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Athena On What’s Next For Her After ROH Death Before Dishonor, Getting Her First PPV Main Event

July 22, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Athena Willow Nightingale ROH Death Before Dishonor Image Credit: ROH

Athena and Willow Nightingale worked the first women’s PPV main event at Death Before Dishonor, and Willow discussed what it meant for her and more. As noted, Athena defeated Willow Nightingale in the main event and she spoke about what the match meant to her and more in the post-show media scrum. You can check out the highlights below:

On what’s next for her: “I don’t know, I’m just very thrilled right now, and it’s very hard for me to articulate things. I’m trying not to cry, I’m trying not to be a sad sap. But this meant the world to me. I’ve never gotten a main event in my entire career on a PPV. And when Tony approached me a couple weeks ago about, ‘Hey, we’re giving you the ball,’ it meant so much to be given that opportunity because it felt like me and Willow earned something.

“Despite the fact that she gave me probably my best match of my career thus far,I still came out on top. And as far as what’s next, you know, the sky’s the limit. I’m looking for more women to step up in Ring of Honor. I’m looking for women in AEW to issue that challenge to the forever ROH Champion. I’m open to all challengers. It’s not a matter of what I do next; it’s a matter of who steps up next.”

On what the match means in terms of representation: “I’ve said it before, representation is key, right? When I was starting out on the independent scene, I remember being the only African-American woman on every show I was on. And they were like, ‘No, you’re that person, you’re our African-American woman on this show.’ And it was just a niche thing. And to see how much it’s blossomed, it’s not about race. It’s about your ability and your talent in the ring. It’s awesome, and to be given that platform not only as an African-American woman. As a woman, as a performer, in being able to deliver. That’s what matters. And everyone that’s looking at home, whether you’re Black, white, Hispanic, you know? Asian, Middle Eastern. I want everyone to take this opportunity and look and say, ‘I can do it, and I can do anything I set my mind to.”

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