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Alexa Bliss on How She Wasn’t Allowed to Date Growing Up, Reveals Her Childhood Crushes

September 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Alexa Bliss Natalya Super Showdown

Metro UK, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss discussed her dating life growing up and also how Lance Bass was one of her childhood teen crushes. Below are some highlights.

Bliss on not being allowed to date growing up: “I wasn’t allowed to date growing up, I just wasn’t allowed. My parents didn’t let me date really. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until senior year of high school. I didn’t really go on dates. When you’re a senior in high school, where are you gonna go? We’d all go to the movies with our friends, but I don’t really having any embarrassing one on one dates. I have a lot of embarrassing stories of trying to get my neighbor Cory to like me growing up.”

On when she was trying to get noticed by her neighbor: “I would buy Pokemon cards because he had Pokemon cards, and I learned to skateboard because he skateboarded. Silly little things. One time, I was riding my bike, right. And I saw Cory skateboarding next door, and I looked over at him and as I was waving I ran my bike into my dad’s parked car and just ate it! Not my best moment, but it definitely happened.”

Alexa Bliss on she and her current boyfriend Ryan Cabrera finding a book of her old teen crushes: “We went to my mom’s house, digging through my old stuff, my toys, we found a bunch of pictures. We actually found a crush book. It was a book and you write down your crushes name and rate them five stars. It was like, how many points for their car, their looks, their personality, their charm, all this stuff. You can write your dream date! Ryan found it, and he’s flipping through, and actually as 13-year-old me I actually filled it out. There were four or five pages of these crushes of mine.

On interviewing her childhood crush Lance Bass on her podcast: “Those were my childhood crushes. It was so funny, when I first met them Ryan jumped in before we started recording. He goes, ‘Just so you know she had a huge crush on you!’ I’m like, thanks! Thanks for announcing that! He’s funny and loves making it awkward. I told Lance that at an *NSYNC concert I told him I loved him and he didn’t say it back. So, I called him out on that one. Oh, 100% [he apologized]. He said he didn’t hear me, but I said it loud enough.”

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