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411’s AEW Double or Nothing Announcement Party Report: Kenny Omega Signs With AEW, Faces Off With Chris Jericho

February 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kenny Omega Chris Jericho AEW

* The press conference began with Alex Marvez and Conrad Thompson welcoming everyone from their spot at a podium near the MGM Grand Pool. They also introduce the third member of their team, Excalibur. Marvez saids that he’s looking forward to Excalibur carrying him for a long time to come. They go over Chris Jericho appearing at the last AEW rally.

* Sonny Kiss is out first to make his debut and tosses some t-shirts to the crowd. He cut a promo saying that he hears AEW is for everyone and so is he. He said he will be at Double of Northing and that we’ll see him shaking his ass out there at the show and kicking ass too and you can seal that with a kiss. Marvez notes that Brandi went after Kiss to bring him into AEW.

* Cody is out to the podium next as the fans chant “Thank You Cody”. Cody thanks the fans in attendance and says while it’s a little cold, it both seems and smells like a revolution, which prompts an “AEW” chant. Cody says that they talked about their partnership with OWE last month, and this month he’s excited that they have a second partnership with AAA. This got a nice crowd pop. He said that they want to have the best sports-centric wrestling in the world.

* Cody responds to a “We want tickets” chant by saying there’s a pre-sale sign-up at AllEliteWrestling.com. He says that they have learned lessons from All In and want to make sure that the best fans get the best tickets. The general public ticket sale starts on February 13th and going to the website now will guarantee that you can get tickets.

* Cody then introduced Sammy Guevara, the AAA Cruiserweight Champion. Guevara came out to the stage and pumped up the crowd before introducing himself. He said that some fans are familiar with him while maybe others aren’t, but that soon everyone in AEW will know that he’s the best. He said he isn’t just another cruiserweight, but one of the best wrestlers in the world. He continued on about how he’s the best, how no matter who else comes to AEW, he will be the biggest star, and that he will do what he does best — steal the show.

* Adam Page is out next and said that he jumped the gun at the first rally, noting that he was going to show up in full gear but was told he doesn’t have the body for it. He makes more jokes about his condition and says that while he talked about wanting to be the first-ever AEW Championship last time, a slimy punk (PAC) interrupted him. Page said PAC won’t be interrupting him tonight and it’s his stage. That is of course when a video message from PAC appears via satellite, and PAC says Page is just not on his level. PAC notes that he’s a horrible, devious bastard who was pigeon-holed and kept away from audiences for too long. He says it wasn’t anything personal with Page, he simply dislikes elitists. PAC says he’s coming for Page at Double or Nothing on May 25th and said Page should bring his cowboy boots because he’ll be riding into the sunset and won’t ever be seen again. Page said he will bring his boots and when he’s done with PAC, there won’t be a doctor that can pull them out of PAC’s ass. The match between PAC and Page for Double or Nothing is official.

* Marvez and Thompson introduce the Young Bucks, who come out and talk about how they made a pact to become one of the best tag teams in the world. They said that tag team wrestling feels like a lost art and that you can’t see it on wrestling shows, but that will change. Their main objective is to give fans the best tag division in the world and introduce a new AEW team in The Best Friends, Beretta and Chuck Taylor.

* The Best Friends cut promos about coming to AEW in order to find tag team competition, saying that they’ve been looking for the best tag division on Earth and made the right call in coming to AEW. They get a Best Friends chant and then hug before leaving.

* The Young Bucks come back out and thank everyone, plugging Double or Nothing, then go to leave but The Lucha Bros (Pentagon and Rey Fenix) come out to a pop. The two teams face off and Pentagon nails Matt while Fenix hits Nick with a superkick. Pentagon hits a package piledriver on Matt and the fans chant “holy s**t.” The Lucha Bros cut promos about being the best and said that they will change the universe before plugging Double Or Nothing.

* Excalibur notes that the AEW website is having some issues and told fans to be patient, and that sign-ups for the pre-sale will run through the weekend. He says that everyone will get a chance the pre-sale.

* Brandi Rhodes comes out to talk about the AEW women’s division and says that she made some big promises for the division and would be talking to some big names from Japan. She then announces that Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong will be competing for the company at Double or Nothing. She says they wanted to be here today but couldn’t and since it would be weird not to have anyone new, she introduced Kylie Rae.

* Rae came out and worked the crowd a bit, joking that she bought a dress but can’t wear it because it’s too colt. She thanked AEW for trying to change the business and says that she can’t thank them enough for being here from the beginning. Brandi then announced that she’s brought Nyla Rose as well, who is an indy wrestler from Washington, DC. Rae offers her hand but Rose refuses. Brandi and security gets between them as they have words and the fans chant “let them fight!”

* Excalibur comes back out and says AEW is going to be big on collaborations, and introduces three men close to his heart from Southern California in SCU (Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky and Kazarian). The trio do a promo about how this is the worst town that they’ve ever been in for the local heat. They announce Double or Nothing’s after-party, which will be “SCU All Night” and will be hosted by them. No more details were announced.

SCU stayed here for the next announcement, which was more on Excalibur’s partnership with OWE. A quick video airs promoting OWE and saw them introduce Vice President Michael Nee, CEO Dragon Fu and Cima. They hype what OWE will bring to AEW. Daniels praises Cima and challenges him to find two partners for a six-man match at Double Or Nothing. Cima agrees and they celebrate together.

* The countdown clock ended and out came Kenny Omega, announced as an Executive Vice President. Omage says he signed his contract just today and is a full-time member of the roster. He said that in 2016, he and the Bucks set out to change the world of wrestling by calling themselves the Elite and it’s starting again in Las Vegas. He says that he found the meaning of what he meant when he says “change the world” at All In, and that he wondered why it couldn’t be that way all the time.

* Chris Jericho’s music then hit and he made his way out to the podium to face off with Omega. The crowd chanted “holy s**t” and they got into a scuffle until Atlas Security, BJ Whitmer and Cody broke it up. The fans chanted “Let them fight!” and “rematch!.” Jericho eventually gets escorted to the back while Omega wears Jericho’s hat at the podium. Omega says he was about to get to the best part — that he’s been waiting two months to say his favorite line — “Good night and good luck.” He poses with some fans on his way out. Jericho vs. Omega looks set for Double or Nothing.