoevr surrounds themselves around Seth really needs to re-evaluate their life choices. Seth is bad and is a fraud.

Seth on the tv, calls the words harsh, says he knows Seth might be the last person they want to see, he gets it. But he’s got something to say. This will bother him just as much as it will bother him. This is the truth, though. The truth is that one of them isn’t bein 100% honest with the family.

The truth is that Aaliyah might not be telling the truth in regards to how she feels about Murphy. Why would we believe Seth? Well, the thing is, you don’t have to believe his words – believe Murphy’s.

We get a screen shot of a message thread between Murphy and Aaliyah, and I realize I’ve been spelling her name incorrectly.

Aalyah tells her dad that Murphy is not like Seth, then walks out of the ring and up the ramp. Rey takes forever to help his wife out of the ring then they chase their daughter up the ramp.

In comes Murphy towards Seth, pissed that Seth exposed his messages. Seth says the truth must not be important in their relationship. Murphy grabs Seth by the suit until Dominik flies in to attack! Daaaaamn, he tryin to beat that ass! Murphy tries to fight back but refs and agents come out to break them apart.

The deeper they get into this fued, the more eye-roll inducing it is.

WE return to Nattie and Lana. Great. Nattie says that they’ll be here all night until Nia and Shayna come out. Nattie says that they need to be handed the titles. Lana says they deserve them because they are celebrities and have millions of followers.

Pearce comes out to assure them that’s not going to happen, but he can offer them an opportunity by giving them a match against the newest members of RAW’s women’s division.

Out comes Mandy, and she will be teaming with…

Dana Brooke.


Mandy and Dana do a pose together, so you know they’re friends.

Match 3: Lana and Natalya vs Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose

Lockup between Dana and Nattie, and Nattie gets a side headlock takedown. Dana escapes, whips Nattie into the corner, handspring elbow. Tag to Mandy. She hits a suplex. Tag to Dana who cartwheels for no reason, and kicks Nattie. Whip to Nattie, kick from Nattie, she misses a clothesline. Lana got a blind tag and rushes in to cover. 1..2..NO!!! Lana sends Dana into the corner and tags in Nattie. Stomps from both girls in the corner. Tag to Lana.Lana with a cravat from behind. Lana pulls Dana down by the hair then cheap shots Mandy. Rolup from Dana but ref is distracted. Enziguri to Lana. Tag to Mandy. Rose in with a clothesline. She hits Nattie off the apron. Another clothesline to Lana. Mandy grabs a kick, completely flips Lana behind her, face first into the mat. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Nattie in the ring. Dana hits her with a clothesline. Shove from Lana to Mandy, Mandy ducks under a kick. Running knee to the fae. Cover for 1..2..3.!!!

Winners: Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose
Total Rating: ½*
Match Time: 3:05

We are reminded of Black’s attack on Owens’ sack one week back.

Black cuts a promo in the dark. He says Owens is a good man, right? Or, he claims to be. He thought that good men don’t let bad things happen, but there it is – Owens thrives in a system where he can manipulate the viewers. It took one sentence for everyone to forget that oWens has a knack for betraying those who are closest to him. Blacks own father was a cruel man. Speaking of which, has Owens spoken to his son about his betrayal? It doesn’t matter how many people forget and forgive Owens for all he’s done, because Black will not forget.

I should note that Black removed his headband off his eye, and is wearing an all black contact.

BACKSTAGE, we head to the poker game between the Punted and Privileged.

HBK is on his way out of the game, and In come Street Profits.

Nothing of note happens.

Black has lost the creaking of the coffin, but gets a voice over and song of the growling elk.

Match 4: Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

Owen attacks as soon as the bell rings! He sends Black to the outsid.e Owens follows and beats him down a bit then rolls Black into the ring. Black stomps Owens on his way in. He grabs the face and hits some hard elbows. Owens fires back. Black whips Owens into the corner, uppercut from Black. Snapmare and a cover for 1…NO! Black locks up, Owens backs him into the corner. Owens with a chop in the corner. Right hands to the back. Owens with a hard whip to the corner.

Black chokes Owens up on the ropes, drivin a knee into his head. Rollup from Owens for 1..2.NO!!! Owens with a right hand, chop, right hand, whip, kick, and a clothesline! Another from Owens. Senton to Black! Black rolls to the outside. Owens on the apron. He dives off with a another senton onto Black on the mat! Sick.

