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Adam Scherr, EC3 Say MLW Tried to Get Venue To Cancel Control Your Narrative Show In Dallas

March 9, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Control Your Narrative Image Credit: Control Your Narrative

Adam Scherr says that a company tried to prevent Control Your Narrative from running a Dallas venue over WrestleMania weekend, and EC3 revealed that it was MLW. CYN is set to run a show on March 31st in Dallas at Gilley’s, and Scherr posted to Instagram to promote the event.

He wrote:

“This will be the only place to be 3/31 ( unless you wanna watch a bunch or dorks choreograph dance with each other for no reason at all cause we don’t do that garbage in the Narrative cause we actually fight).”

When a fan said that they hoped he wasn’t taking shots at WWE, Scherr replied:

“[D]efinitely not taking about wwe. But there’s is another three letter brand running a show close by that is so afraid of what we are doing that they tried getting the venue to not let’s us run our show. Pretty crazy how scared the industry is of a bunch of so called nobody’s lol”

EC3 told Fightful Select that MLW was the promotion Scherr was talking about, noting, “[MLW] did try to get us canceled out of the venue because we’re running at the exact same time as them. Control Your Narrative will take place….right next door to MLW, who tried to have us kicked out of the building.”