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Acero’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.18.20

June 19, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Bray Wyatt WWE Smackdown
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Acero’s WWE Smackdown Review 6.18.20  

What a freakin week!

We start the show with a replay of last week then head to the ring, which is surrounded by Smackdown superstars. Renee Young is in the middle of the ring with the gaudy IC Title on a quilted table. She announces AJ and out comes The Phenomenal One.

He has invited us al here for this historic moment because this is as close as theyre going to get to the IC Title.

Young says this is the one title that has eluded AJ. What does it mean to him that he has it?

AJ says it means vindication. He then insults Renee saying she’s not the right person to hand the title over to AJ. It’s Bryan that needs to give the champ his title. He says no one is more qualified than Daniel Bryan. Have a little respect.

Bryan hops on the apron and enters the ring. AJ tells him all he has to do is put it around his waist and say congratulations.

Does Big E have a kettle bell? Lol.

Bryan lifts the IC Title and Aj wonders if it undermines everything he has said about a champion. AJ says Bryan is better than that and to put the title around his waist. Be a man about it. Bryan is a man, right? Bryan doesn’t have to do it, says AJ, and uses the WWE Term of the month, Coward.

Bryan puts the title on AJ’s waist. AJ says it feels good. Bryan congratulates him. AJ says this is terrible, and no one heard it. Tell AJ like a man. Bryan grabs a mic and congrats AJ. Last week, he was the better man. Bryan respects his ability and wants to add that AJ is going to be a great IC Champion. Bryan says if he shows up every week and pushes himself and gives everyone around the ring a title shot. Imagine his legacy if AJ defended against Gable, Metalik, Big E.

AJ says he’s sorry he asked Bryan to say anything. Just shut up. AJ is not Bryan. His vision isn’t Bryan. A select few will have a shot at his title – someone on his level, and Bryan is at the back of the list. Bryan can handle this and says maybe AJ would be interested in defending the title against Gulak, since he beat AJ two weeks ago.

AJ says he’s not giving hand outs. If someone wants a shot, you’ll have to earn it.


Matt Riddle is here. He heads to the ring in flip flops and hops over the ropes. Bryan leaves the ring. Riddle.

AJ says all he sees is some dude in his ring with no shoes on. He sees another human being looking for another hand out. Riddle doesn’t want AJ to give him anything; he’s here to give AJ some info. Riddle hears that AJ is the face that runs the place. He wants to inform AJ that he is the Bro that’s gonna run the Show.

AJ holds his title up, takes it off, then hits Riddle with a riht. Another, another, Knees from Riddle and he fights back. A kick sends AJ to the outside.

AJ yells for a referee.

Match 1: AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle

German from Matt immediately! GUTWRENCH supelx! He doesn’t let up! He gets another gutrench then tosses AJ across the ring. Cover for 1….NOO!! AJ with a jawbreaker. He tries for a whip, but Riddle holds the ring, blocks a grip and kicks, but AJ ducks and hits the go behind. Riddle switches. AJ backs him into the corner and elbows him in the face. High kick to the face from Riddle. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Running senton from Riddle. Cover for 1..NO!! Front face lock to AJ He works the arm next but AJ backs him into the corner. AJ with shoulders into the corner. Chop to Riddle. Chop from Riddle. Another. He sends AJ into the corner and attacks the mid section then beats him down with rights. AJ with a dropkick out of the corner. AJ with kicks to Riddle then he sends him face first into the corner. Riddle with punches then some blows and slaps, backing him into the corner. High kicks from Riddle. AJ with a throat thrust from AJ. He clotheslnies Riddle and he falls on the apron Riddle pulls AJ to the outside. AJ kicks Riddle, and he runs into Corbin. Corbin isn’t happy about that. He shoves Riddle down to the mat.

