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AEW Reportedly Played A Role In USA Network Getting Selected For NXT

August 22, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Wednesday AEW WWE NXT, Shane Douglash

It was announced on Tuesday that WWE will be moving NXT to the USA Network on September 18 for a live two-hour weekly show, which will see it go head-to-head with AEW on TNT (which starts on October 2). One of the rumored reasons that WWE selected USA over FS1 for the move (which was said to be in the works for some time), was a $50 million annual deal for the show. It was also believed that WWE fans are more familiar with WWE on the USA Network, plus the move allows WWE to better promote NXT on Wednesday nights during RAW on Monday nights.

However, in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s reported that AEW itself is a reason why USA was selected over FS1. The deal, which is “groundbreaking,” is seen by many as a “counter” to AEW’s show on TNT. As such, many felt that putting NXT on the lower-rated FS1, which isn’t in as many homes as TNT, could mean that it would lose to AEW in the ratings. This is reportedly something that “McMahon couldn’t stand for.”

It was felt that while AEW would beat NXT on FS1, it’s not the same with USA because USA and TNT are even in terms of popularity, while USA is bigger to wrestling fans. NXT will also benefit in that it starts two weeks in advance and WWE will be promoting it on RAW quite a bit.

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