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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.7.20

September 7, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw Mysterios
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Acero’s WWE RAW Review 9.7.20  


Hey guys! There’s been so much wrestling over the last two weeks. Jesus! We are spoiled! Anyways, cards for Bingo will start sending out tomorrow for next week’s game! I hope y’all are ready! This will be the biggest Bingo yet, with the most amount of submissions for cards ever! Looking forward to it, but I swear to god, if there is more than five winners, you motherfuckers better send ME some money. Lol. I kid.

Hey all, it’s MJF’s Gum Guy, Tony Acero, and I just cashed my Khan Check. Looking forward to the obviously inferior WWE product tonight!

RAW starts live with Randy Orton. We are informed that Drew is still not cleared for Clash, but the match is signed nonetheless.

We get Lee v Orton again tonight. Cole is here. Oh no…

Orton says he said he’d hop through hoops to get to the title shot, and hop he did. He beat Owens, Rollins, and Lee. Yet here he is, facing Lee again. He tells Lee the more they cross paths, the more likely he is going to get kicked in the head. We don’t have the time to go over the list of people he’s kicked in the head, but you know it’s a lot.

He speaks to Drew directly, now. WWE has stated that Orton v McIntyre is set OF Drew recovers in time. Orton kicked Drew in the head and broke his jaw.

Let’s see the shitty kicks again!

Replay from two weeks ago.

What do ya do, ponders Orton…what do ya do when your champion can’t defend the title at the one PPV where every title must be defended. He has an answer; hand Orton the WWE Championship.


Oh, wait, it’s just…an ambulance.

Drew is driving it.

Did he….did he steal an ambulance? Is GTA ok?

Drew enters the ring and hits the ropes. CLAYMORE TO ORTON!

Out come some refs, trying to hold back Drew.

Backstage, MVP is walking backstage. They accost a janitor, which is such a heelish thing to do, honestly. Apparently, MVP heard the guy say something about Shelton’s mama. Lashley chokes him up against the wall. Shelton knees the guy in the belly then fixes his collar.

Honestly, that’s pretty out of character, even for these three.

Drew is backstage, walkin even though he stole an ambulance. Pearce is waiting for Drew. Drew says fractured jaw or not, he’s here to kick Orton’s ass come Clash. Pearce says Drew cannot wrestle. He needs Drew to leave, he then tells his security goons to not let anymore surprises happen. So…..we’ll get some surprises.

As Cedric makes his entrance, Lashley, Shelton, and MVP attack from behind. They leave him laying as Apollo and Ricochet go to check on their teammate.

Match 1: Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin vs Apollo, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet

Crews is quick to attack Lashley, sending him outside then into the barricade. They head back in the ring, but Shelton gets a tag and attacks Apollo. Clothslines sends apollo down. Tag to Lashley. He sends Apollo into the corner. Right hand from Lashley, and a boot. Lashley with a shoulder. Tag to Shelton. He rushes the corner with a high knee strike. Tag to MVP who rushes the corner with a pump kick. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Ricochet there to stop the pin. German from MVP to Apollo. Tag to Lashley who heads in to stomp the head. Lashley smacks the head around a bit as Cole wonders what makes The Hurt Business so dangerous. Cover from Lashley for 1..2…NO!!!! Lashley with a cravat. Tag from Shelton. Shelton sends Cedric off the apron. Enziguri from Apollo out of nowhere. Apollo reaches for Ricochet, but Cedric grabs Riccohet! He sends him into the barricade! He’s gone crazy!!! Cedric enters the ring. LUMBAR CHECK TO APOLLO. MVP is hyped, Shelton watches on. Lashley is all smiles.

Ref is all like “huh?” Shelton hits Paydirt and wins for the first time in seventeen years. He gets a pin for 1…2….3!!!!

Winners: Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin
Well…it happened.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:28

Cedric smirks as if this was the plan the whole time, which is weird because a) he was attacked before the match and b) All three of the opposition were in elated shock.

