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Austin Aries Says That Impact Wrestling Should Stay The Course

October 12, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Talk is Jericho (via Wrestlezone), Austin Aries spoke about the current direction of Impact Wrestling and said that the promotion should stay the course. Here are highlights:

On Pentagon Jr and Fenix: “So both those guys, I think they’re great talent. I think it’s cool because they’re both different. Pentagon’s not your prototypical cruiserweight in the way you think of him. THink of a more La Parka type. He can fly but he’s more of a presense, he’s more of the way he carries himself. He’s a little bigger, a little stronger. Then Fenix is the opposite, one of the top high fliers, top luchadore cruiserweight style workers that I’ve been in the ring with and obviously with those guys being brothers I mean there’s a certain connection there so I got the pleasure of just being kinda the third guy in there. We did it WrestleMania weekend and that was supposed to be a tag match that obviously changed everything and that went so well that we said, ‘well, let’s just do this again for the title’ and that was well received and then, again, really showing the change philosophically and then also stylistically of where Impact Wrestling is going.”

On the new ownership of Impact: “I’m a sports guy and that’s what a lot of times happens in sports teams, they bring in new ownership team and they wanna bring their philosophy in, and I think to your point, not only talent wise, but I think and this is the one thing I keep stressing to people go ‘oh TNA, LOL.’ It’s like, they did that behind the scenes. They’ve cleared out all the old regime there too and all the old mindsets and the old thought processes, because I wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t, you know what I’m saying? It’s a new place there, it’s got the structure and the foundation that was laid in the bones of the ship sort of speak, but we’re all in there now and we’re rebuilding this thing and it’s going to be great and I think there’s a lot of potential and I think people are starting to see it.”

On his booking style: “I really should nominate myself for ‘booker of the year’ cause if you really know all the things I’ve been doing since January and all these different promotions and it’s basically been my device, I’d put my booking up there against almost anybody’s. But when I say that I don’t say that just for me. See that’s the thing, a lot of the guys go ‘I’m the best’ or ‘this guy’s the best.’ To me you’re the best when you can make other people the best and when you raise other people up.”

On his advice on how Impact can grow: “I just think it’s stay the course. I think the big thing that’s plagued them is there’s been so many different “oh it’s gonna be different now” or “we got this new thing here”, “now this person is in charge”. Just stay the course. They’ve got a good game plan. They’ve got the right guys in the right spots and that’s including the talent and the guys that are leading the locker room and the energy and the tone there and then what we’re trying to do behind the scenes. What we’re trying to do working unilaterally with different promotions, for the benefit of everybody. I think just stay that course. I think time. It’s just time, right? You don’t undo a decade worth of what people think something is and you undo it in 10 months. I tell people that all the time with their health and their wellness and their diet.

“Don’t do any of the things that I’ve think that have hampered that company which is throwing big money at people because of what they’ve done at other places. You might get a couple of those people in the right people, in the right spots but as you said earlier, build your own guys because people enjoy watching the growth and that journey of those guys and get behind those guys and we’ve got a lot of talented men and women there. We’ve have a great open landscape of guys who want to work together and create something and so for me right now I just want to be that rock in the center, the kind of anchor and then allow the opportunity for one of these talents to kind of step up and become the next AJ [Styles], the next [Samoa] Joe, the next Austin Aries.”

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