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Acero’s WWE Smackdown Review 07.24.20

July 24, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Sheamus Jeff Hardy Smackdown 7-24-20
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Acero’s WWE Smackdown Review 07.24.20  

I’m home! Note to self and all others; if you have no children, do not go on a trip with your niece and nephew when said trip entails close quarters for over seven days.

I’ve never missed Vanessa so much.

She says hi.

We start with a preview of what’s to come. Jeff goes full AA on us with a introduction, and a few quick clips of a bar with the most basic name ever.

Sheamus has a promo to start the show as well, similar to what we saw last week. Sheamus and Jeff each claim they re going to beat each others’ asses.

We even get a JBL video ala cell phone where he seems hyped as all heck to get down with the get down.

“Irish Shannons” is closed for business. Sheamus’s bartender is cleaning the same glass for roughly thirty-two rotations.

Bayley and Sasha come out to talk about what went down at Extreme Rules. Sasha’s outfit is…wow.

Sasha wants to give the dictionary definition of greatness. Bayley says this is the old definition of greatness, and now that they possess all the gold, they have a new definition of greatness. It’s “The quality or state of being great.” The crowd chants YOU SUCK and Bayley takes offense. She fires back with joy, as Sasha says the Women’s Evolution. It started with them and ends with them. This is a new era. The Era of Sasha Banks and Bayley.

To all the girls at home, just know that if you do great things, but no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as great as them.

Nikki interrupts their poorly written promo to say that Sasha is nothing but a fraud. She ruined the title and stole the title from Asuka. The era of Sasha and Bayley is over. Bayley wonders if she forgot her rabies medicine. Alexa tries to talk Nikki out of whatever it is she is planning. She says her ribs are cracked, she wants to take it out on both of them, but she wants to start with Bayley. She wants a shot at the title, now.
Bayley tells her to hold her horses, brings up the win at Extreme Rules, saying she won fair and square. Being the role model that she is and this being the land of opportunity. Nikki can have her championship rematch IF she can beat Alexa Bliss tonight. Bayley says the winner can face her for the title next week.

Nikki shoves Alexa, and screams that they have to do it. Nikki marches to the ring, ready for the match.

Match 1: Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross

Lockup and Bliss backs Nikki into the ropes, then the corner. Nikki chokes her up for a two count till the ref stops her. Sasha’s glasses have tassles on them. Bliss works the left arm, Nikki flips out, reverses, Nikki drops down and rolls out, working the arm again, and continues to work the wrist. Bliss breaks the hold, rolls up Nikki for 1…NO! Both girls up. Nikki with a roll up for 1…NO!!! Lockup and Alexa gets a side headlock takedown. Leg scissors, Alexa escapes, Nikki with a take down, Alexa gets a leg scissors. Wasit lock into a side headlock by Alexa. Bliss with a shoulder tackle to Nikki. Nikki runs over, then gets arm dragged, again, by Nikki. Nikki grabs the head out of the corner, goes for a DDT, Alexa stops her, locks up for one, Alexa slaps Nikki so Nikki hits a clothesline. Niki rushes with a right hand to the face, a clothesline, a dropkick to the face. Nikki hits a splash in the corner. Whip to Alexa. Another splash and a bulldog to Alexa. Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Nikki lifts Alexa for a spinning neckbreaker, but escapes and hits a dropkick to the face. Alexa rushes for a dive, but Nikki pulls the apron. Bliss falls through, hits a right, kicks. Bayley and Sasha talk shit from the announce table. Bliss and Nikki stare them down then punch both of them in the mouth as we go to break.

We are back, and Bliss has Nikki on the apron. Nikki grabs some hair and Alexa slaps her then hits a shoulder to the ribs. Nikki drops down and Bliss kicks from in the ring to the outside. Nikki is near the table. She rolls back in the ring and Bliss kicks her in the mid section then attacks the ribs in the corner. Bliss with a snapmare into a submission hold. Bliss stands then kicks the ribs. She drops some knees, goes for a moonsault, but Nikki rolls out of the ring. Bliss follows. She gets a knee from Nikki. Alexa sends Nikki into the barricade then splashes her .Alexa enters the ring for the countout win, but Nikki rolls in at 6. Alexa hits a move that we don’t see because they flip to Sasha and Bayley. Alexa with some knees. She hits another pair of knees. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kick to the ribs again. She corners Nikki then drives a shoulder into the ribs. Bliss sends Nikki down hard head first. Bliss works the right anr from above. She steps on the ribs of Cross then kicks her in the back. Bliss locks the arm up again. She drives an elbow into the ribs. Nikki arm drags her away then hits a jawbreaker. Throat thrust. She shoves the mid section. Right hands from Nikki. She gets Alexa in the corner with some rights, then sends her into the buckle a few times face first. Cross to the 2nd rope. She locks the head and goes for the DDT but Alexa tosses her off. Bliss with a ick to the chin. She hops over then hits a destroyer and a pin for 1..2….NO!!! Bliss to the top rope. Nikki is up. She hits a right hand. Cross locks the head for a superplex, but Alexa attacks the ribs. She drives an elbow to the back, hops over Nikki, lands on her eet, isses a clothesline. Cross drops Alexa using her own arm and covers for 1..2…NO!!! Cross with a firemans, she floats over, drops Bliss with an inverted DDt. Cover for 1..2…..NO!!! Nikki to the top rope.

