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AEW Road to All Out Episode 1 Reveals Shawn Spears’ Manager, Features Adam Page Promo

July 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Fight For the Fallen Shawn Spears

– The first episode of AEW’s Road to All Out is online, and it revealed Shawn Spears’ manager in the company. You can see the episode below. During the video, Tully Blanchard is revealed as Spears’ manager ahead of his match with Cody at All Out on August 31st.

The episode starts with a video package recapping with highlights from Fight For the Fallen, including the Cody & Dustin Rhodes vs. Young Bucks main event. It then cuts to Tony Schiavone at the “AEW Control Center” hyping All Out and then going over the events of Fight For the Fallen. We get a recap of Chris Jericho attacking Hangman Page after his match with Kip Sabian and cutting his promo tearing Page down. The video cuts to Hangman Page talking about the attack and how he doesn’t always like what he sees in the mirror, but he smiled this time and thanks Jericho for the attack. He says he doesn’t want his bruise to go away, because wants to feel the blood every day until All Out and be reminded that all that’s standing between him and the AEW World Title is a little blood.

We then get the sit-down interview between Jim Ross and Shawn Spears. Spears was asked why he attacked Cody and said that it means the world to him that JR is there. He asked how long Ross has been in the industry and how many matches he’s seen, and how many people he’s met. In all those people, how many are in his inner circle? Spears says for him, it’s five by choice. Cody was one of them, but there are certain things you don’t say publicly. He says Cody crossed the line by calling him a “good hand,” saying it’s the curse of the industry and that’s why he attacked him. JR asks what started for them in OVW, and Spears says Cody’s a leech and that’s where it began. He said that when that ran its course, Cody moved on like he always does. Ross said Spears made a statement that he wants a match and asks what kind of fight he wants. Spears says they all know when it’s going to be, and that he’ll be there at All Out. He is certain that Cody will show up and that he has a secret weapon in a great mind. Tully Blanchard then appears and says the interview needs to be over, revealing himself as Spears’ manager.