We return to RAW and The Street Profits are here. We are reminded that Retribution interrupted them last week for a bit, and Angel bein a lil fearsome fella.

Garza comes out by himself, then his buddy Andrade. Zelina is aside him, so that’s great. Andrade walks right past Angel, and so does Zelina. Angel seems nonplussed.

Match 2: Angel Garza and Andrade vs The Street Profits

Garza starts with the removal of the pants, causing a massive hit in HP for Ford. Side headlock to Ford as Zelina questions if Angel has “Got this” or not. Angel shoves Ford, and Ford fires back with a clothesline. Angel tags in Andrade. Andrade wasn’t paying attention, though, and gets slapped in the check. Andrade enters. As does Dawkins. Andrade rushes Dawkins. Dropkick to Dawkins. T-Bone anda splash in the corner is missed. Garza is being yelled at again by Zelina. Andrade yells at him from the ring. Zelina continues to admonish him, so Angel is like I’m outtie, y’all. Andrade misses some knees in the corner.

Spinebuster from Dawkins. Tag to Ford. Frogsplash and a pin for 1..2….um….ref stops at 2? It’s called a three, someone messed up there.

Winners: The Street Profits
Another in the long line of tag teams that the WWE has lost interest in. I’m not completely bothered by the split of these two, as I feel they can do big things as singles stars, but the stop and start of the ‘break-up’ has likely made it so that no one will care. I know I don’t.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:58
Dunn Counter: 35 Cuts


Shinsuke and Cesaro look quite dapper, and Cole stupidly wonders if this is because of the Brand to Brand Invitiational that they forgot about around a month ago.

We return and Cesaro wants to have some words with The Street Profits. Cesaro is shocked to find out they are the longest reigning champs for years, but Cesaro is sure no one cares because when people think of them, they think of basketball, golf, playing with ninjas. Cesaro is going to prove it. We have a Quarterly Brand-to-Brand Invitational. They challenge The Profits to a match next week. Shinsuke wants the smoke, but Dawkins says copyright infringement. He says they are more than a tag team, they are family. Ford says they got a real bond, not like The Bar 2.0. Cesaro has had so many partners, he may wanna get tested.

Ford says next week, it’s Champs vs Champs, and it’s on. They, in fact, want the ——

Cesaro stops Ford, and Shinsuke says “Smoke.”

Cole laughs, to diminish any credibility of the segment’s humor.

Owens vs Aleister Black in RAW Underground for no reason tonight.

Earlier today, R-Truth is having dinner in a “restaurant” with his 24/7 title. Someone comes in and brings a table of dessert. The server removes the lid and reveals a ninja. In comes Akira and a ref. Truth tosses his title to Lil Jimmy. Lil Jimmy drops the title like a fool. Truth fights the ninjas off and runs out of the restaurant with the one stuck in the dessert tray.

So….Kay has what I think are bat wings on her side? She is known as a Femme Fatale, a total deviation from her previous stint.

Match 3: Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay

Royce with a headlock takedown, Kay with the head scissors. Royce escapes. Kay with a headlock takedown, Royce escapes. They argue over who lost for each other. Snapmare by Billie, but Royce escapes, walks up Kay, Kay shoots the leg, misses an elbow, Royce locks up from behind. Kay breaks the hold, revrses, they hit the ropes, Royce shoots Kay off of her and hits a leg lariat to the face. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Kay can’t believe it. Royce with a knee, and the “crowd” shouts so loudly. Like, as if Big Show and Brock broke the ring loud. Kay sends Royce into the corner. Another head to the buckle. Kay flips Peyton behind her then covers for 1..2…NO!!! She hooks the leg, tries for a suplex, then roll Royce up instead. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Royce with a jumping kick. She then hits the spinning neckbreaker she’s been using to finish her foes. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Peyton Royce

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:37
Dunn Counter: 77 Cuts

Royce helps Kay up. Kay favors her neck. Royce hugs her.

Mysterio and his family are backstage, and they look like my cousins at a family Christmas party, I shit you not…

Dom is the kid whose mother left his matching outfit out on the bed, but he refused to wear it because he is too cool.