Nikki dives for a crossbody, but Bliss rolls towards the corner, and Nikki lands on the mat. Bliss runs towards her, but the ref stops her and checks on Nikki. Bliss walks into a surprise rollup for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Nikki Cross
Everything before the commercial was utterly pointless, to the point where they went Wrestling Match Start 101 with the headlock/leg scissors/kip up stalemate. This, mixed with constant cuts to commentary for no reason, even at one point completely missing an offensive move from Alexa, made for an eye-roll enducing start. Luckily, the girls turned it on after the break. Bliss went heel, focusing on the ribs, and even though Nikki didn’t really sell her ribs as “cracked,” the match did get better.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 14:51

BACKSTAGE, Nikki is happy to have one more chance. In comes Alexa who says Nikki got one over on her, and hands her some water. Bliss says that Nikki remembers when she said she didn’t get the same opportunities as Alexa, but tonight she earned it. Congrats. Nikki thanks her. Bliss says now it’s time to focus on beating Bayley and becoming the champion. She can do it.

Firefly Funhuse has some technical difficulties, and we get a recap of the Swamp Fight, complete with the Bliss Twist.


We are back to the Firefly Funhouse, where Bray has his head-wrapped lantern on the table. He says a Family Reunion warms his soul. Braun came back home. He knows we are worried that Braun is trapped in the swamp, but it’s ok. It’s 100% certified organic.

We get back to the head, and Wyatt tells him that his job is done for now. It whispers some shit. Bay says he can’t let him out again. Bray says he had his chance. Bray says it’s his turn now. He has been unleashed.


We are taken back to last week where Riddle took on AJ and lost, then was attacked by Corbin.

Riddle heads out high as fuck.

Match 2: Matt Riddle vs. Tony Nese

Riddle with a waistlock takedown. A gutwrench suplex, another. Broton to Nese and a cover for 1..NO!! Another Broton. 1…2..NO!!! Nese with an uppercut. He bounces Riddle off the top rope then hits a moonsault off the middle rope and covers for 1..2..NO!!!! Leg scissors around the waist from Nese. Riddle breaks the hold and Nese hops on the back with a sleeper. Riddle locks the waist in piledriver position, but Nese knees out of it. Riddle kicks him into the corner. Back elbow. A running forearm. Toss out of the corner.

Riddle hits the ropes, kick to the chest of Nese. Riddle locks the waist. Bro Derek. Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Matt Riddle
Poor Nese.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:00

Riddle says he’s kind of new here, and he doesn’t know how this works, but he’s going to give it a try. He calls King Corbin out. Says let’s go.

Corbin comes out and says he’s right, he doesn’t get to come out here and call someone out. He must put in a formal request, but he will tell you now that his request will be rejected. Riddle isn’t ready; he doesn’t belong in Corbin’s kingdom. He’s just a frat boy with no shoes. He doesn’t belong in a professional atmosphere like Smackdonw, you know, where there is a bar fight main event.

Corbin is putting out a King’s ransom to anyone that can prove to the world that Riddle doesn’t belong in his kingdom.

Riddle says, “Bro…you got it all wrong.” He calls Corbin’s kingdom weird, and made up. He says Corbin is the next special guest star on The Bro Show.

Nese tries to attack from behind, and Riddle kicks him on the side of the face.

Cole claims Nese was trying to cash in on The King’s Ransom – you know, the amount that was not specified or determined.

Backstage, Morrison and Miz re online, reading 411mania.com. They’re trying to come up with hashtags.

JBL again, here to say that winning a bar fight is not about talent.

IN THE RING, Miz and Morrison ready us for Miz TV. They make fun of Seth’s puking, wonder if he is depressed. They move on to their guest, Naomi.

She’s out as Miz and Morrison dance to her music. Miz welcomes her and says last week, she suffered a heartbreaking loss and yet despite this loss, it was Noami who trended worldwide. She says it’s crazy, the fans support her. It’s not always easy for her to come out, but she does for these people. We are her motivation. This was not the first time she went viral. She also did this at The Rumble, but she didn’t win that match, either.

