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Alberto El Patron on John Cena: ‘There Is No One Better at Listening to the Fans and Knowing What They Want’

March 26, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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As previously reported, ContralonaTV recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patrón, aka Alberto Del Rio. Below are some additional highlights (Transcript via WrestlingInc.com), where he also had some heavy praise for John Cena.

El Patron on his time in WWE: “I thank them for the time I was with [WWE] and everything they gave me, the Royal Rumble marked my life, marked my experience. But I learned from many people, I became a better wrestler thanks to my matches with Edge, with Christian, with Rey Mysterio, with John Cena, who even though you the fans want to criticize him: John Cena is one of the best wrestlers of the universe. Wrestlers – yes, I said it well and I repeat it: wrestlers.”

El Patron on overdone choreography not being a wrestling match: “Don’t get confused, doing choreography in the ring can be done by anyone. I take the guy who works in the gas station on the corner and I teach him a choreography for a week and I swear he can do it in a ring. Putting yourself in the ring to wrestle, create those emotions, ups and downs within the match: one moment dominates the one and one moment dominates the other, and without having created a choreography, that is the real wrestling. I know that the business has changed and some like that kind of choreography, I don’t like it, that’s not a wrestling match.”

His thoughts on John Cena: “But John Cena is the master of that, of being able to go out into the ring and wrestle with quality for 45 minutes against someone you have never seen him in your life, I learned that from many wrestlers, but especially from all the matches I had with John Cena and all that time I spent outside the arenas listening to him and learning from him. I swear, there is no one better at listening to the fans and knowing what they want and how to make them cheer other than John Cena”.