Anyways, Murphy is pullin a Ramblin Rabbit and watching from the shadows.

We come back to RAW and Charley welcomes the Mysterio family to the ring. Charley asks Rey for an update. He thanks her for having them all here tonight. Rey wanted closure against Seth, but that didn’t happen. As for his tricep, he doesn’t have a timetable yet, but he can’t wait to come back in this ring and defeat Seth.

Charley wonders if Rey gave Dom any words of advice. Rey is proud. He knows what he needs to do tonight. We know Murphy wants vengeance, but Rey is confident that Dom knows what’s up.

Charley asks what it means to defend his family.

He is interrupted by Murphy who is full screen on the tron. He wants to answer the question; Dom should feel awful. It was because of Dom that the one man that picked Murphy up when he was down, turned his back on Murphy. It’s because of Dom that Seth left him and wants nothing to do with him.

Rey tells Murphy it’s not their fault that murphy pledged his loyalty to an evil SOB like Seth. Murphy sees clearly now, though. Dom has a bright future, but the ultimate sacrifice will be to end it before it begins. Murphy wants a Street Fight tonight.

Dom grabs the mic and tells Murphy that he’s no worse than Seth, so tonight he’s more than willing to embarrass him again in front of Seth. He accepts.

Murphy asks that Mysterio’s family is ringside, because it’ll be the last match they will see him in.

Dom warns Murphy that if he lays a hand on his family, he will no longer be able to breathe.

Not to defend Murphy or anything, but not once did he mention anything about hurting anyone in Dom’s family…

Oh yay, Nia is wrestling soon.

Backstage, Shayna is wondering why she’s got a handicap match tonight. It’s Nia’s fault for saying that Shayna could take 2 of them on at once.

Drew is backstage, says he forgot his phone in the ambulance that he stole, but clearly he has it (it’s in his hand) now, so he’s on his way out.

Match 4: Asuka and Mickie James vs Lana and Natalya

Asuka and Mickie show dissension, because that makes sense. Nattie and Mickie start. Headlock takedown to Mickie. Mickie with head scissors. Side headlock from Mickie. Tackle to Nattie. Tag to asuka. Whip to Nattie, and Nattie tags in Lana. Lana and Asuka lockup. Asuka backs her into th ropes. Ref breaks it. Lana goes for a kick, Asuka drops the kick and gets one of her own. Tag to Mickie. Lana and Natalya in the corner. Tag and they double team Mickie by whipping Mickie into the corner. Nattie slams Mickie’s face into the mat. Nat with a suplex. She mounts and hits some right hands. Natalya goes for a body slam, Mickie floats over, rolls up Natalya. 1..2…NO!!! Nat drops an axe on the back of Mickie. Tag to Lana, who hits the ropes and drops a knee on Mickie. X-Factor and a cover for 1..2…NO!! Asuka there to stop the pin. Nattie comes in and sends Asuka out of the ring. Natalya rushes mIckie, Mickie sends her outside. Mickie with a neckbreaker to Lana. Mickie goes for a tag, but Asuka is knocked out on the floor. Mickie says she’s goin up, on a Monday. Asuka gets a tag by slappin that ass. Asuka with the Asuka Lock to Lana. Mickie slides in to stop Natalya and hits a kick Lana taps.

Asuka gets a tag by slappin that ass. Asuka with the Asuka Lock to Lana. Mickie slides in to stop Natalya and hits a kick Lana taps.

Winners: Asuka and Mickie James
The tension between Asuka and Mickie can simply be that Mickie wants the title. The added animosity comes off as forced and too new to matter or us to believe.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:51
Dunn Counter: 111 Cuts

And with that, our awesome commenter The Elusive Wild Bologna is spent! Thank you for sticking with it for three matches! Unfortunately, he is exhausted at attempting to count the camera cuts for the matches, but amen to him for trying.