Miz doesn’t understand how she trends for losing. Shouldn’t people be talking about Lacey Evans. How does losing make her feel?

Naomi says they are making her sick. How sick? Lol.

Naomi snaps and we get five Seth Rollins pukes. Uh…ok.

Naomi says it’s not about trending. What she needs to be asking is why people are supporting her and why are we mad about Lacey attacking her? That’s the topic.

Miz says he didn’t have those questions. Naomi wonders why he feels they can pass judgment. She’s been here for ten years, gives it her all every time, that’s why fans care and support her.

She stands and wonders if they need more explanation.

They got a surprise for her. Out comes Lacey.

Lacey wonders if they’ve ever had their ass kicked so bad that it became a pity viral. She’s been here for over ten years and doesn’t have much to show for it. Naomi has had enough. She attacks.

Backstage, Big E asks Kofi how he is. Kofi says he’s out about 6 weeks. Big E promises they’ll get the belts back. Kofi says he appreciates this, but the universe is trying to speak to them. Woods is out. Kofi is out. Right now..it’s Big E’s time.

Big E hears him but—

Kofi cuts him off. This is about E showing the world what he can do. Kofi says they want this for ihm. He’s earned it. He deserves this and has their blessing.

Kofi wants a hug. They hug it out, gently, because Kofi is delicate.

AJ is here with his shiny belt.

Match 3: Lince Dorado vs Grand Metalik vs Drew Gulak vs Chad Gable

Gulak rolls up Metalik but it’s broken up and he and Lince double team and drop one another onto Gulak until they back into each other and look to fight. Lince lcips the legs, they do some dives and runs until Gulak pulls Lince to the outside and body slams him in front of the announce table. Metalik launches himself with a head scissors and sends Gulak to the outside. In the ring, Gable goes for a German, Metalik lands on his feet. Arm drag but Gable. Whip to the. Ropes, springboard, Gable side steps, kick from Metalik, he runs the ropes, dropkick from the second rope. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! GUlak in to stop the pin. Dropkick from Dorado. He works the arm, but Gulark reveses and hops over then flips away. Kick to Gulak out the corner. He runs, hits the ropes, hurricanrana, and Gulak flies to the outside. Lince runs, ducks a clothesine and hits a suicide dive to Gulka. Metalik kicks Gable, then springboards and Gable hits a dropkick! He hits the top rope and moonsaults onto all three men on the outside.

We come back to Gable sending Metalik into a right by Gulak .Back suplex and a cover from gable for 1..2.NO! Gulak there, Dorado in to cover, Gable breaks it up, Dorado covers, that’s broken up. Dorado gets sent to the outside. Gulak works Gable’s head, but Gable gets a backslide, which is reversed, which is reversed again but too close to the ropes. Gable with a suplex. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Gable has Metalik on the ropes. Gulak in to shove Gable to hit some stomps. Gable fights back. They look to wannaone up one another. GUlka kicks mEtalik, they double team, Metalik hits an elbow to oth men off the ropes.

Dorado in the ring. Clothesline to everyone. Gable to the outsid.e Chop to Gulak in the corner. Gulak misses a clothesline. Kick from Dorado. Moonsault off the ropes for 1..2..NO!!! Lince gets sat up on the top rope. He dives with a frog splash cross body and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! AJ is bored. Lince rwhips, Gulak bounces off with a cutter and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Metalik stops the pin. Lince is upset. They argue. Gable shoves Metalik into Lince. He hits suplex to Metalik. One to Lince. Gable with a cannonball in the corner to both Lince and Metalik. Exploder to GUlak, Fishermans into a pin on Metalik for 1..2…NO!!! Gable grabs GUlak, locks up from behind. Gulak breaks the hold, turns into it, hits a slam into THE GULOCK! Gable tries to stan, uses the ropes to alk out of the hold and clip the legs into an ANKLE LOCK!!!! Gulak reaches for the ropes. He looks to tap. He’s close to the bottom, but Gulak drags him. GUlak locks the leg up. Dorado flies off the top with a splash. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Dorado dives with a moonsault. Another moonsault. A third one from the top, but Gulak is up and crotches him! Gulak locks up from behind.

Gable stands under Gulak and dumps him to the outside Gable to the top rope. GERMAN!!! Holy shit. Metalik with an elbow drop to Gable! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
The problem here is that Grand Metalik has never, ever, ever not even once been seen as a legit threat to anyone ever. This, coupled with a match that was just thrown together for no reason, where no one really deserved the shot, or no one was shown to care before hand just means that not a single person will care or assume any type of loss for AJ Styles. But good for Metalik.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:02

We get a video package of Mandy Rose and Otis.