We are BACK and Black clips the knee of Owens. Black kicks the back of Owens. He mounts and punches hard down to the head Elbow drop to Owens. Cover for 1..NO!! Owens up. Right hand. Kick from Black! Knee ot Owens. Owens grabs the leg, so Black pushes into it. Kick from Owens. Another kick to the leg. Chop. Right to the face. Black with a snapmare! Kick to the chest by Black! Cover fof 1..2…N!O!!! Black tries to choke out Owens as he coughs and struggles. Owens arm drags Black away. Black kicks the head of Owens off his shoulders, and covers. 1…2…NO!!!! Black tries for another kick, Owens dodges. SUPERKICK! Covr for 1..2….NO!!!! Owens heads to the apron. He heads to the top rope. Black stops him with a right hand. Locks the head. Black grabs the hips, looking for a Superplex. Owens shoves Balck down! SWANTON BO—-NO!!!! Knees from Black!!! Running knee strike to Owens! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Another cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Another cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Black with a running kick to the chest. He beats down on Owens on the bottom rope. The ref tries to stop him. Black gets in the face of the ref. Reef warns him what can happen if he doesn’t listen.

HUGE RIGHT BY OWENS! Black with some strikes. Black reels back to hit Owens, but he catches the ref without knowing it! Ref calls the match.

Winner: Kevin Owens via DQ
On one hand, I can appreciate that they want this to last a little longer, but it’s always so deflating when you got a goo match brewin, and a shitty ending stops it.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 13:21

Black is pissed. He yells at the ref, saying he didn’t touch the ref, then accusing him of standing too close.

Ref calls it a DQ, and Owens stuns Black out of nowhere.

BACKSTAGE, The Hurt Business is awlking the hallways. ALI comes out of the locker room of The Hurt Business. He is apparently lost. MVP punks Ali, saying he didn’t get lost, he bout to get his ass whooped. They’re bout to attack, but thankfully, Apollo and Ricochet just so happen to be nearby. They start a metaphor by saying this isn’t over, which leads to MVP offering a meeting in their office, and Lashley to continue by saying their appointment has been booked.

This has been your weekly episode of Elementary School Playhouse Art and Talent Show.

LOL Truth ain’t even dressed for the next match…

Match 5: WWE 24/7 Championship Match
R-Truth vs Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa

Drew and Akira spend the start of the match double teaming Truth till the inevitable split. Truth clotheslines both men then covers each, with neither one eating the pin. Truth with a right to Drew. He clubs Drew down until Akira runs up and attacks from behind. Chop to Truth. Akira sends Truth into the corner, Drew helps him with a suplex to Truth. Cover from Akira is stopped by Drew, who works the left arm of Truth as Akira kicks the exposed shoulder. Akira pulls back on the right arm as Drew pulls back on the left. Drew with a headbutt. Right to Akira from Truth. Knee from Drew, Knee from Akira. Akira nearly umbles into the ref, who is seemingly stronger than any other male ref as she shrugs off the bump like nothing. Drew locks in the Gu-Lock. Akira to the top rope, Truth rolls out of the move, and Akira hits a senton to Drew. Kick from Truth.

TRuth sends Akira into the mat face first, then hits an AA to Drew onto Akira. Cover for Truth. 1..2….3!!!

Winner: R-Truth
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:14

Charley is here to interview Mandy and Dana. How did they hookup?

Mandy says that Dana has always been there for her, and she’s an incredible athelete, so she had no doubts. Dana says Mandy is such an inspiration. They know Riott Squad is next in line, but thy will be watching. Whoever wins that match, they are coming for those titles.

Mandy and Dana see an odd occurrence stage left, and a wild Dominik has appeared.

