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Alex Hammerstone Switched His Look To Stop Comparisons To Triple H

July 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
MLW Alexander Hammerstone

– MLW star Alex Hammerstone recently spoke to Fightful about a variety of subjects. Below are some highlights:

On Changing His Look: “There’s a couple of things that went into the decision. Obviously, I was getting comparisons to certain other long haired wrestlers, certain other wrestlers with H in their name. After a while you get so sick of hearing it. And you also get so sick of companies saying “Hey, we’d like to put you on TV, but you look like this guy or that guy,” or whatever it is. So, the first decision was the hair coming off. But I’d been playing with that idea, kind of radically changing up my look, changing up the way I present myself for a couple months.”

On Being A Champion In MLW: “A lot of the time when you’re in the position of holding a championship title, you’re in the position of (taking on) all comers. Especially with the Openweight Championship. It means I can be literally going up against anybody. There’s not a weight limit on the belt. So a contender comes in with, either someone whose worked their way up through the MLW ranks or someone like Savio Vega, whose pedigree speaks for itself. So he gets to cut in line, so to speak. Those matches, I don’t really get to turn it down. I just take all comers. So a lot of times these match-ups, I’m learning about them at the same time everyone else is, when it’s getting announced via the MLW web page or the Twitter or whatever else it is. My goal with this Championship pretty much run parallel to my goals with signing with MLW in the first place. There’s a lot of guys get opportunities with companies with TV deals or things like that. Younger guys who just are happy to be there. “Oh, this might be cool. Oh, I wanna tell my friends I’m on TV or I’m gonna make pretty good money.” Cool, whatever. But, when I signed that contract my mind went, “Okay, I’m gonna be the face of MLW. I want this company on my back. I want to be a franchise player. I want, a year from now, my name to be synonymous with MLW.” And, at the time, it was eyes on the prize as far as going after that Heavyweight Championship. That’s all I wanted. It’s all I was focused on. Then, this National Openweight title got announced and it’s like you said, I’m the first one to ever hold it. So I get to set the bar, set the standard for what this Championship means. So, my goal is to make it the most sought after Championship in wrestling, the most must-see part of our program. I want it to be something that, if that title is being defended, people want to watch that match. I want it to be a main event belt.”

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