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Ava Challenges Ivy Nile to a Match At NXT Heatwave

August 15, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ava Schism WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

Ava is tired of Ivy Nile getting in Schism’s business, and has challenged her to a match at NXT Heatwave. Tonight’s show saw Nile distract Schism so that two mystery men in Schism masks could take out The Dyad, leading to their loss in an NXT Tag Team Championship match against Tony D’Angelo and Stacks. WWE posted a digital exclusive in which Ava challenged Nile to face her next week.

Ava said (per Fightful):

“Ivy, your role is essential in the games that the Creeds play, but it is getting so old. So for once, why don’t you step out of the shadows? Why don’t you do something for yourself? Why don’t you stop being a third wheel? How about next week at Heatwave, it’s you and me, and Ivy, after I am done with you, Julius and Brutus will have no choice but to reveal themselves and beg for forgiveness in a desperate attempt to save you.”

WWE has yet to confirm the match for next week’s show.

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