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ACH Details His Issues With Jay Lethal, Calls ROH Run the Worst Time Of His Career

December 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jordan Myles ACH

– In a serious of posts on Twitter, ACH discussed why he has issues with Jay Lethal and how his time in ROH was the worst in his career. During the former Jordan Myles’ public calling out of WWE in October over the now-infamous T-shirt created for him, ACH called Lethal an “Uncle Tom” while taking shots at ROH as a place that “only allowed ONE African American to be the ‘Top Guy.'” He declined to go into details about his issues with Lethal at the time, but today he posted a Twitter thread talking about it which you can see below.

In the thread, he alleges that Lethal slapped him for using the N-word “which he uses as well.” ACH says he hit back and took Lethal down, then was told to apologize for it. He claims he did so out of respect for Jimmy Jacobs, but that Lethal did not apologize for slapping him. He goes on to say that if Lethal had taken him aside instead of trying to belittle him, he would have listened but he lost all respect for Lethal over that and “how he acted toward others.”

ACH reiterated that he won’t apologize to Lethal and said, “ROH locker was the worst time in my career for me. I’m over it! I dont care to talk about it. And I’ll do whatever in my powers to make sure I’m never ever belittled, embarrassed, or bullied again.”

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