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Alexa Bliss Uses Dark Magic to Cost Randy Orton Match On Raw

March 8, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alexa Bliss Raw 3-8-21

Alexa Bliss’s curse on Randy Orton yielded new results on Raw, costing him a win over AJ Styles. Tonight’s show saw Orton facing Styles in the final match of the episode when Bliss got involved and invoked her contagion spell, causing him to ultimately lose.

Orton was close to victory, prepped for the RKO on Styles, when Bliss appeared on the ring. She partially wound up her Fiend-flavored kid’s version of the Lament Configuration, but then stopped, saying it wasn’t time yet. She then struck a match and blew it out, causing the ringposts to explode Kane-style. Orton than began spitting up the black ooze (or Slimy Doom, perhaps?) that he’s been afflicted with the past two weeks, which allowed Styles to get the win.

You can see some clips from the segment below: