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Alexa Bliss Responds To Podcaster Who Criticized Her Wrestling In Vulgar Way, Braun Strowman, Paige, Others Defend Bliss

May 25, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Alexa Bliss WWE WrestleMania 34

– Alexa Bliss has been trending on Twitter today after she responded to podcaster JDfromNY206 who said that Bliss is one of those women that just “lays there and just takes it.”

“She does nothing. I guarantee you she’s one of those women that just lays there and just takes it [in bed], she does nothing. Can you imagine being in bed with Alexa Bliss and she performs the same way she does in the ring? Awful! All look and no substance whatsoever.”

Bliss responded on Twitter: “Normally I ignore his ignorance Bc all he wants is to be recognized by bashing me… but ex freaking scuse me sir??? … HOW DARE YOU discredit my work in such a disgraceful way. #WhatAClassAct”

Several WWE stars also came to Alexa’s defense. Paige said: “This is the problem right here. HES one of the problems. Cyber bullying is NOT okay and to this extent too? What a disgrace and I’m assuming he’s supposed to be a reporter of some sorts? Shame on you JD. Your work is incredible @AlexaBliss_WWE pay no mind to ignorance like this.”

Sonya Deville said: “I pray I run into this dude one day.”

Braun Strowman said: “This sad ass MARK talking like he even knows what it’s like to share a bed with a woman. He should prob stick to talking about wrestling cause he doesn’t know shit about it either but atleast he can pretend he does. Oh and eating hot pockets his mom makes him!!! #Trash”

Rhea Ripley said: “Disgusting.”

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