We come back from break, and both men are in the middle of the ring. AJ sends Riddle to the corner then hits a back breaker out of it. AJ drops an elbow to the crown of Riddle. AJ with. Kick. Riddle ain’t sellin it, asking for more. AJ hits a right knocking him down. AJ with a snap suplex and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!Right hands from AJ. Chop from Riddle. Right from AJ. Another from Riddle. Aj sends him in the corner then scrapes his head across the ropes. Snapmare and AJ hits the ropes then dives off with a knee to the face of Riddle. AJ grabs the head of Riddle but Riddle fights off with rights and slaps. He goes for a kick but AJ hits a dragon screw. AJ with a kick to the back of the leg. AJ locks the arm, Riddle hits a forearm. AJ with a right hand on the reops then another whip attempt. Riddle stops it, goes for a high kick, AJ ducks the boot then clips the leg hard. Kick from AJ. He catches a leg. RIDDLE WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE!!! Riddle fires off but Aj hits some of his own. He sets up for a suplex, but Riddle reverses and deadlifts into a suplex of his own! Sheeeut. Styles misses a splsh in the corner. Riddle hits a forearm. Another running hit. Suplex to AJ. He missees a kick, goes for a moonsault, then just hits him with a Broton and covers for 1..2…NO!!!! Riddle doesn’t pause at all as he locks in the Bro-mission. AN turns this into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! He breaks the hold and the pin. AJ rolls through with a Calf Crusher to Riddle!! He puls back hard. Riddle gets to the ropes. AJ breaks it at 4. AJ heads to the outside as Riddle hangs over the apron. AJ shoves Bryan for no reason then shoves Riddle into the ring. AJ takes forever to get back into the ring as he chops it up with Bryan. He hops on the apron finally.

AJ wants the Phenomenal Forearm. He springboards. Riddle catches him! BRO DEREK! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Matt Riddle
The obvious personal issues that are out there today notwithstanding, this was a fantastic debut and a solid match. Riddle looked like a different wrestler. AJ showed that he was capable of adapting to his style, yet caused a loss for himself. Really solid stuff here.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:11

Backstage, Jeff is staring off into the universe. He gets mic’d up.

After a lengthy video package of the Hardy v Sheamus saga, pee excluded, we get Young interviewing Jeff.

Jeff starts by saying he keeps trying to pt out fires. Young then asks him how he’s dealing with the loss to Sheamus at backlash.

He says that the loss kind of brings the dark stuff back, but if he has learned one thing in this life, it’s that he has to catch himself before that cycle of thinking before he spirals out of control. Just because Sheamus called him a junkie, or that he may believe it sometimes, doesn’t mean it’s true. He needs to look at the situation for what it is. He is a junkie, he is an alcoholic, and that’s ok. Sheamus has a problem with himself, not Jeff. He’s a miserable, insecure bully who mistakes his honesty and vulnerability as weakness. He’s overcome more than this. He is a human anomaly, and he is not done yet.

Backstage, Gable is working out. Up next, he’s facing Mojo. How much does the height and weight disadvantage bother him.

Gable says it doesn’t matter how big Mojo is. Heavyweights are all the same.
Mojo is behind him making creepy faces, making fun of his height.
Gable says that heavyweights, they don’t what it’s like to have eyes in the back of your head.
He then turns and clocks Mojo in the face.

Haha. Nice.

Match 1: Mojo Rawley vs Chad Gable

Mojo slaps Gable around. He lifts him and sends Gable to the corner, but Gable floats off, hits a Northern Lights and turns it into a pin for 1..2..N!O!!! Mojo hangs him up on the ropes then hits a tackle hard. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Mojo mounts Gable and hits some right hands to the face. Mojo with a half nelson chinlock combo. Gable tires to turn into it, but Mojo whips him. Gable locks in a sleeper, then sends Mojo to the outside. Mojo hops on the apron, over the ropes, and hits a splash in the corner to Gable. Gable hits the corner, goes for a splash, but Gable side steps and hits a German! Gable to the top rope! Mojo is up.

Gable flies with a crossbody but Mojo ducks and gets a Fireman’s. Inside cradle from Gable! Pin for 1…..2….3!!!!

