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Alexa Bliss On What Vince McMahon Told Her Amid Her Concussions, WWE Taking Care of Talent, Working With Bray Wyatt

November 16, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Alexa Bliss WrestleMania 35 Super ShowDown

Alexa Bliss was the guest on a recent episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend and discussed what she was told by Vince McMahon while she was dealing with her concussions, working with Bray Wyatt and more. Rosen was asking questions from fans and asked if Bliss ever felt pressure to work hurt. You can check out highlights and the full video below:

On if she ever feels pressure to be in the ring when she’s hurt: “You know, WWE takes care of us 100%. We all are in a contract, and anything that happens inside the ring, WWE takes care of. Our health is 100% priority. Our health and safety is 100% priority in the company. And you know, unfortunately, we’re living in the middle of a cancel culture, where people try to start rumors, and make their assumptions of things. There has never been a time where I’ve ever felt uncomfortable about being in the ring; or ever felt forced of being in the ring. Even when I was injured, I had concussions. And Vince said ‘Alright, well we’re going to send you to the best specialists there are.’ And he did, and I saw a concussion specialist, and they went above and beyond to take care of me. And you know, I know everyone feels that way.”

On working with Bray Wyatt: “I have been having so much fun in my recent time with WWE. I’ve always wanted to be working alongside a character like Bray, because he is so good at what he does. He puts so much background research into what he does, and he is the true epitome of what a WWE Superstar should be. He is compelling, he is always evolving and changing, and being something new and fresh. And to be able to work with someone like that just always gets your creative juices flowing.”

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