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Another Account Of Incident Between Fan and Velvet Sky At ROH Live Event This Past Weekend

June 7, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Allure ROH

As we previously reported, a fan named Josh Ketch claimed that he was taken backstage by Hunter Johnston (Delirious) and intimidated by Bully Ray after an altercation with Velvet Sky. Ketch claimed that he was booing and talking trash to Sky and the Allure when she got upset at him. The latest edition of The Wrestling Observer reports that Johnston was actually in the production room all night and didn’t know about the incident until after it hit social media. Management was not aware of the matter either.

Meanwhile, Observer correspondent Justin Knipper said that Leon and Sky got into it with Ketch in the front row, and it appeared as though Leon threw a “pulled punch or a slap” at him. The crowd “reacted to that” and Leon “didn’t look happy.” Sky then began to argue with Ketch and pointed beyond the seats, before challenging him to get inside the ring. Knipper claimed he never saw Leon spit at Ketch but other fans said she did.

Another person who was there said: “I noticed this fan right off. He sat front row, just a few chairs from the aisle the wrestlers walked down on the way to the ring from the stage. He was young, probably mid to late 20s, was with other young men of similar demographics. He was standing up often, especially vocal when the performers would walk by, and yes, especially the women performers. He appeared to be having fun, laughing, and as fans of this genre do, trying to be part of the event, not just watching the event. I don’t know the words said, but he clearly got under the skin of Velvet Sky, while she was still in the ring after the beat down of two women wrestlers. Sky remained alone in the ring and signaled repeatedly for this guy to come in the ring and take her on. He was standing and laughing and yelling back. He clearly was enjoying himself. Then Sky left the ring and the two had more words. She was obviously upset, leaning into the fan area and yelling. Not the `I’m taking on a fan to get heat’ type yelling, but the `you pissed me off jerk type yelling.’ I did notice one of the females come from the back and get on the stage area and move toward the incident, in case there was physical contact. Sky finally walked up the stairs to the stage, but turned and had further words with the fan before walking off. I think it was Mandy Leon who came back to help Sky. The fan was laughing and talking to his buddies.