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Arn Anderson Discusses Scott Steiner Confronting Hulk Hogan’s Wife During WrestleMania 31 Weekend, Allegedly Threatening To Kill Hogan

April 22, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Scott Steiner

On the latest edition of the ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson discussed the story that Scott Steiner accosted Hulk Hogan’s wife, Jennifer Bollea, at the baggage claim area in the San Jose airport during WrestleMania 31 weekend and allegedly said he was going to “kill Terry.” Hogan’s wife did not know who Steiner was and the police ended up investigating Steiner for “potential felony terroristic threats.” Airport footage showed Steiner confronting Hogan’s wife but Steiner later said that Hogan’s a punk and he never put his hands on his wife, but that it’s “bullshit” that Hogan was inducting the “Macho Man” Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame because Hogan hated Savage. Steiner also later said that Hogan is afraid of him. WWE even allegedly put photos up of Steiner backstage at the WWE Hall of Fame to let local security know to not let him in. Anderson’s comments are below.

On if he thinks Scott Steiner accosted Hogan’s wife: “You’re gonna hear all kinds of stories. Do I doubt that Scotty said it? No. Scotty has always said exactly what he meant. Now for him to go accost a perfect stranger, Hogan’s wife, and threaten him, to kill him, that seems a little strong to me, even for Scotty, but may very well have happened. I know that terroristic threats are just terroristic threats, that’s a crime, and if they felt, they being the police department, that that actually went down, shouldn’t have there been an arrest?”

On how since nothing happened physically, you just move on: “I don’t know, it sounds like a terrible thing that happened, you never accost a woman, period, verbally, physically certainly not, and one of the guy’s wives, the families are off limits, they’ve always been off limits, and you don’t attack a family member if you got a beef with somebody. This information you just gave me is the most I’ve had and it was one of those things you take with a grain of salt. Did anything physical happen? No. Then you move on.”

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