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AJ Francis Explains Why He’s A Fan of WWE NXT 2.0

January 17, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
AJ Francis NXT Top Dolla Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Ringsiders Wrestling (via Wrestling Inc), AJ Francis, formerly Top Dolla in WWE, explained why he’s a fan of the change in direction for NXT, which has been rebranded NXT 2.0. Here are highlights:

On being a fan of NXT 2.0: “I love NXT 2.0 because people think that because NXT the older version was very wrestle-centric, there’s more than enough other things that you can watch if that’s what you’re tuning in to watch. There’s more than enough of those, okay. They put on great matches, right? If that’s what you’re in it for then there’s more than enough of those. But NXT 2.0 is heavy character-centric. That’s the wrestling I grew up on, that I love. Some of the most ridiculous characters were our favorite characters, like The Godfather. To pretend that I don’t like that would be inauthentic.”

On understanding why some people aren’t fans: “Now, I can understand why someone who loved the old version of NXT for what it was, as in like the wrestling show, wouldn’t like NXT 2.0. Because that’s not what it is anymore. But if you don’t bite into an apple expecting to bit into an orange, you’re not surprised when it’s an apple.”

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