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Adam Page Talks About Changing His Finisher For The Young Bucks

September 14, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Adam Page

In an interview with Fightful, “Hangman” Adam Page spoke about how he came up with his finisher and how he eventually changed it for the Young Bucks. Here are highlights:

On developing his finisher: “You know, I guess it’s something in watching tons of wrestling, I’d seen somebody do, and it’s something I didn’t feel like anybody was really using, and I needed something of my own. It’s certainly effective, it’s certainly something I can do to nearly anyone. It’s something I grabbed a long time ago and decided to stick with. It’s been quite a while. Honestly, I was probably … you know, I don’t even think I had joined the Decade yet in Ring of Honor. So it’s been quite a while.”

On experimenting with different moves: “I needed something that I could do to nearly anyone. I did a backpack stunner for a while, and this has been a long time ago, but that’s something a little harder to do on the bigger guys or whatever. Even smaller guys sometimes. But I needed something I could do to anyone. I hit it on Shane Taylor recently and he’s nearly as big as they come. It’s something very versatile. There’s only so much you can do, man. I’m just picking the dude upside down and dropping them on the head. It’s kind of all on me, really.”

On changing it for the Bucks: “Oh man, you know, probably before I joined the Bullet Club, or maybe as I was joining the Bullet Club, I kind of knew they did the Meltzer and the Indytaker, that I wanted to use that with mine. We’ve done it a couple times where, depending … we’ve got some smaller guys. I would give one guy Rite of Passage, give the other guy a Tombstone, two guys at once, and let them both come off the top. I love doing that. That was something that was my idea, but it didn’t really honestly take too much thinking to figure that one out. Just kind of made sense.”

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