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Backstage News on Creative Changes With ROH and Marty Scurll, Booking Offers Allegedly Made to AEW’s Cody Rhodes

January 28, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Fightful has a report with more backstage information regarding the new direction for the company now that Marty Scurll is taking a lead creative role. The new report even states that some offers were actually broached to Cody Rhodes by ROH. As previously reported, Scurll signed what is said to be a “lucrative” new contract with ROH recently that will also allow him to appear in NWA, NJPW, and what’s still rumored to be AEW. Scurll already made an appearance at NJPW this week and challenged Jay White to a match at Supercard of Honor.

According to the report, Hunter Johnston (aka Delirious) is still in place as the lead executive producer for ROH, and Scurll has not replaced him. Wrestlers on the roster are under the impression that Scurll has already collaborated on ideas with Delirious. Additionally, Delirious is said to still be charge of how the ROH shows look and come off and will be mentoring Scurll in that area. Sources within ROH said Scurll is in “good hands” for this role.

One ROH talent is reported as stating there is some hesitation within the company about the change, not because anyone dislikes Scurll or Delirious, but because change can be “scary in general.” While it was expected that Bully Ray would end up in a similar role last year in ROH, he only ended up overseeing a “handful of programs.” Sources indicate that Bully Ray is a “very helpful and knowledgeable” presence backstage for the company.

Interestingly enough, Fightful also reports that ROH made “generous” offers to current AEW star and EVP Cody Rhodes in order to “at the very least” retain his services. This reportedly includes negotiations involving broaching Cody Rhodes with the idea of booking in ROH. It goes on to state that both sides left the negotiations with a “positive interaction.” It’s not clear how Cody’s involvement with ROH would work considering his executive and on-air talent role with AEW.

Also, Jonathan Gresham has reportedly taken over training and booking for the ROH women’s division. This includes Gresham prioritizing the women talent getting paid as much as the men. Greshman is said to be wanting to “reinvigorate” ROH’s women’s division following the recent exits of Kelly Klein, Tenille Dashwood, and Madison Rayne. Previously, one of the issues Kelly Klein cited with ROH before her exit was her contract payment.

One change that was made was removing a section about marital status and children on a Women of Honor tryout application. Concerns about that section were reportedly made by Kristen Ashly, and steps were then taken to have it removed. ROH now plans cover travel costs for specific talents being flown in for the Women of Honor tryout session that’s scheduled for the end of March.