MVP and Lashley hype Cedric up in the back. Shelton comes to Cedric and says if this is a game, he will find out, and he will teach Cedric why they are called The Hurt Business.

MVP has new music that coincides with The Hurt Business. A bitter sweet change if there ever is one. Looks like he finally came.

MVP is here to say that bones and bottles are poppin. This is a special edition, because this young man has made a career changing decision. He, Cedric, has decided to join The Hurt Business. MVP says his life changes from this day forward. Lashley hands him a shirt. It’s official. The back of the shirt says “I’m In.” I swear, I’ve seen shirts sold like this outside of The Staples Center after Disney on Ice.

Cedric says he’ll keep it short and sweet; instead of being on the business end of a beatdown, he’d rather learn and he’d rather earn. MVP told him to his face that it’s the hardest thing in the world to be a tag team partner to a guy called The One and Only. What about him? And Apollo? Why is Cedric sacrificing himself for someone else’s title opportunity?

Cedric is cut off by The Viking Raiders.

Apollo and Ricochet are here along with them.

The four men attack The Hurt Business. The faces clear the ring to the fake cheers of the fake crowd.

Match 5: The Viking Raiders, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews vs MVP, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, and Shelton Benjamin

Ricochet and Shelton to start. Shelton stomps the back of Ric then hits a suplex. Cover for 1….2.NO! Tagto Apollo who comes in to splash Shelton in the corner. Another splash but Shelton kicks Apollo down hard. Tag to MVP. MVP kicks, Apollo catches the boot, drops a fist to the back. Tag to Ivar. He beats MVP down a bit then lifts him into a head bash in the corner. Tag to Erik. Erik tosses MVP into a knee from Ivar, who tosses MVP into a kne from Erik. Right hand from Erik. Knees against the ropes. Tag to Ivar who comes in and hits a crossbody and a pin for 1….2..NO!!!

Erik tries to send Lashley down to the mat, but cant. Tag from Shelton. Erik sends him into the corner. SPEAR from Lashley! Shelton drags Erik into the middle of the ring. Body slam. Another. A third. Shelton locks up for a suplex, hits on. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Cravat from behind. Whip to the corner, and a running knee from Shelton. Tag to Lashley. He rushes the corner with a shoulder. Tag to MVP. MVP in with a pump kick to the face. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! MVP chokes Erik up on the ropes then hits a crossface. Tag to Cedric who, because he’s a heel now, scrapes a forearm across the face, then tags in Shelton. Kick to Erik. Knee from Erik. Both men down. Tag to Ricochet, Tag to MVP. Richochet runs up MVP, hits an Enziguri. Kicks Shelton off the apron. He hits the ropes and flies with a moonsault, then another! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Cedric rolls into the ring and Ricohet stops the pin. Cedric calls for action, but MVP clocks Ric from behind. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Cedric, and he comes in. Spinning kick off the ropes to the head of Ricochet. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Cedic tries for the Lumbar Check, but Ricochet chops out. Kick, right hand, chop to Ricochet, kick from Ric, suplex attempt,Ric lands on his feet, eats an elbow. Kick to Cedrick, Double underhook! SUPLEX! 1…2…N!O!!! MVP ther to stop it Running knee from Erik! Spinebuster from Benji, Kick from Apollo. Lashley with a Big Ending move. Ivar sends Lashley int othe post. He hits the ropes. Ivar launches himself with a suicide dive.

Ricochet is up. 630 attempt, Cedric rolls out of the way. Michinoku Driver from Cedric!

Pin for 1..2….n…3!!! Looks like Ricochet kicked out, but ref calls it and Cole confirms after some confusion. It’s possible Ivar got legit hurt, they rushed the end, and Ric didn’t get the call.

Winners: Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin
I’d personally build some sort of program out of Ricochet and Cedric, because that small preview we got there was sick, and a feud between them two would inevitably lead to what I’m sure would be an amazing match. But alas…
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:20

Medical Personnel check on Ivar on the outside. MVP is also laid out on the outside.