Match 6: Murphy vs Dominik Mysterio

Dominik sends Murphy to the corner immediately, hitting him with hard punches. Ref holds dom back and Murphy kicks him hard. Dom shoots the legs. Murphy rolls him over and mounts with rights. Dom reverses that and gets some rights as well. Dominik Sends Murphy outside of the ring. Murphy pulls Dom out of the ring, Dom sends him into the barricade. Again. Right hand. Dom rolls Murphy into the ring. Dom to the top rope. Murphy rolls out of the ring. Dominik hits the ropes, baseball slide, Murphy moves, Dom lands on his feet. He sends Murphy into the announce table. Murphy grabs Dom and sends him over the table with a toss. Murphy back in the ring. Ref is at 6. Murphy rolls back outside, grabs Dom and sends him into the apron face first. Again. Murphy stands on the apron, so Dom trips him up. Dom sends Murphy into the ring, heads to the otp rope, dives off with a crossbody, but Murphy rolls through, holds the tights, cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kick to Dom. Dom with a right hand. He sends Murphy into the corner. Another face first. Dom with a right hand. Back elbow from Dom. Knee strike from Murphy. Murphy up to his feet first. He stomps Dom, saying this doesn’t concern him. Kick to the back of Dom. Dom shoots him into the corner. Dom with a tornado DDT.

They end up outside. Dominik pulls up the apron and sees a kendo stick. Ref hits the count of 8 as Murphy stirs in the ring. He hops on the apron. Dom’s sister heads out to tell Dom to put the stick down. She tells her to leave, get out.

Murphy enters the ring. Murphy rolls him up and the ref hits a quick 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Murphy
Considering Rey’s daughter took part in a vicious beat down of Murphy just a few weeks ago with a kendo stick, I can’t see how this particular attack from Dominik is something she is concerned about. The match had the right kind of energy, but it is kind of odd hearing the grown ass Murphy tell Dom this doesn’t concern him. They’re flirting with a territory I don’t think they’re capable or good enough to handle properly.
Total Rating: **
Match Time:7:15

Rey’s daughter tries to stop Dom, as he yells saying he is doing this to protect his family and to protect their legacy. He then says dad was right; she is naïve. Rey’s daughter slaps Dominik and leaves.

BACKSTAGE, MVP throws a half empty water bottle at a janitor.

BACKSTAGE, Dolph has a challenger for Drew, and offers him to Pearce. He is not talking about himself. Pearce wants to talk. Why would Pearce have a say in who challenges if it’s…you know…an open one?

MVP is in the middle of the ring with his homies. He says this is an official announcement from The Hurt Business. MVP defines insanity and says that something is wrong with Apollo. They have sent Cedric to Hurt Business Boot Camp so that he doesn’t make any more dumb mistakes. MVP remembers all Apollo was talking at Payback, but he keeps running his head into the wall over and over again.

Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo come out for the match, but before it starts, Ali sends Shelton off the apron, and Ricochet flies in with a dropkick. Hurt Business goes on the attack until the lights flicker. Shelton, MVP, and Lashley enter the ring and go back to back to back. Retribution’s logo shows up on the screens.

We come back and the match is already going on. I guess Retribution did their dastardly deed of mildly inconveniencing several wrestlers.

Match 7: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews vs The Hurt Business

We start this report with Apollo hitting a German Suplex on Lashley. MVP is the legal man, though, and he sends Apollo into the corner. Kick to MVP an a right to Shelton. Apollo with a crossbody. Tag to Benji, tag to Ricohet. Springboard crossbody from Ricochet. Uppercut, moonsault off the ropes! Standing shooting star! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Ricochet grabs Shelton and drags him to the corner. Ricochet bounces off the 2nd rope, rolls through, into the corner, and Shelton runs into him with a knee. Tag to MVP. They double team Ricochet, slamming him down hard. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! MVP calls for the Playmaker, Ricochet escapes, kicks MVP away. Tag to Ali! He hops in and hits an axe, another to the chest, whip to MVP. Reversed. Ali ducks under, flies with a dropkick to MVP. Right hands in the corner. Whip to MVP is cut short. Knee from MVP. Neckbreaker from Ali! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Ali attacks Lashley on the outside. Apollo on the apron. Moonsault off the apron onto Lashly. Shelton there to clothesline Apollo. Ricochet on the apron. He runs and cannonballs himself onto Shelton.

In the ring, Ali rolls MVP up, gets shoved, Ali flies off with a DDT sends MVP down hard, then heads to the top rope. 450 Splash! Cover for 1..2….3!!!!!!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews
I love Ali, but I found no reason for The Hurt Business to lose here.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 5:07

We head backstage, and it looks like Flair’s the chip leader. Flair says he’s got a Royal Flush…but he doesn’t. Flair struts.

Bianca Belair competes in the first ever Four Person Elimination 100 Yard Dash.