We are told that next week, the love story continues.

BACKSTAGE, Shinsuke and Cesaro are here. Shin says he is not sure what was moer satisfying; putting Kofi through the first table or the second table. He went SPLAT. Cesaro’s only regret was not being able to put Big E through a table. He’s sure there will be a chance to put E through a table. Speaking of Kofi,they don’t believe a word that he said. It’s not Big E’s time. It’s their time.


Sheamus walks in wearing a crooked hat, a wife beater, and some suspenders. Definitely not typical bar attire, but definitely fighting attire. He asks his tender for a shot. In comes Jeff Hardy, announcing that he is here. Sheamus is so glad he could make it. Jeff sits next to Sheamus, because obviously they are cool enough to do that. Jeff asks for a cup. The ref comes up and asks if they are ready.

Jeff pours himself a beer. He wants to make sure Sheamus knows something. His brother had to delete his WWE career, and tonight he’s going to redeem his. He hopes Sheamus is ready for anything. Sheamus tells him that he’s never going to change. He’s weak and pathetic and no one cares. Jeff laughs it off, wonders if Sheamus is still the bar. Sheamus says yes, he still raises and is the bar.

Jeff says, coo. He is connected to everything. He is the window, the light, the TV, he is this bar, man.

Sheamus: “What?”

Main Event: Bar Fight
Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

Sheamus says Jeff is just a junkie. He removes his hat,lookin mighty Irish. Jeff splashes Sheamus in the face with a beer then kicks some stools. He sends Sheamus into the bar top then attacks the head. He slams him into the bartop a few times. Sheamus moves a stool and kicks Jeff then side walk slams Jeff onto the bar top. He slides Jeff across the bar into a bunch of bottles and pitchers. Sheamus removes the shirt and chokes Jeff up then hits the chest a few times. Jeff drops down to the floor.

Sheamus asks the bartender for the good stuff, top shelf. Jeff flies off the bar top and hits some right hands. Jeff goes to a nearby basketball game and tosses balls at Sheamus then fights him into the hallway leading to the bathrooms, one would presume. He sends Sheamus into the walls then drops an axe handle on his back. Jeff grabs a keg, but Sheamus kicks him and grabs the keg then smacks Jeff across the back with it. He presses the keg into the chest of Jeff Hardy and sends him into the wall a few times. Sheamus puts Jeff between a door and the wall and kicks the door a few times then drags him into the restroom. He sends Jeff into a urinal then flushes it while pressing his head into the toilet. He is cleansing Jeff of his demons, says Sheamus. Sheamus makes Jeff look at himself in the mirror, saying tis is who he is. He’s a junkie. This wakes up Jeff and he his an elbow then tosses Sheamus into a toilet that looked pretty messy. Jeff crawls thorugh the hallway, coughing a bit. He makes it back towards the bar as Sheamus stands and screams that he can’t run or hide or wish it away. Jeff is in the supply room with a ladder. He hits Sheamus in the gut with it a few times, then tosses it into Sheamus. Jeff stands the ladder up then runs across a table and tries fo ra crossbody. Sheamus catches him and drives him into the brick wall nearby. Sheamus drops a table and grabs a guitar. He misses a swing, sending the guitar into the wall, and tries to shake it off. Jeff comes in to beat him down hard, then grabs his head and whips, which is reversed, and Jeff is tossed into a drum kit.

We are back, and Sheamus is sending Jeff into the bar top again. Jeff kicks, hits a Twist of Fate, then grabs the ladder. He pulls Sheamus over towards the ladder, and stomps him in the stomach. The bartender tries to get involved and Jeff powerbombs his ass onto a table. Sheamus attacks him from behind, then grabs his hat and puts it on the face of Jeff as he goes back behind the bar. Jeff pours himself a Guinness and cheers Jeff. Jeff is laid out on the floor with a hat over his face. Sheamus chugs his beer.

Sheamus goes to remove the hat, and Jeff has facepaint and white eyes. He clocks Sheamus over the head with a bottle, then kicks away a few items.

Jeff heads to the top of the ladder and hits a Swanton off of it. Jeff covers for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy
Well it was far better than I thought it was going to be. I can only hope this ends the fued and we can move on to something else.
Total Rating: ***

The final score: review Average
The 411
The Bar fight was way better than I thought it would be, but the story getting there was just nonsensical. I enjoyed Alexa v Nikki during the second half far more than the first half, but I'd rather the focus have been on the match, and not on commentary. All in all, this episode wasn't the worst, but they have a problem with getting people to actually care. Or perhaps that's just me.

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