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AEW News: Xfinity Advertising Double or Nothing With WWE 2K Screenshot, CNBC Covers AEW

May 23, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
All Elite Wrestling AEW Double Or Nothing Jim Ross

– A user on Reddit has discovered that Xfinity has been advertising tomorrow’s AEW Double or Nothing event using a screenshot that was made in a WWE 2K video game. The image used by Xfinity was seemingly created using the WWE 2K Arena Creation Mode. You can check out the image of the screenshot that was taken below.

Xfinity using WWE2K Arena Creation for Double or Nothing PPV Image

CNBC published a new article on All Elite Wrestling, with the headline, “AEW: WWE has a has a new rival — and it’s about to make its pay-per-view debut.” The article mentions speculation about Jon Moxley (aka Dean Ambrose) possibly moving over to AEW.