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Backstage Reaction to Creative Process as Depicted in Liv Morgan Documentary

December 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Liv Morgan Liv Forever

A new report details some of the reaction within WWE to the way that WWE’s creative process was depicted in the Liv Morgan documentary that aired on the Network. Fightful Select reports that the documentary has had a mixed reaction, not because of Morgan who has been praised but because of how it showed off the constant changing of plans and breaking of promises.

The site reports that one longtime member of the roster said that they were shocked WWE would be willing to let such a depiction air considering how careful the company usually is about curating their image. Several people on the roster pointed out the way the process is shown in the documentary, with one noting that they fear missing time out of worry that they might get on the show. That person said that if you allow yourself to be booked badly one week, your booking is likely to continue going that way for weeks.

You can read 411’s full report of Liv Forever by Robert Leighty here.

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