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Arn Anderson On John Cena’s Reign As WWE’s Top Star, Comparing Cena To Attitude Era Stars Like The Rock & Steve Austin

December 17, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
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In a recent edition of ARN, Arn Anderson discussed John Cena’s reign as WWE’s top star, comparison to Attitude Era stars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Arn Anderson on John Cena’s drawing power as WWE’s top star for a decade: “I think he does get a lot of the credit. It pisses a lot of people off to admit it. A lot of them are there to see John and to see his opponent, and god knows the kids are there. One thing that is crystal clear is the kids will still come out to see somebody that is their hero, and John is definitely that guy. That’s for sure. It’s incredible for years that he could sit atop a company that has that many stars and runs that many shows. It’s pretty staggering, and 10 years is a hell of a run. And a couple of things that play into that is John is very dependable, and John never missed a match, never missed a house show. He’s durable, he never got hurt very often. So, if you bought a ticket to see John, you didn’t get there and see, ‘Well, he was injured at RAW, and we’re going to make a proper change to the card.’ You didn’t have any of that, and that means a lot too to the fans.”

On comparing Cena to Attitude Era stars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin: “I know it’s a lot more popular to be a Rock fan or Austin fan than it is to be a Cena fan. Maybe it’s where the company was at the time and what Hogan did to kickstart a revolution, and what Rock and Austin did to get their company turned around. The one thing you gotta say, and you’ve gotta give them credit for – go back and look at those ratings. They had numbers in the 8’s. That’s something – and you had other people on the card like DX and the Undertaker and all these other stars. But I think if you went back and gave credit to some of those – Mick Foley – some of those numbers that were so preposterous, there hasn’t been an 8 since then and there won’t be an 8 going forward. There are not that many people watching wrestling. It was one of those rare occasions where everything came together and stars came into alignment and it just exploded.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit ARN with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.