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Alex Hammerstone Predicts His Upcoming Title Defense Is “The Greatest Hammerstone Match You’ve Ever Seen”

March 21, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
MLW: Fusion Alex Hammerstone Image Credit: MLW

In a recent Fightful interview, Alex Hammerstone sat down to talk about his upcoming match against Jacob Fatu. On March 21, the wrestler will be defending his MLW World Heavyweight Championship title, which he took from Fatu more than a year back. Hammerstone feels that both wrestlers serve as MLW’s most recognizeable names and expressed his anticipation for the rematch between them. You can find a few highlights and watch the complete interview below.

On why this match is so significant for MLW: “It’s awesome because we’re so different. But, it’s like you said, somehow we wedged out that thing where I don’t feel egotistical saying if you ask nine out of ten people, ‘Who is synonymous with MLW?’ They’re either going to say me or Fatu. Those are almost the only two answers you’re going to get. So to be in that position where we carved out, ‘We’re the guys.’ The incredible booking that happened to bring us together the first time where it was a build, a build, a build, and then to be in the unique situation where now we’re a year and a half after that match, having the first rematch. We’ve been involved in some stuff in the ring. We had a triple threat match, we had the War Chamber match, things of that nature.”

On the benefit of having so much time elapse before Fatu challenged to regain the title: “As far as a straight-up one on one rematch, we’ve taken a year and a half to get here, which is very unique for pro wrestling. There’s something to be said about waiting too long to do something, but there’s also something to be said for trying to squeeze all the juice out of the fruit, and then you’ve got nothing left. I think this timing has been incredible because I know I needed time to grow into this role, to build my confidence, to really understand what it means to be a champion, and to go out there every night and be the guy for the company. ‘Cause, essentially, I think almost anybody, the first time they’re in that position, the first couple of months, it’s kind of fake it ‘til you make it. You’re kind of understanding what that role is, what that position is, how to carry yourself, how to talk, how to walk, how to wrestle. All these things. So I really needed this time period to grow.”

On the caliber and quality of the fight itself: “Fatu speaks for himself. He’s so one of a kind. But he’s had this last year where he’s gone around and had some incredible matches with all kinds of people all over the place. He had that incredible match with Josh Alexander at Ric Flair’s Last Match. Now to be coming back and finally having this rematch, it’s gonna be something really special. I think anybody who has been waiting to watch MLW, watch this match. I have all the confidence in the world to say this is going to be the greatest Hammerstone match you’ve ever seen. So if you think I suck after this one, then I give up. I’m not gonna try to win you over because this is gonna be the absolute best you can get from me.”