Alec Price Wants To Work As Many Matches At The Collective As Possible

January 26, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
GCW The Collective 2024 Image Credit: GCW

GCW is gearing up for The Collective over WrestleMania weekend, and Alec Price wants to be as busy as he can during the event. Price recently spoke with Fightful for a new interview and said that he’s looking to compete as often as he can at the event, which takes place in Los Angeles from March 30th through April 2nd.

“I’m down to work as many matches as I possibly can at The Collective,” Price said. “I’m going to be there all three days, so why not. The thing with dream matches is, I have dream matches, but I have so many favorite wrestlers where it’s like, I want to wrestle everybody. As long as I get the chance to get my feet wet with everybody and learn the flavors of ice cream and get better as a performer, that’s all I really want.”

He continued, “I’ve faced Alex Shelley, that was my dream match. I’ve faced Eddie Edwards. I’ve faced Mike Bailey. That one wasn’t even a dream match until I realized who Mike Bailey was and realized, ‘This dude is the man.’ I’ve faced Jordo [Jordan Oliver], I’ve faced (Calvin) Tankman. Me and Akira squared off. I’ve faced Chris Bey. Who else can I face? Bring the world. I’m down. I want everybody. I want every show. I’m calling every show early. Book me so I can face the world. Book me against your champion so I can take your title. It’ll be lit, we’ll do a partnership. Give me everybody, I want everybody.”

Price is a regular performer for GCW as well as Beyond Wrestling, Limitless Wrestling and more.