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Arn Anderson Calls FTR An Asset To Wrestling, Thinks Powerhouse Hobbs Is Coming Into His Own

March 29, 2023 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
Arn Anderson AEW Rampage Image Credit: AEW

On a recent edition of his podcast, Arn Anderson answered a fan question about who he would pick for an AEW Blood N Gutz/WarGames team. In his response, Arn spoke highly of FTR, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Billy Gunn. Read on for the thoughts of THE ENFORCER:

On FTR’s return to AEW TV: “Hopefully, they’re going to be with AEW for a long time. I think that’s where [FTR’s] worth will be appreciated. Let’s face it. Dax is a headstrong guy, and he has a vision for what he thinks the business should be. And a lot of the time, and I would say most of the time to the point of *all* the time, he’s pretty close to being right. The one thing that if you can get by butting heads with him, because he’s headstrong, and I’ll tell him. He knows that. I’m not even saying that’s a fault, it’s one of his attributes.”

On FTR making everybody they work with better: “Every team that I’ve ever seen they’ve walked into a match with those guys, when it was all said and done they were better for it. They were a better time right then, and the next day when they woke up, they were a little better. [FTR] make everything they touch a little better. They work their ass off, they give 120%. They’re just an asset to the wrestling business, period.”

On the remaining members of his hypothetical Blood N Gutz team: “There’s two [FTR]. [Jon] Moxley. Powerhouse Hobbs. And let’s think for a second, for that next pick… how about this, just because of the experience and what he brings to the table, how about Billy Gunn? He is an immovable object. He has a wealth of experience. And you’re right, he looks as good as anybody on the team, and it’s not just show muscles. He is a beast, so. There we go. There’s countless other guys that you could put in the five, but that would be my first run at it.”

On Powerhouse Hobbs coming into his own: “Well, [Hobbs] came in that ring just a short time ago, when they were in [San Francisco], and that’s the guy I was watching at home, that’s the guy that I’ve been talking to, and talking about. That’s the guy that’ll draw money. It all just clicked in for him. You never know when the lights going to come on for certain people. A lot of the time, it never comes on. But it came on for him and I knew it was coming and buddy, he performed like he looked. Everything fell in line, and it was a wonderful thing. Of course, I think a lot of him as a human being as well.”

If using any of the above quotations, please credit ARN h/t 411mania for the transcription.