Winner: Chad Gable
A short match that didn’t need to be longer. I like Gable winning, I just wonder how many times they are going to try and prove that he can hang with the big boys, and how much longer they’re going to treat that as a shock or an upset.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:44

Out come Miz and Morrison who blame Otis for their loss at Backlash. They then introduce Mandy, who comes out hot as shit. They bring up rumors and talk about how Sona is better. Mandy didn’t come out for insults, though, so she’s just going to leave.

Before she can leave, out comes Sonya in a suit. Mandy wonders why we are still on this. Mandy knows she’s mad, but Sonya is the one that went behind her back and tried to sabotage her career and personal life. Whatever it is Sonya thinks she’s done to her, she’s done with it.

Sonya only wishes she could be done, but she just cant because week after week, she has had to watch Mandy get the spotlight. Have you seen the promotion for tonight’s show? It says, “Mandy Rose on Miz TV?” Where is Sonya? What has she done with these opportunities? Won matches? Haven’t done that. Said anything with any sort of value? Nope. She’s got it…Mandy has made out with Otis poolside so that everybody could see. Congrts.

Mandy tells her to stop. What does Sonya want? She doesn’t get it. Mandy has people by her side, and despite what she says about Otis, Otis has been loyal since day 1. What is it that Sonya has? Besides being a fighter. She’s alone. How much longer will Sonya hold onto the petty resentments?

Sonya wants to break it down really simply; Sonya isn’t mad anymore. She’s just trying to figure out what she’s gotta do to get the Mandy Rose treatment. She looks at Mandy then looks at her and the only difference she sees is “this,” and if “this” is the only reason she is getting more than her…

Sonya says she’s done. Mandy thinks she’s better than her? She will rip her apart piece by piece until her outsides are just as hideous as what’s inside.

Sonya with a right!!! Miz and Morrison mock them, which is kind of insulting.

The girls go at it back and forth. Sonya rips her jacket off. Mandy fights back, Sonya gets Miz in between the two of them and backs out. She yells Mandy is going to respect her.

Miz laughs, and Mandy slaps him in the face.

A few hiccups with the promos here, but the passion was there, and I’ll be damned if these girls ain’t giving it their all to make their storyline work

The prettiest of them all is here!!

They are commentating the following match.

Match 3: The New Day vs Lucha House Party

Kofi and Lince to start. Kofi works the arm, gets reversed, flips out of it and gets a wrist lock. Lince flips out of it then head scissors into a pin for 1…NO! Kofi with the go-behind. Kofi turns into a hold, whips Lince into the corner, who flips backwards over the running Kofi. Whip to Kofi. Big E with a tag. Belly to belly! Leg drop from Kofi. In comes Lince who gets sent over the top rope! Tag to Kofi. Kofi hits the ropes, but Metalik is holding the ropes. High kick from Lince to Big E. Metalik with a springboard. Dropkick to Big E! The Mexicans fly! Metalik to Kof! Dorado to Big E!
Back and Big E runs into Lince’s boot. Lince hops ot the top rope and hits a crossbody, but Big E catches him. Lince escapes. Big E with an elbow! Big Splash. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Abdominal stretch to Lince. Lince elbows out of it, attacking the thigh. Whip and Lince hits a springboard Stunner! Big E tags Kofi in. Kofi in, Metalik in! Chop to Kofi! Kofi runs into an elbow. Bulldog. Metalik runs across the ropes, dives, and gets hit with a dropkick!!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Kofi on the shoulders of Metalik. Tag to Lince. He hops over both me nand hurricanranas Big E! Falcon Arrow to Kofi. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Big E stops the pin. Metalik and Lince send Big E to the outside. They double superkick Kofi then both men head to the top rope!

Big E sends Metalik off the top. Lince dives, rolls through, stomp!!! Tag to Big E! E comes in, grabs lince, Midnight Hour!

Winners: The New Day
Average match tht lead to a sick beatdown by Cesaro and and even sicker mini promo from Cesaro.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:19

Cesaro and Shinsuke come running out and attack! Cesaro with a Nuetralizer! He grabs Kofi and hits the swing! Shinsuke with a running kick to the spinning Kofi.

