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Ariane Andrew Confirms She’s Not Signed With AEW, Says She’s a Free Agent

August 5, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Cameron Ariane Andrew

– During a recent appearance on the Sippin’ the Tea podcast, former WWE Superstar Ariane Andrew (formerly known as Cameron) appeared on the show, reuniting with her former Funkadactyls teammate Naomi. During the show, Ariane stated that she’s not currently signed with AEW, and she’s actually a free agent. Ariane recently appeared in AEW and took part in the Deadly Draw women’s tag team tournament.

Ariane Andrew stated during the show (h/t Fightful), “I am not with AEW. That was just a ‘little somethin’ somethin” I’m a free agent. As excited as people were, they were like, ‘Does this mean no Funkadactyl reunion?’ It’s not official. There’s still a door, hello Vince [McMahon], are you listening?”

Later on, she took to Twitter to clarify her statements after a wrestling website misinterpreted her comments, noting that she never said that she “had no plans” to potentially sign with AEW. She wrote, “Why do you guys like to bend the truth? All a bish said was I wasn’t signed and who knows what the future holds. Would I love a funks reunion? Yes… but Never did I say I had no plans signing with aew!? My home w/ wrestling will be where I am ultimately meant to be. Periodt!”

You can view Andrew’s tweet on the subject below:

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