Drew is, apparently, walking down the longest hallway ever. In comes Charley to wonder why he’s still here. Turns out Drew grabbed his wrong phone, and cant find the exit. Don’t worry though, he’ll find one.

Owens comes up to Shane backstage, and Shane says their differences is water under the bridge. Owens wonders if it’s that easy. Owens says he wishes he could say it’s nice to see Shane, but he’s still a jackass.

Shane gets the door for Owens, then the doorman gets the door for Shane. No one gets the door for him.

Lol, found an article about a man who stole an ambulance in Florida. Oh, Fla….you’re great.

Read it here

We get a video package instead of an entrance for Lee. Interesting.

Match 6: Randy Orton vs Kieth Lee

Orton rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell sounds. Orton back in the ring slowly, favoring his jaw. Orton calls for a test of strength then rolls back out of the ring. Lee grabs Orton by his ear and yanks him up like an angry grandmother. Orton hangs him up, rolls into the ring, and Lee drops his ass. Lee grabs the head, orton with a thumb to the eye. Orton with an uppercut. Another. Lee into the corner. Another uppercut. Orton sends Lee into the corner. Whip and Lee reverses. Clothesline, missed, Orton goes for an RKO, but Lee holds himself up!!! He locks the waist, shoves, hits a back elbow! Sick.

Orton rolls to the outside. Lee runs outside. He rushes Orton, Orton lays on the floor, tripping Lee, and he hits the barricade. Orton rolls into the ring. Ref hits a 6 count. 7. 8. Lee rolls in. Orton stomps the leg. He stomps the other leg. Gets the hand, and a cover for 1….NO!!! Cravat from behind. Orton with the body scissors. Lee is able to stand with the hold on. Orton sends him into the corner. Orton shoots for another RKO. Lee ejects Orton and escapes the move.

Lee splashes in the corner, goes for a running elbow, then hits a lifting and spinning powerslam. Pin for 1….2…NO!!!! Backslide attempt, but Orton with an RKO!!!


Winners: Randy Orton via DQ
Easily the match of the night, and the little things that Orton is allowing for Lee is just nice to see. That initial escape of the RKO was pretty awesome to see.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 6:26

Pearce comes out to yell at Drew, telling him he is putting himself at risk. Lol. OK. Pearce tells refs to go help Orton. There’s three, because Orton’s jaw is so heavy…

We head to Raw Underground where Black is kicking someone’s head off.His eye cover is gone, so I guess he and Rey have the same amazing doctor. Shane says we are still awaiting for Owens, even though e saw Shane let him in like ten minutes ago…

Owens is here, rushes the ring, shoots the legs, mounts with punches, Black tries to work the leg, Owens stops him and headlock, knees, punches from Black. Spinebuster to Black. Owens drags him to the outside then sends Black into the apron. Back body drop on the outside. Shane tells us we will be right back for more.

I don’t want more…

Backstage, Orton tells Pearce that his word means nothing to Orton.

Sorry for all of those who wanted to see Owens and Black continue fighting, but we got RAW to take care of. They’ll just hang out till we are ready to head back there.

Match 7: Shayna Baszler vs Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan

Ruby and Shayna to start. Side headlock to Ruby. Ruby escapes but Shayna drops her, oes for a kick to the head, misses, arm drag from Ruby. Shayna works the wrist, bending it back hard. Nia yells from the outside “I bet you wont” as Shayna flips Ruby on her back. Nia yells from outside of the ring that she can do that. This is so annoying. Ruby rolls Shayna out but Shayna wont break the hold. Punches from Ruby. Finally, she reaks the hold .Tag to Liv. Shayna rolls Ruby away then clocks Liv off the apron. Ruby holds the foot. Liv with a dropkick to Shanya on the apron. She enters sand kicks the leg of Shayna. Another kick. Liv tries for a takedown, but Shayna with a gutwrench slam. Kick to the chest. She drops the boot to the elbow of Liv, working the wrist, as Nia says she’s seen better from the outside.

