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Alexa Bliss Says WWE’s Women’s Tag Team Division Is Incredible

September 9, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross WWE Raw 8-5-19

In an interview with Fightful, Alexa Bliss spoke highly of the women’s tag team division in WWE, calling it incredible and mentioning how hard she’s fought while being champion. Here are highlights:

On the WWE women’s tag team division and her team with Nikki Cross: “It’s quite an adjustment. We’re still getting there. You know what I mean. We’re still figuring it out. Because we both have such different styles. So you have to have tag moves, and that chemistry. So, we’re still working on that. Because our last two months we’ve just been costing each other matches by accident. So we’re adjusting to it. But our tag division is incredible. I didn’t expect that hard of a fight and those women are incredible, and some of the most talented women we have on the roster.”

On her friendship with Nikki: “That’s what happens when you develop a friendship with someone. We agreed that we weren’t gonna judge each other on each other’s past; her past in NXT, my past with Nia and Mickie. And we understand each other and we see a lot of each other in each other and I think that’s what developed our friendship and the bond.”

On her time in NXT: “NXT was a great time. That’s where I developed everything. I came into FCW, at the time, in Tampa not knowing anything. I didn’t have any speaking experience, no wrestling experience. And luckily Triple H saw something in me at my tryout, decided to sign me to NXT. And NXT is definitely where I was learning my craft and developing it for when I got on the main roster. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but I love it. We wouldn’t do any of this if we didn’t love it. Our schedule, our travel, everything is so crazy. But, I enjoy doing it. I love performing and connecting with fans. It’s incredible.”

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