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Alexa Bliss Torches Randy Orton With Fire Blast to End Raw (Clips)

January 11, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alexa Bliss Randy Orton WWE Raw

Alexa Bliss is apparently a warlock with the Fiend as a patron, blasting Randy Orton with her burning hands to end tonight’s Raw. D&D jokes aside, Bliss did end the show by appearing in the ring when the main event match between Randy Orton and Triple H was cut short by the lights going out.

When they somewhat came back, The Game was no where to be found but Bliss was in the corner. As Orton watched, she took a few steps closer, put her hand under her chin and then launched a fire blast that hit Orton full in the face. Orton went down flailing and the announcers speculated that he may have been blinded before Raw went off the air. You can see clips of the match and segment below: