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Backstage Update on CM Punk to AEW Rumors, When AEW Started Pursuing Punk Again

July 28, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Fightful Select has an update on the rumors of CM Punk being in talks to sign with AEW, which began last week. According to the latest update, sources indicated that that there had been “consideration and interest” on AEW’s part for bringing in CM Punk since last year.

It’s unknown if formal conversations between Punk and AEW began at that time. However, company higher-ups had openly mentioned the idea of him coming in at some point. About two months ago, talent on the roster hadn’t heard about Punk possibly coming in when they asked around regarding the subject.

Additionally, Punk has been a hot topic of conversation backstage in AEW over the past week. More specifically, it was those who have not worked with him in the past have been asking others about how he is to work with.

AEW had made attempts to bring in Punk in the past. In April 2019, CM Punk spoke about receiving a “general offer” from AEW at one point.

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