Retribution video package, complete with glitches.

Drew comes out next, presumably to face Abu Dhabi.

Dolph’s music hits, and Drew shows annoyance, but not nearly as much as I am.

Well, the good news is it’s not Da Blue Payphone.

The glorious music hits and out comes the love child of Triple H and Joey Ryan.

Match 8: Robert Roode vs Drew McIntyre

Roode slips under a lockup and kicks the hammy a few times. He sends Drew into the corner, ref breaks it, so Roode chops Drew. Roode gets shoved, but runs right back to the leg. Drew with a right hand. He goes for a body slam, Roode slides down behind Drew, and rakes the back. Kick from Roode. Chop to Drew. Kick again to the leg. Roode locks the leg up on the rope and pulls it forward. Drew kicks Roode. Roode eats a hard chop from Drew. Another chop. Whip to Roode, and Drew kicks as Roode hops off the top. Roode rolls to the outside. Drew grabs the legs. Alabama Slam onto the apron!

We are back from the break, and both men are on the corner. Roode drops Drew and he bounces on the top ropes. Roode with a right hand. Drew hangs upside down off the top, but pulls himself up to send Roode flying. Dolph pulls Roode out of the ring to prevent an attack, so Drew pulls Dolph into the ring by the hair. Drew lifts Ziggler up, ready to attack, but Roode clips the leg from behind. Roode drops some elbows on the leg then a knee drop. Roode sends the leg into the post, then the left leg, and the right, as the ref counts Roode out. Ref hits 6. Roode rolls in to break the count then back out. Drew kicks Roode away then stumbles towards him by the booth. Roode kicks the left leg then drops Drew on the table knee first. Roode sends Drew into the ring then heads to the top rope. Drew turns. Roode flies off with a clothesline. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Roode locks the legs. He gets a Figure Four! Drew fights through the pain and spins the move, rolling Roode over to “reverse” the pressure. Roode reaches the ropes. Drew releases the hold. Headbutt from Drew! Whip to the ropes. BELLY TO BELLY from DREW!!! Drew with another! Drew kips up and collapses. SPINEBUSTER FROM ROODE! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Roode kicks out of the corner. Drew underhooks, Roode releases, goes for a pin, Drew rolls that over, Future Shock DDT! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Ziggler on the apron. Big Boot to Dolph! GLORIOUS DDT! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!

Roode yells for Drew to stand. He grabs Drew. Goes for another one, Drew shoves him, tilt a whirl, lockup, Drew hits the ropes. CLAYMORE KICK! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
Drew keeps rackin up those wins, and I ain’t even mad bout it.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:43

So backstage, the same janitor that MVP threw a water bottle at, pushes his cart slowly, then stops, grabs a chair from his cart, and walks over towards “Legend’s Lounge.”

It’s Randy Orton and he has night vision goggles, or 3D goggles. Who knows. Orton turns the lights off and makes short work of the “Legends.” The sound effects are atrocious, and sound like punches from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out more than actual chairs hitting anyone. Poker chips fall, and Orton turns the lights back on to show HBK laid out like a dead man, Big Show stirring in a corner, and Christian and Flair doing their best impression of drunken fools.

Refs and agents come running, although one can’t really discern why, and Orton, now hooded, points towards the door to let them know that’s where all the trouble is a-brewin.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
RAW, thankfully, did not have to continue the horrible storyline that is Retribution, giving us only a video package and a small interruption of The Hurt Business's...business. So, it had that going for it.We also didn't have to deal with RAW Underground, and I can only hope we never see it again. RAW was very much a mixed bag tonight, with wrestling ranging from bad (Lana and Natalya, 24/7 Championship) to too short (Andrade and Lee) to not so bad (Drew v Roode). Storywise, we had two open challenges, a large focus on clipping of the legs in several matches, and The Hurt Business being rude to people lesser than, including a janitor that may or may not have been Randy Orton. Speaking of Orton, the entire final segment was laughable for multiple reasons. The sound effects of chair shots were anything but, and although I understand the need to do this, nothing sounded the least bit real. From the sounds, to the gaggle of agents and refs somehow being aware of the beatdown (how?!), to Orton's silly informative finger point, it was laughable and a rare misstep in what has been a solid heel run by Orton. Middle of the road RAW here.

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