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Aleister Black On His Reaction To Zelina Vega’s WWE Release, What He Wanted To Achieve With New Character

June 10, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell

In a recent interview on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Aleister Black discussed the idea behind his new character in WWE, his reaction to WWE releasing Zelina Vega, and much more. You can read Aleister Black’s comments below.

Aleister Black on the idea behind his new character in WWE: “I hired an acting coach and got into my family history because I wanted this character to be in the same wheelhouse as you had, but I wanted it to be a complete thing. I wanted to present it with something that was real and authentic that came from my childhood – maybe more so my father’s childhood. So, I wanted it to be real. I hired a different nutritionist. I looked back and said, ‘Man, you’ve been depressed.’ I let myself go physically. I was just so unhappy mentally, but I was in denial about it. I didn’t want to be in denial about it. So, I was like, ‘OK, die on your own sword. Put in the work. Present it. Roll with the vignettes.’ They tweaked some things. Initially, we wanted to do it with real actors, but COVID, money, all that stuff. I said what if we do it like a children’s book? At the time, Jordan Peele’s Candyman trailer was there and they used the little paper puppets. I’m like if we can pull that off, that would be so cool. And we were because the vignettes were brilliant. I wanted to be very involved in the process, and I wanted this to be completely different.” 

On WWE releasing him and his thoughts on the company releasing Zelina Vega: “Two weeks before I came back and struck Big E in the head, I sat down with Vince and he was his normal self. The same things were said. He was all like, ‘Are you ready to do it?’ He said you look good, we’re gonna get to it. That’s what we did. One week later, I’m sitting in the gym, and I see a certain name on the phone calling me. I’m like, why is this person calling me? It was a very distinct voice and this person also didn’t understand why I was let go. It was a sense of relief almost. They let my wife go, under reasons that are questionable. Everything got sorted out and everything is fine, but they called me and said, ‘We understand this is putting you in a tough spot.’ Nope, this is my career. I spoke about it with her, and this is business between you and her. Does Tom, her husband have an opinion on it? Sure he does. Does Aleister Black, the professional? Nope. He’s ready to go to work. All I wanna do is create. She agreed. The vignettes were supposed to air after WrestleMania, and they didn’t. I was like, I get it. Two weeks of vignettes, then another week of no vignette. At that point, you’re not really presenting the audience the idea that you have a lot of trust in this because you’re already breaking it up. I was assured nothing was wrong.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.