Shayna grabs Liv and tries for a Samoan Drop instead, but Liv rolls her up for 1….2….3!!!!

Winners: Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan
I’m not even sure if I can complain about this result without sounding hypocritical, as my initial reaction was that Liv and Ruby would lose to prove how dominant Shayna is, yet here they are winning, and it still feels wrong…
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:31

Back to RAW Underground, and Owens and Black are still going at it. Owens goes for a heel hook then pulls back on the face of Black. Black kicks out of it and hits a knee. Owens mounts, hits some punches, Arm bar from Black, but Owens slides to the floor then swings Black into a nearby wall. Black is dead. Owens breathes life back into him and gets kicked. Owens punhes some nearby dude, then another, andBlack fights some jobbers off as well.

Match 8: Nia Jax vs Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan

Nia shoves Ruby down hard. Nia talks shit to Shayna. Ruby with a right, Nia misss a right, shoves, and Ruby hops up, Nia goes for a Samoan Drop, Ruby slides down, goes for a rollup but Nia lifts her for a headbutt. Nia tosses Ruby across the ring. Tag to Liv. Liv enters, hits a dropkick to the knees. Kick in the crner. Tag to Ruby. They kick Nia over and over. Tag to Liv, I think. They do some more kicks. Tag to Ruby. Whip to Liv. Liv with a hip attack. Crossbody from Ruby. Cover for 1….NO!!! Nia up with a hard clothesline. Submission from behind. Ruby with a jawbreaker, but Nia trucks her down with a shoulder. Nia tries to do the wrist breaker thing that Shayna does, but Ruby rolls out of the way. Right to Nia, Nia lifts her up, tag from Liv, lights go in and out.

Kick from Ruby to the face, Liv shoves Nia, then hits knees to the face Cover for 1..2….

Lights go out.

Retribution fuckery.

Winner: No Contest

Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:16

We get a video package saying Thunderdome is just a façade. WWE left these guys to survive in an unfair world. They are left to feed on nothing but the scraps of contempt. They are driven to destroy and lay waste to every superstar and fan. Blinded, we cannot see what we do not have, so the locust of content will feed upon all of us. The darkness of Retribution will seep into the pores of every superstar and all of the WWE Universe.

They are Retribution…

Looks like their kickstarter finally gained some traction, as they have a logo and their ninja outfits are just a liiiiitle nicer than the Akira Ninjas.

We come back to RAW and Cole talks about Retribution and skincare or something to that affect.

Backstage, The Mysterio is readying their fight. They get more promo time, and Rey says that murphy’s message is clear. Rey says if Murphy tries anything, they know how to handle themselves.

Back to RAW Underground, and Owens kicks some legs, then mounts Black. Black tries again with the arm but Owens stomps Black. Hammerfists, says Shane, to the head. Black runs over to a headbutt, then drops down. Owens is woozy. Black fakes a kick with the left, then hits one with a right. Owens shoves Black, then shoves that big dude they’ve been trying to make us care about He enters the ring and slams Owens down hard, then Black mounts and gets chokeslammed for his troubles by homeboy and Shane says that’s it…


So, Owens, a “prized-fighter” fights a well-known striker and MMA dude in a venue with no rules and no prize whatsoever on the line, then said MMA dude AND Owens are single handledly demolished by some no-name dude with a bad haircut?

Orton is backstage holding his jaw. He’s got his bag and is ready to go. Charley walks up to him, ready to ask him something, but Drew is here to attack. He sends Orton into a nearby ring, then shoves his face into a buckle. Drew grits his teeth and seethes, which makes me wonder just how good that is for his fractured jaw. He rolls Orton into the backstage ring. Claymore to Orton.

Orton is taken away in the now infamous City of Orlando ambulance. He better be careful, Drew knows how to steal one of those.

The Mysterios make their entrance to Rey’s music, with Rey, Dominik, and Rey’s daughter holding a kendo stick.

