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Note On Backstage Reaction To Parker Boudreaux Being Compared To Brock Lesnar

March 5, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
WWE.com Parker Boudreaux

Parker Boudreaux is officially a part of the new WWE Performance Center class, and many have speculated that he could be the next Brock Lesnar due to his size and background. Fightful Select has more details on how those backstage view the comparison between the two.

According to Fightful, sources at the PC claim that people should “probably pump their brakes” on Boudreaux being fast-tracked to the main roster in the same manner that Lesnar was back in 2002.

Fightful notes that while Boudreaux was excited to join WWE, those backstage see him as “extremely early” in the process of actually learning the basics of the wrestling business.

While that’s not unusual for a new signing, Fightful reports that sources think there’s “plenty of work” to be done for Boudreaux in terms of potentially being a future star for the company.