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Adam Pearce on Why Superstars Are Declaring Themselves as Entrants for Royal Rumble

January 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Adam Pearce vs. Roman Reigns Royal Rumble 2021

– Recently, WWE Superstars have been able to declare their entry for the men and women’s Royal Rumble matches at this year’s event. This is something former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz has taken note of and questioned, and Karl Anderson even jokingly declared The Good Brothers for this year’s Rumble. WWE’s Adam Pearce took to Twitter today and addressed how Superstars are able to declare themselves for the Rumble this year.

Adam Pearce tweeted, “It’s actually pretty simple: Those that have been granted the ability to simply declare entry into the Royal Rumble *by management* are free to do so. Those that haven’t must qualify. I don’t write the rules, I enforce them.” You can view his tweet below.