Match 9: Street Fight
Dominik Mysterio vs Buddy Murphy

Knee to the face of Dom! Murphy rolls him outside and sends him into the barricade back first. Rey is nearby with a kendo stick. Murhpy sends Dom into the announcers. Murphy heads over to Rey, staring him down, then back to Dom, who gets clotheslined from Dom. Right hands to the back. Knee to Murphy. He sends Murphy over the announce table. Dom sends Murphy up the ramp. Murphy sends him into the barricade, then takes him over to the floor near the stage. Dom sends Murphy into another barricade. Dom climbs some screens. He’s on top of the first row of screen. He dives. Crossbody!!!!

We return to Dom sending Murphy into the apron then the barricade. Dom takes Murphy back up the ramp again. Murphy kicks him, Dom sends Murphy into the entrance. Axe handle. Right elbow to the head. Murphy heading back to the ring again. Dom attacks the back. Right hand to the face. Murphy gets a hit in, runs, sends Dom’s head down hard on the ramp. Kick from Murphy to the back. Murphy with another kick. He shouts for Rey to get out of the way and drags Dom over to the family. He looks to drive his eye into the steps, but Dom sends him into the barricade. Again. Geez. Kick from Murphy. He hits a suplex onto the barricade. Murphy sits on the apron, staring, and waiting for Dom come out of the crowd and back into the match. Murphy grabs Dom by the head and flips him over the barricade onto the mat. Hard kick to the back. Murphy has a chair, now, and send it into the mid section of Dom. Again. Murphy sends Dom into the ring. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Abdominal stretch from Murphy. Murphy drives the elbow into the side of Dom, pinching his lonjas. Dom is able to send Murphy to the outside, but he comes flying back in and sends Dom’s shoulder into the barricade Again. AGAIN!! Murphy locks up Dominic in the ropes like when they beat his ass with a kendo stick. Dominic kicks Murphy then tries to escape. Too bad he’s not an Escape Goat.

Dom’s sister and mom release Dom from the ropes. He slides through the bottom and hits a Sunset Bomb into a table!!!! Sick. He sends Murphy into the ring. Frog Splash to Murphy! Pin for 1….2…NO!!!! Dom locks Murphy up in the ropes. He calls for his dad. Dom hits him with a stick across the chest one time. Rey tells Seth he hopes he is watching. He smacks Murphy one time, then tells Seth Payback is A Bitch. Dom beats Murphy with some hits. Rey with some hits on the back. They’re going back and forth. Dom removes the shirt of Murphy. Rey calls for his daughter and wife.

All four are in. Rey’s daughter smacks Murphy one time in the stomach. Rey’s wife says she cant do it. Then she does it. They whole family gets some hits and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: San Diego
The match was incredibly formulaic with every other attack being on or against the barricade. Some goodness was sprinkled in there for Dom, like the crossbody and the Sunset Bomb, but everything else was pretty boring. The beatdown both during the match and afterwards was a bit f overkill, as there was no reason, really, for the daughter and the mother to get involved, and came off as way too much near the end there. Leave it to the WWE to overdo even the most simple of things.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 14:20

After the match, Rey’s family beats down Murphy from all angles.

End Show

The final score: review Poor
The 411
A solid Smackdown most definitely does not promise a good RAW, as tonight was more of the same, causing for an easily missable show, and one that had a lot of cracks showing on the surface. Not that there is much depth to begin with. On the plus side, we finally got what is called a "Mission Statement" from Retribution, and it appears they have funding, because their logo was out there for the world to see. Nia and Shayna continue to be the tag team that shouldn't, all while Peyton Royce beats Billie for no reason, and Cedric's sudden heel turn strips him of any turmoil felt just a week ago. Let's not forget that Mickie James and Asuka seemingly do not get along in the slightest, and this dissension causes for a newfound furor in the upcoming match between the two. Especially considering we've seen none of this animosity prior to tonight. Yes, this is all sarcasm, as the WWE continues to put on a product that is insulting to the intelligence of any viewer, and calls to question more things than answer any. The writing is bad, from story to dialogue, to promo to commentary, and tonight was another example of that.

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