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Anthony Henry on How Long After WWE Release He Was Contacted By AEW

September 23, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Asher Hale Anthony Henry WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Anthony Henry spoke about how long after his release from WWE he was contacted about working for AEW. He was let go from WWE in August of last year. Here are highlights:

On when AEW contacted him: “As soon as the release happened, I say about two weeks afterwards, I got a message from a representative from AEW, and they were like, ‘Hey, so when is your non-compete up?’ And with NXT contracts, you only had 30 days. So I was like, ‘It’s this date.’ And they’re like, ‘Cool. Do you want to come do AEW? We’re doing these new tapings’ — the ‘Dark’ tapings — ‘Do you want to come do the first ones?'”

On being hesitant to join: “I almost didn’t know actually, because I was in the midst of moving because I’d already made the decision to get out of expensive Orlando, since I no longer had this guaranteed money coming in. But everybody who was helping me move, they’re like, ‘No, no. Go do that. We’ll figure it out for you.’ And just since then, in and out, in and out, doing some tapings, doing stuff here and there. Then, finally, became a part of the full actual roster here recently. So it’s been a good ride there, as well.”

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