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Anthony Bowens on The Acclaimed’s Feud With Jeff Jarrett, the Team’s Creativity

January 10, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dynamite Anthony Bowens Billy Gunn, Scissoring Image Credit: AEW

Screenrant recently interviewed AEW star and tag team champion Anthony Bowens ahead of tomorrow’s edition of AEW Dynamite at The Forum in Los Angeles. Below are some highlights:

On being in the middle of the heated exchanges between Max Caster, Jeff Jarrett, and Karen Jarrett: “I mean, I think a lot of what makes wrestling very exciting is storylines, and when you’re able to step outside of a storyline and have, like I said before, the raw emotions of chaos going on. That really draws so much interest from everybody involved, including us. It amped me up. I couldn’t wait to get out there and beat the crap out of him.”

“I don’t know if you’ve heard his podcast. On his My World podcast, he said some pretty crappy things about [Max] Caster’s family on that, and where we train, etc. So, you know, a lot of it was just [us] out for vengeance. And also, we’re the Tag Team Champions, so we got to make sure that we’re defending and keeping our titles. We are the Forever Champs, we’ve gotta live up to our word. So there’s a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot of things going on. But again, we had two very strong wins to start off 2023. Which Max and Billy and I are very, very happy with.”

On the creativity of The Acclaimed: “Well, our creativity has been there from the get-go. They allowed us to create, and they allowed us to try a bunch of things. You just hadn’t seen it. Because now we are presented a lot more frequently on AEW television, so people are seeing the cool things that we’re doing. But we’ve been doing a lot of these things since the very, very beginning, starting with The Young Bucks, from music videos to skits. So we do have a lot more stuff, a lot more fun stuff, up our sleeve that we haven’t even scratched the surface [of] yet. It’s really fun to be at a job where we can create and then all these millions of people can enjoy it.”

Anthony Bowens on AEW returning to LA: “Now, we return again for the second time, and we have a loaded show and we’ll be a part of the festivities in a way, which I can’t reveal yet. We have something very fun planned. I’m really excited to get out there. Every week has been really exciting to go to work, especially when we get to these big arenas like the Kia Forum. The energy there is electric, the people are very excited, everywhere you look there are scissors, there are foam fingers, all these creative signs that we appreciate so much.”