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Alberto El Patron on Nacion Lucha Libre Offering Wrestlers Health Insurance, Says He Will Allow Wrestlers to Work for Other Promotions

December 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Alberto El Patron

WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed Alberto El Patron ahead of his upcoming fight with Tito Ortiz in Combate Americas. El Patron also discussed his new wrestling promotion, Nacion Lucha Libre. Below are some highlights.

Alberto El Patron on offering insurance benefits in his promotion: “Because I use to work for a company that for many years that never gave me that privilege. They should be doing it. The pro-wrestling business is not fair. They call us independent contractors… if we’re independent contractors why do you not let your wrestlers go and wrestle in Mexico for CMLL or AAA or my lucha company Nacion Lucha Libre? So, you are an independent contractor just so you don’t have to give them the benefits and that’s not fair. If I was complaining about it for so many years and go and do the same in my organization… that would make me a liar, a hypocrite, and I’m not any of that. So, the moment that I started the company I started talking to health insurances and companies and organizations to help me get this and give this to all my employees.”

El Patron on not denying the wrestlers a chance to work for other promotions: “This is the thing. Before being a promoter, I’m a pro-wrestler and one of the boys. I’m not denying anyone the chance to go and work for other organizations. The other organizations are denying their talent to come to Nacion Lucha Libre because they’re scared. We are doing fantastic things. We’ve been in the business for only six months and we have fantastic ratings. Of course they’ve dropped a little bit because I’m not there [laughs]. I’m one of the favorite sons of Mexico. People want to see me. I’ve been focused on this fight. I haven’t been on TV for the last two months, and it’s going to be another month…and even a little bit more…to do my return to TV in Nacion Lucha Libre. But we’re doing fantastic…”

“I said it since day one…if they want to go to AAA, go to AAA. Just be polite and show your manners and call me and let me know you’re going somewhere else. I will never give you that bulls–t of, ‘Oh you cannot go there because that’s a different network.’ That’s just bullsh*t because you have a contract with the wrestling companies not with the networks. You can go anywhere you want just like I do. I’m in Univision. I’m on AXS. I’m in Televisa. I go anywhere I want. The only place where I have a contract to work for them and just be with them is Combate Americas. Even if I don’t have a contract…I don’t want to go anywhere else. This is my family. That man over there [Combate Americas founder Campbell McLaren]… he’s not just my boss. He’s my friend, a real friend. Someone that has been supporting me in the good times, bad times, worst times and I’m really happy to be apart of this organization.”