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AEW News: Tony Khan Heavily Involved Backstage at Double or Nothing, Crackel Barrell Comments on Main Event

May 27, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Tony Khan AEW Double or Nothing

– Tony Khan was very involved in the production of AEW Double or Nothing, according to a new report. PWInsider reports that Khan personally timed the PPV. He is the person who brought the show in with fifteen minutes before the allotted time, and he impressed a lot of people with his ability to make the show punctual since it was his first time serving in such a capacity. He was also suggesting camera shots for the show’s director.

The site adds that Khan was congratulating everyone backstage after their matches, even high-fiving them. His enthusiasm for the show is said to have really touched the talent, who realized he was very invested in the show.

– Crackel Barrel, who sponsored AEW, posted to Twitter in reference to the Cracker Barrel in the ring at the start of the main event match between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. The company posted in reply to our tweet about the barrel, as you can see below: