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Adam Cole Explains His Catchphrase Isn’t Literally About Being an Infant to RJ City for Hey! (EW) Guest Appearance

July 3, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Britt Baker Adam Cole AEW Double or Nothing Image Credit: AEW

– AEW star Adam Cole was the latest guest for Hey! (EW) with host RJ City. You can check out some highlights and the video of the interview below:

Adam Cole on why he says “Adam Cole, baby!”: “I’m saying ‘bay-bay’ as an obnoxious, amazing, incredible catchphrase that people all around the globe are able to scream with me because they admire me! They love me! They cherish me! It has nothing to do with being an infant.”

On how he wouldn’t call his child “Adam Cole Bay-Bay”: “Yeah, you know what? Most likely, I would call my child my child’s name. It would have nothing to do with my professional wrestling catchphrase where I yell my name and ‘Bay-bay!’ at the end. Bay-bay is not a baby! It’s not a little infant child who gets taken care of by Mama Baker and Papa Chugz and Papa Cole! Adam Cole Bay-Bay has nothing to do with it!”

On having a better understanding dental hygiene by dating Britt Baker: “Yes. I floss now. I was not a floss guy, actually, whatsoever. I was raw gumming it, my friend. But now, I’ve gotten a lot better at it. It was very important. It was one of those situations where she would just not let it go, and here I am, flossing every day.”

If using the above quotes, please credit Hey! (EW) with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.