Cesaro and Shinsuke tell Cole that they are sick and tired of being overlooked. They beat New Day last week and didn’t even hear about it this week. They are International stars, the last of a dying breed. EIGHT YEARS! Treated like this?! Are you freakin kidding me?!

We are elsewhere with Alexa chatting it up with Lacey, Naomi, Dana, and Tamina. Dana cuts a promo. It’s garbage.

Alexa wonders where Nikki went. Everyone is stunned.

We get Sheamus backstage, and he says things have become very serious with Jeff. Lines have been crossed. When Jeff called him a bully, it made him think.

He is a bully. People like Jeff Hardy deserve to be bullied. He’s pathetic and weak, and he enjoyed kicking his head off the other night. His only regret was that he didn’t kick his voicebox. He’s resilient and strong? Everyone knows that deep down Jeff doesn’t believe it. That’s where he comes in. If Jeff is unable to lift himself up, Sheamus will gladly do it the only way a proper Irish man can. Pop a bottle, grab a pint, because next week he will toast the one and only Jeff Hardy.

Sasha and Bayley are excited about next week, and they’re going to head to the back to get ready. Nikki attaks from behind!!! She knocks out Bayley, then Sasha. Bayley is here to stop Nikki. Out comes Alexa who stops it.

Nikki is in the ring. She calls for Sasha Banks. She wants some action. Now.

Sasha says no she’s not fighting. Bayley screams that she accepts on Sasha’s behalf.

Match 4: Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross

We come to the match in progress. Sasha is goading nikki into a trap. She sends her to the outside. Sasha baseball slides, but Nikki has the apron and traps Sasha. She hits a bunch of rights. Nikki rolls Sasha into the ring. She heads to the top rope. Sasha rolls to the outside. Nikki on the apron. She dives. CROSSBODY OFF THE APRON! Sasha back in the ring. She attacks with a snapmare into a chinlock. Sasha with a knee to the back. She pulls the arms back from behind. Nikki booty bumps out of it. Elbow to Sasha. Another elbow. Throat thrust to Sasha. She attacks the mid section with her head. Nikki on the apron. Shoulder. Swinging kick. Nikki beats her head against the top buckle then heads to the top rope. Sasha is up. She stops Nikki. Nikki holds Sasha’s head then bangs it into the post a bunch of times. Tornado DDT to Sasha!!! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha is able to roll into the Bank Statement! Nikki counters! She escapes the hold then rolls into a crucifix pin for 1..2..N!O!!

Sasha looking for the Backstabber, Nikki turns it into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Nikki reverses for 1..2…N!O!!! Sasha with the knees! Pin for 1….2…3!!!

Winner: Sasha Banks
Such a beautiful woman with a beautiful win
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: Not long enough.

Bray Wyatt is here! He has done a lot while being gone. Book Clubs, tiktok dances, learned how to knit, learned how to resurrect.

Wyatt is reminded about his loss to Strowman, and Wyatt says he’s learned from his loss. Wyatt then does a double thumbs down as Braun makes his entrance.

Braun say before he gets started, just don’t. Wyatt had his opportunity and he failed. This story between them two is over.

Wyatt laughs it off. He wags his finger and says their chapter may be over, but Wyatt wasn’t lying about resurrecting the dead. Their story is just getting started.

We get some clips of back in the day Wyatt Family lore.

We go back to Hawaiian Shirt Wyatt, and says Braun looks like he’s seen a ghost. Wyatt says they must take a step back to where it all began. Wyatt created him. Therefore, it is his duty to destroy Braun. You know where to find Wyatt. Just follow the buzzards.

Wyatt blows his lantern out.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Call me crazy, but this episode was a really solid Friday Night that told multiple stories and everything happened for a reason. Riddle's debut was handled incredibly well, with a surprise win over a champion, Bayley continues to speak for Sasha, Bray Wyatt continues to find new ways to use old gimmicks, and this may lead to one of the "cinematic" matches that have been more hit than miss. While nothing stood out in-ring wise other than Riddle's debut, the show had a good pace with a concentrated effort. Good enough for me.

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