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Adam Cole Tells Fans Who Think He’s the Bad Guy Need to ‘Wake Up’

January 16, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Adam Cole Image Credit: AEW

– In a series of tweets, AEW star Adam Cole sent a message to wrestling fans, noted that being “nice” gets you nowhere and that fans labeling him as the bad guy need to wake up. Cole wrote on his X (Formerly Twitter) account:

“I’m the bad guy?!?! 😂😂😂 2024 is wild. Ya’ll need to wake up. Being “nice” gets you NOWHERE. Trust me…I know. #UndisputedKingdom @AEW Every single person you ‘love & admire’ does what they want, when they want. I’m done playing nice. If you don’t like it then tough shit. 😊 Is this what you want? People running their mouth online? Does this make you happy? You can’t get enough of the online drama & BS…you LOVE it. If me finally defending myself makes me ‘the devil’ then I’m comfortable in hell. It’s not too late…you know I’m right. #UndisputedKingdom @AEW”

At AEW Worlds End, Adam Cole revealed himself as the Devil who was stalking MJF and betrayed his “friend.” Cole also revealed himself as the leader of a newly formed stable, the Undisputed Kingdom.

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