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Backstage Rumor on WWE Testing for Coronavirus at Last Week’s TV Tapings

May 31, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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– According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, despite WWE hinting during their TV broadcast that all talent was being tested for COVID-19 last week, allegedly the only type of testing that was done at WWE TV tapings were temperature readings and asking if they were not feeling well. Additionally, some within WWE were “shocked” that this was the only type of testing being done considering the UFC found multiple people who passed temperature checks but then later tested positive for the coronavirus.

Meltzer’s report indicates that AEW had done “multiple tapings where everyone was tested,” implying that AEW has had more stringent testing than WWE temperature readings and asking if talent members if they felt unwell. The UFC has been documented as having more comprehensive testing for the coronavirus for their recent events since they returned to action earlier this month beyond just checking temperatures.

In fairness, I have not yet seen further details on what type of testing AEW has been conducting other than reference to a “COVID-19 Rapid Test.” I have seen AEW staff and officials reference COVID-19 tests, but nothing actually shown beyond getting their temperatures taken. In the UFC, we know attendees are getting the nasal swab test and also getting their throats checked with a swab, along with an antibodies test.

Sammy Guevara shared a vlog earlier this month where he shows himself getting his temperature taken before an AEW TV taping. IATSE 115 posted a message earlier this month on Facebook stating that every stagehand, road crew, venue staff, and talent was given “a COVID-19 Rapid Test” before they entered Daily’s Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida for an AEW show.

Additionally, Fightful is also independently confirming Observer’s report on the testing for the talent. It notes that NXT talents were first “tested and checked” at Full Sail University. They were then taken via bus to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando for the Raw and Smackdown TV tapings.

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